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  1. Both of us started with Fords. This would be what mine looked like, well not this nice and this would be Steve's
  2. Here is a 73 with the leather wrapped wheel, car was made 3/73
  3. We saw and shared this ad a week ago or so from Craig's List and went out yesterday to check out the car. It is truly a 31,000 mile 2 owner car. It is also a bit of an odd ball. 302 2v, 3 on the floor, non ac, radio delete. Unfortunately the car spent those 31K miles driving around Detroit and it is filled with rust. From the core support to the cross member, the frame rails, the floor boards, coming up through the door sills. On the good side, the interior is in great shape albeit dirty. Leather wrapped wheel looks great, the seats and door panels still feel soft. The owner of the car is elderly and knows nothing about it. She bought it from her friend who was the original owner. The oo moved out from Detroit with 8 Mustangs, all low mileage. When the husband died the wife sold the car to the current owner, Ginger. Ginger's son had been diagnosed stage 4 cancer and went through surgery and chemo. Ginger thought this would be a great project for him as he was unable to work. He bought four new tires, a new distributer (no idea why) and new wires etc. spending about $1,500. He started having back problems and stopped working on the car. Ginger wants to get rid of it and hopped to get her son's money back out of the car. She was asking $4,800 and I told her that the car was done and she would be lucky to get her son's money back let alone any of her own. She understood and I told her we would put it up here in case any of the crazies might show an interest. I would have taken it to part out but we are really out of room. If you have any interest send us a PM
  4. Can anyone give me the approximate max torque on the 70 or 71 351C 4v? I need to set the info for the system to calculate the fuel curve for the efi.
  5. So far we have only run it in the shop but it really does sound great. The mufflers are 14326 which is 14" long 4" x 9" oval with center in and offset out, 2.5" stainless, here is the link http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/shopexd.asp?zone=main&id=11252 We used the 2 1/2" builder kit and their Xpipe kit. We have a friend that does exhaust do all the cutting and tack it all and then we tig welded it up
  6. Thanks all, really liking the exhaust. Can't wait to get her on the road for a good test drive Will e, are you going to be at Good-Guys? We will be bringing the Mach assuming we have no major issues and our wheels get it
  7. Nice looking car, welcome to the site
  8. How is the distributor clearance? Looks like you have a bunch of room now. When we went to drop on we find we are still rubbing. Ordered a 1/2" spacer to see if that will take care of it
  9. Well we got her fired up today. Just ran for a few minutes and the Powerjection III was adjusting and started running pretty good. The 2 1/2" Magnaflow exhaust sounds great so far. Can't wait to get her out on the road in the next day or two
  10. We got one from NAPA last year and it has the right size fittings and was in stock
  11. My understanding is while the aluminum looks cool brass does a better job of transmitting heat
  12. If I understand correctly the springs will be round in both cases but the wire that makes up the spring is square on the factory functional ram. We have been hot several times by our hood closing on us since adding the ram plenum and the hood locks
  13. We added the Ram air plenum to the replacement NASA hood. Slightest wrong move and you are getting hit in the head by the closing hood. We just figured we needed to replace the springs but did not know about the square spring. Maybe we need to be in the market for those now
  14. And yet another one http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/4899268462.html
  15. This one was posted a few days ago, one owner. Tempted to call them and look at this one http://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/cto/4899311781.html
  16. Another Phoenix Craig's list Mustang http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/4902212853.html
  17. If you are picking it up you will have to stop by and check out our Mach. If you need anything help here let us know. I would offer a storage spot but we are pretty full Looks like Auto Metal Direct has quite a selection of parts if you need them http://www.autometaldirect.com/body-components-c-23.html
  18. I emailed the seller and they sent me a link to the eBay auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/231480332914?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 The seller has a bunch more pictures and information on the eBay link
  19. West Coast Cougar posted this on their FaceBook page. I knew that our Cougar shared much with our mustang but did not realize how much
  20. Sure looks like there is room for it. Tried to convince a friend to make a call to see what they want for it but he quickly reminded me we already have too many projects. Think I may have to send them an email
  21. Not ours and not a Mustang but I know there are more than a few people on here that are interested in Capri's. Looks like a bunch of work here http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/4899557409.html 1972 Mercury Capri cool rare 2dr coupe euro Ford unfinished project car, was originally a 2000 4cyl now a V6 Ford motor with 4 spd. Was originally an AC car needs finishing original paint, low rust AZ car too email for more info
  22. Yes on the kick down bar, is there another option? I wish we could cut the MSD distributor down about 2", I have no idea why they make it so tall The power steering issue is all fixed but not without some words between our friend that brought the unit in and the company that rebuilt it. The insides had rust, I guess they failed to use any assembly oil when they rebuilt it. We installed right after we picked it up and it sat connected on the car in our fully enclosed shop. We do run a swamp cooler but that should not cause it to rust. They knew the car was sitting and would be for a few months yet they wanted us to pay them to rebuild it again.
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