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  1. Scott, someone an hour away from me came and bought it. So car is in Louisiana which I am happy cuz I get to see her in car shows ;) no eBay lol
  2. I did but I was heartbroken cuz I had her for a while. I am getting another one soon. Boss 351 ;)
  3. So before I list my 71 Fastback on other website I want to list it here in case any member is looking to add this beautiful car to their collection or if they know anyone interested. Its located in Lafayette, Louisiana 70508. I literally have around 30K if not more in it but I am getting another vehicle so I have to sell this so my loss is your gain. I am asking $20K firm on it and I am sure it is a very reasonable and cheap price for this fantastic car. Here are the details. My number is 337 303 5150 if you are interested you can text/call me. Thank you fellas/ 351 Cleveland Engine and I upgraded the heads to Trick FlowTFS-51616204-C00 (Cylinder Head, PowerPort® Cleveland 195, CNC Street Ported, Assy, 62cc Chamber, 1.55" Spring) along with new Trick Flow® Roller Rocker Arms TFS-53400621and new Trick Flow Chromoly Pushrods TFS-21408550 and new lifters as well. Car has new Comp Cam Extreme Energy 274H with new timing chain. It has 4 speed top loader from factory. All new 4 shocks and most bushing have been renewed in front end. Manual Steering and Manual Drum brakes which both have been rebuilt and they work flawlessly. All gauges work and we added new oil pressure gauge and temp gauge in the middle since the original ones are outdated and may not read correctly. All lights work except the dome light inside car when you open the door. Radio works too, its an AM/FM. Interior is great except a rip in the driver seat and another small rip in passenger seat. I have the hurst shifter that came with the car as well. No rust. Bottom looks great. Paint is amazing on her, you can see in the pictures. front bumper driver side paint peeled a bit from my son's bicycle hitting it, please see first pic for more clarification. Car drives strong and super fast and quick. It literally kicks you back in the seat when you go. I never dynod the engine but with my upgrades I am thinking close to 450-500 HP. New MSD Ignition system box 6al digital along with the distributor and the wires and the coil have been upgraded ( please take a look at the pics ) If you have any questions please ask me. you are more than welcome to come see it and bring mechanic and I guarantee you will be impressed. Car Has new Magnum 500 wheels and tires. Last pic. is the latest pic in my garage.
  4. It was too hard to say goodbye to her so I canceled the sale and gave back the buyer his $20K wire back. I am glad I did it. I will keep her forever :) pic uploader
  5. Yes guys it sold to what looks like a collector in Dallas that has/has 2 71 Boss 351s, maybe he is here, his name is Finley. But yep it went crazy on my messeges and within 10 hours it had almost 1000 views and 20 watchers and it sold. One day I will get one back.
  6. Thank you all, I hate to sell her but other things in life sometimes are more important. She is a beauty.
  7. Hello guys, so I decided to sell my car because I got to buy another house ASAP ( not Covid 19 Sale lollerz ). I just listed it on eBay and would love to hear from you guys if I am asking a fair price. I really have around $30K in her and used only top quality parts. Feel free to buy it from me on here if you are interested. Thanks all https://www.ebay.com/itm/174289103341
  8. yes cam swapped to comp cam extreme 274H, new timing chain, new lifters, new ignition system...etc.
  9. Cylinder Head, PowerPort® Cleveland 195, CNC Street Ported, Assy, 62cc Chamber, 1.55" Spring, Ford 351C, Each
  10. Hello all, how is everyone doing with the quarantine lol. I decided to waste some money sitting home and got me new heads for my 71 Fastback. I have 351C in her 4V and I bought Trick Flow® PowerPort® Cleveland 195 Cylinder Heads with the better springs (1.55" Spring). Do you guys have any reviews on these heads and inputs. Thanks a lot. I paid around $2400 on Summit Racing. With this quarantine I am paying a lot to get my toy better lol. Thanks a lot.
  11. Thank you so much David for the info :)
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