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  1. For sure on Pavilions but you should really bring your mustang out to GG. As you say, most of the cars are drivers and many are early projects so there is no reason not to bring it. I would bet that it looks better than many of the cars there. Besides it is the best parking and you can put an cooler in the trunk so you don't have to buy fair food. Last fall one of our friends got a little upset at how much attention our 73 Cougar vert was getting when there were so many "cool cars" that were being ignored We brought the Cougar and the 22 Detroit last GG show in the fall. We are planning on bringing the Mustang and our 72 Riviera and I think a friend may take the Cougar but we have to call it a 72 as 73's are not allowed
  2. We are is AZ and rust is not really an issue here. There was a little surface rust but really there was more dirt We cleaned up each area as the Dynamat went down.
  3. No on the Oscilloscope, I am told this is to recurve the distributor You going to Good-Guys this weekend?
  4. They are ID321. I am not sure if Into bought ID or if they are their 3 piece line. We had the inside hoop powder coated gloss black, the outer hoop is polished and the center hoop was powder coated with a textured grey. They won't be here for a couple more days and we are quite anxious to see them on
  5. That pic will be down by the weekend and we are not selling anything so didn't figure there would be a problem
  6. Well now that she is almost done we wanted to post pictures of our build but the idea of loading all those pictures with TinyPic was not very appealing. I got Steve to spend his weekend working on a new website for Maxine. It still has a ways to go but enough of it is in place that it is fit to be viewed. The main picture is not Maxine, we will get some shots of her and replace that picture after the Good-Guys show this weekend in Scottsdale Check it out here http://www.71Mach.com
  7. Welcome from AZ, I have the same problem with my other half getting on Craig's list. He just bought a 64 Galaxie 500 Saturday and we have enough projects already
  8. My sister had one of those, good thing because I don't think she could have handled a clutch
  9. Wheels are done! We won't have them until Wednesday sometime. Good-Guys is Friday so cutting it close. So far this is the only picture available and it doesn't help much
  10. We bought some Plastex at SEMA this year and it really impressed us. Steve molded new tabs for the dash bezel and when it was done he would pick the assembly up by the tab and even pulled on it but it stayed solid. http://www.plastex.net/
  11. Thanks, I found a complete head unit on eBay for $49 delivered so I went ahead and ordered it. I figured that was the best way to get it back up and running
  12. I assume that was the factory seam sealer
  13. We had a guy out last year to set our home shop up with a bolt bin, vacuum and fuel lines, hose clamps, light bulbs, fuses and some other stuff that keeps us from running to the store every other hour. The guy was telling us about a shop he set up for a customer. He said this guy wanted everything he needed to make it look like he actually did the work at his shop. Terry told us that there was no way this guy had ever touched a nut or a bolt on his cars yet he tried to claim credit for everything. I guess that would be what many think of when they hear checkbook restorer Personally I take care of searching for parts and tracking the money spent and of course provide my feedback and make my share of choices (especially on my Mach). I also get to prep the interior panels for repair or paint along with the other dirty jobs. Steve does much of the fine detail work especially on the interior, repairing and painting the pieces like our center console. We have a couple of mechanic friends that do much of the wrench turning. We sent the Mach out to a frame shop to get straightened. We paid the body guy for paint and body work. We had a machine shop do the motor work and then our guys assembled the motor. Had interior guy come out to install the carpet, seat foam and pads and headliner. Our checkbook shows the pain of the restoration and we do not do the majority of the work but I do not think we are "checkbook restorers"
  14. I don't think I shared this yet http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/4910719382.html 1971 Ford Mustang Fastback Rebuilt 351 Cleveland. Rebuilt Transmission. New interior. Outside painted three years ago. Matching Numbers. Custom sound. New suspension and breaks. New tires. Has AC but not hooked up. Runs great and smooth ride. Sounds amazing. Comes with Ford Shop Manuals and premium car cover by Cover King
  15. Here is our Deluxe Marti Report for our 1971 Mustang Mach 1 M code
  16. We ordered a bulkhead divider for our promaster van. Three days after I was supposed to receive the unit I get a message that the transaction had been cancelled. The seller says his supplier could not get the unit so he had to cancel. I went and looked at the auction and it was still running with three units available. The seller just raised the price from $299 to $499. Even though they refunded the money they lied so the proper negative feedback was left but the seller sells so much that they did not seem to care
  17. We were running through final testing and realize the controls for the AC are not doing anything. Took the control unit apart and found the top part of the rotary vacuum control switch is missing. Looks like our options are to either buy a complete control head on eBay or pay Classic Auto Air way too much for one. Also it turns out the 71 uses the same rotary valve as the 69 and 70. Not the same as the 72 73. I don't suppose anyone has a spare that they can sell without the complete head unit
  18. Looks like we are reviving an old thread here. We were searching for names for our 71 Mach. With the Good-Guys show coming in just a couple of weeks and completion nearing we decided it was time. I wanted to give it a guy's name but Steve says that is bad luck so I decided on Maxine
  19. Thanks, great information and may be worth the cost to be done with clearance issues
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