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  1. Posting that one on FB for our daughter in Nashville
  2. It is not a generation thing, we were or were almost in high school when the 123's were built
  3. No disrespect taken, we fully understand your point. There are many Light Pewter Metallic Machs and we think they look great. The original plan was to go with 17" or 18" Magnums to keep that old school look but still pick up the improved handling that the 18" and lower profile tires provide. We decided we wanted a bit more of a custom look and these certainly fit that bill Besides, we like Hot Wheels! It only takes five nuts per wheel and they can look like original again
  4. Our cougar seems like the hinges go over center and lock but the Mach never does. They look exactly the same as do the springs. I thought maybe the springs on the Cougar were made from the square wire and we just never noticed but they look just the same. Maybe they put too many coats of clear on the hood, lol To be clear, the hood stays up but it would not take much of a breeze to change that
  5. With the amount of information we have received from this site becoming a site supporter was a very easy decision, we would have felt guilty not paying back in some way. It is certainly understandable that not everyone can justify spending the $100 to be a site supporter especially as easy as money goes these days but the VIP is something that should be doable. Just think about how much you have saved in the last six months with low gas prices. Then think about how much money you can save from the great advice here and do what you can to help offset the costs of running this forum
  6. Joe found another set of springs after searching most of the morning. I thinks these came from a Gran Torino. They seem much stiffer but doesn't seem to be much better at staying up. The tie strap idea works well, just as long as no one tries to close the hood without cutting them first
  7. We will get more pics taken and posted but right now trying to get her ready for the Good-Guys show which starts tomorrow and happens to be less than 5 miles from our home The wheels are ID321 from Intro Wheels We also thought about 27" or so on the rear but these were in stock and we can always get a lower rear end so we can burn these off and go taller. The 3.0 rear end does not let us light these up but sure is nice for driving Yes, you could go a little taller or wider in the back but not sure if both. Right now we like the way the outside edge lines up. Will have to measure to be sure but I think there is about 1 1/2" left inbound before you would hit the sway bar end. Not sure we would want to go taller or wider up front but we will get a better look after the weekend. I think the offset we went with looks great but we will get a better evaluation after we get to drive it more. Went for a quick drive yesterday and it feels amazing
  8. A friend of ours noticed that if you look at the Westworld complex in Scottsdale using Google maps Satellite view there is a Good-Guys car show happening. Probably last spring's show as not enough cars for the fall show https://www.google.com/maps/place/Scottsdale+Horsemens+Park/@33.632705,-111.887041,678m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x872b75c6ae7960b5:0xdc65143bb0e799b9
  9. Got the picture changed out to our own car. That was sure a nice place holder
  10. Really happy with the fit, I was worried when I saw those rears. 18" x 8" with 4 1/2" backspace front and 18" x 10" with 5 1/4" for the rear. For tires we have Falken FK453 Front - 245 / 40 Rear - 285 / 35
  11. Well we got our tires and wheels this morning and we just got them on. Here is a picture
  12. With the Good-Guys show this weekend we really want to have our hood open. While it does stay up the slightest movement or breeze and down it comes. Our buddy Joe has taken a shock tower to the ribs more than once in the last few months. We had a factory NASA hood which was rusted so replaced with Dynacorn reproduction. We made the ram air functional and added the hood locks. So last night we decide to take off the hinges and tack weld the bottom as suggested here. We were really concerned about heating up the springs too much so we kept a damp rag inside it. Joe had taken most of the abuse so we gave him the honor of doing the job. He tacked each spring doing one coil near the back on the bottom side. We then cleaned them up and reinstalled and the hood was better, not perfect but better. When we closed the hood we heard a boing, the weld on one side popped. I think it was probably just not a solid enough weld as he was trying to apply as little heat as possible but Joe felt it was because the spring was stretching oddly with the weld below and none above. We took the springs off again and re-tacked the one side and then tacked the top of the same two coils on that spring. Figured we would test one before welding the other. When we went to reinstall the spring it broke in two and went flying. The good news is it did not fly off, hit the fender and chip the paint as it could have. Instead it fell safely down and did no damage. Joe has volunteered to go to Desert Valley Wrecking yard this morning and find us a replacement spring so we can have the hood open at the show this weekend, hopefully without a stick propping it up
  13. We know some folks that do concourse restorations on tri five convertibles and they never put the tops down. They leave it to the buyer to decide whether they want to wrinkle the top by putting it down but most never do. I understand why they do this but what is the point of having a convertible if you can't put the top down?
  14. The paint is the Duplicolor Old Ford Blue I think, too many cans in the shop now
  15. We couldn't wait to see the wheels either so Steve did a quick mock up of our Mach
  16. Front are 18" x 8" with 4 1/2" and the rear are 18" x 10" with 5 1/4". We are really anxious to see them but they won't get here till tomorrow sometime. Sounds like the size and backspace will work but until they are here ......
  17. Sorry for the lose, sounds like at least his death was peaceful
  18. Wow, looking and sounding great! Great job
  19. On that line, we are having difficulty getting the trim in. Should the stainless be level with the body or does the rubber hold it out 1/8" to 1/4" above the body?
  20. We always keep the boot on the Cougar. It is a repop but thanks to the AZ sun it fits just fine
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