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  1. You will wire through a relay, not a resistor. Use the existing headlight wire feed as the trigger for relay and run a separate power that you can pull from the battery but be sure to protect that with a fuse or circuit breaker. That wiring can all be under hood
  2. Here is a couple of pictures of the tank image upload
  3. We just installed the Aeromotive tank in Maxine last night. Still haven't taken her out yet but will by the end of the weekend Here is the link for the tank https://aeromotiveinc.com/product/gen-ii-stealth-fuel-tank-71-73-mustang/
  4. Yep, sure is a looker! Kudos for putting another 71-73 into the spotlight :) Any more pics of the car? There should be some in my garage and also the website 71mach.com http://71mach.com
  5. It has been awhile since we have been here. Our 71 Mach is getting lots of love on the Falken Tire facebook page. I didn't see one negative comment and she has one 3k likes in 11 hours, I posted a link but that isn't showing. It is just really nice to see the 123's getting love
  6. We are working on a 64 Galaxie 500. It was blasted and before they did the epoxy coating the car was baked to be sure all moisture was removed. I wish we had done this on the Mach but we learn as we go
  7. Falken posted a new shot of Maxine on their Facebook page. Over 6k likes so far in just two days
  8. Yes and love it. It does take some work but starts easier and runs better. The Professional Products unit we used controls timing as well but I think we would go with the Holley or MSD next time. I think there are several on here that have made the swap
  9. Thanks all, we appreciate the comments Wheel sizes Front - 18" x 8" with 4 1/2" back space Rear - 18" x 10" with 5 1/2" back space Ties Falken FK453 Front - 245 / 40 Rear - 285 / 35
  10. Remember when restomods first started appearing at Barrett-Jackson? The TV commentators could not stop going on about how this car was ruined or the value that was lost by not being original and they kept doing so even after the restomods started bringing more money that the originals. Now a well done restomod can bring far more than an original unless that original is a special car. I would never think about yanking a numbers matching motor out of a boss etc. That said I also have no problem making drivetrain or appearance improvements if it means I get the car I want. Our 64 Galaxie has the original block and it is in fine shape yet it is coming out and a new Coyote motor is going in. We know that it will be faster, drive better and get better economy and if we need parts the local auto parts store will have them in stock. Hemming's will of course prefer the old, that is who they are
  11. Very true, although the sellers usually have an associate that bids and I am sure there is some "I'll buy yours if you buy mine going on". The reality is the one person that is sure to make money each year is Craig Jackson. Steve picked up a 69 Camaro RS/SS clone which was one of the last cars in the auction. Not a steal but not a bad deal either. There are always dealers waiting to pick up the deals. There were a ton of "phone buyers" yesterday. Steve was high bid on a truck that hung at $13K for quite awhile and when the phone bidder went $14K it hammered sold in seconds. Truck was way underpriced
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