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  1. I do have to give props to Evap-O-Rust. It is biodegradable non toxic etc. and it works great
  2. We just got a new JL system installed and it is amazing. We went with 6x9's for the deck lid. Gives that 70's look and they sound great. We have a couple of kick panel speakers and in the trunk are two 10" subs. It is super clean sounding and looking
  3. I wonder if that is the basis for Evap-O-Rust? It has the same look but it does work faster than the molasses. I don't think I am going to do a taste test anytime soon
  4. Here in AZ a title can sit open for quite a while. I have had titles that I have sat on for months or even years before dropping by MVD. They are trying to charge fines now but that is usually only if you are buying from a dealer or wrecking yard as they call in the sale as soon it processes. ServiceArizona.com is the site for any AZ title questions etc. We use it to get 3 day plates or custom tags, most of what you can do at MVD you can do on that site. You are welcome to message us a picture of your title, mvd is just up the road but I can't promise a visit there anytime soon with Christmas next week. You don't suppose m/y is month and year and FR is from? I just looked at a few of our titles and they do not have "type" on there anymore
  5. Nothing like a small delay in our reply. Yes, the spacer worked out well
  6. Well she is still out in Cali but Maxine no longer has a hole in her dash. Pacific Car Stereo did an amazing job on her and we cannot wait for her to come home so we can hear and see it ourselves. We will post some better shots when she is back home
  7. We really enjoy the show. It gives a realistic time frame and cost for restoration. We saw Dan at SEMA and chatted with him a little. Most of the work they have done is top notch and tasteful. Haven't seen the Cobra episode
  8. The guy we bought our mach from had one sitting in the sun (ironic) and we convinced him to throw it in. The tach is physically broken but otherwise it is in decent shape. They bring good money at the Barrett Jackson auctions
  9. Thank you, very proud indeed and nice to see more interest in 123's. I have received a proof of the picture and it is awesome. They are supposed to be posting it at 1:00 pacific time and as soon as they post we will get it posted. It is a great Halloween themed shot
  10. Well it took awhile before we got her out to California but Maxine finally had her photo shoot yesterday. The photographer for Falken tires had what we hear was an awesome shoot. From what we understand Falken will be posting some of the pictures for Halloween, we assume on their Facebook page. We will post pictures under glamour shots once we get our hands on some
  11. I wish there were words that could make things better. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to tell our loved ones and friends how much they mean to us. We need to make the most out of each and every day as we never know what the future holds
  12. I bought one for our Mach but I notice the credit card charge is from TheCarCover.com. Looks like the BeverlyHills site is a website they operate
  13. We have all the correct factory set up and just decided we won't take her out when the temp is over 100. That wouldn't be so bad if we weren't in AZ. I think we may try the Pantera option and see if that helps once I confirm our gauge is reading correctly
  14. The last show of the season runs this Wednesday. We DVR'd the season not expecting too much but we really have been presently surprised
  15. What is their website? I find pro source glass international and ps autoglass, two different companies
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