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  1. Congratulations, seems like a good choice for a convertible to win for a summer month
  2. TMI deluxe on ours and quite happy with them. Pics in our garage and www.71mach.com
  3. Season 2 premier tonight. Our Riviera is on the last show of this new season
  4. We insure our Mach as a classic with Haggerty. I think we are $50K and we pay a little more than you are. The number of miles you drive per year has as much to do with the rate as the value you place on the car. In AZ having the classic insurance means we can register the car as a classic and then we don't have to go through emissions testing
  5. Steve and I at the Nashville zoo where our daughter works
  6. Welcome from AZ, your car looks great!
  7. Sorry, I hope they didn't forget about a thing called insurance
  8. Well I don't think we will see rain for at least a couple of weeks but we will hit our first 110+ day in the next few days
  9. Just changed out the obnoxiously loud MSD fuel pump to a Walbro unit. Thought there was something wrong because the pump didn't come on then realized the Walbro is so quiet that is was running and we just didn't hear it. What a difference!
  10. Our four post lifts are not bolted down hence our two post is definitely more stable. Tire shops, Muffler and alignment places all have specific needs. A muffler shop for example wants the suspension under load and easy access to the center of the vehicle so the four post drive on makes perfect sense. Discount tires needs the wheels off the ground and that is easier with a two post or a body lift. Both lift styles have their advantages and disadvantages. The reality is if you really want to be set you should have one of each. If you only can have one and you need vehicle storage than go with the four post and add the bridge jacks
  11. I should have said asymmetrical two post lift, you can open the doors without being skinny. We have no problems with balancing the car or unloading items from it, it is very staple and secure and not at all iffy. We have two lift jack stands and will put one under the front and one in the rear if we need extra stability
  12. We have a couple four posts that we use mostly for storage. Both were pretty cheap but do the job. Our main working lift is a Bendpak two post. I would recommend having a two post lift for your main functional lift and add a four post for storage and driveline work. Both 2 and 4 posts have their benefits and having one of each gives you more flexibility than having 2 of the four post units
  13. To be clear EBSTANG is not Bill. I also had a quick ship from Eric
  14. Yes, that is the one. They used our Riviera for the last episode of season 2 Here is a story on it on KTLA TV http://ktla.com/2015/06/05/not-only-is-he-funny-he-knows-his-cars-spike-feresten-is-the-car-matchmaker-on-esquire-network/
  15. Anyone watch Car Matchmaker on the Esquire network? The host was a writer for Letterman and Seinfeld. The second is starting soon http://tv.esquire.com/shows/car-matchmaker
  16. Ours did the same thing. We took the screwed down orangeish plate off and turned 1/3rd turn and put it back on. That way the indents on the back of the button had a new place on the orangeish plate to grab. Haven't had a problem since
  17. Another welcome from Phoenix. We just did our 71 and this forum was a huge help
  18. We did the chrome pen routine on a dash bezel and it didn't look too bad but we still replaced it with the re-pop. On the bezel around the shifter we used chrome tape and it really doesn't look bad. Just stuck it on and then used a razor blade to trim it
  19. Thanks Mike but really it was easy as the state runs a website where you can re-register your car or order or check availability of custom plates, www.servicearizona.com. I just did a couple of screen shots Part of the revenue from the specialty plates goes to the organization it supports. It used to be $25 for the first year and $10 each year after that for custom plates but now it is $25 every year. Specialty plates run $8 to $25 per year and if you want a custom specialty plate it is $50 per year over your regular registration fees
  20. I have to say when I first saw the title of this post I was expecting to see a real mess but when I looked at the ad I thought it was actually a nice looking car and what seemed to be a fair price
  21. No we are not required to change plates in Arizona but the plate stays with the owner when a car is sold not the car Here is a list of the plate styles we have available Alternative Fuel Arizona Agriculture Arizona Cardinals Arizona Centennial Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Highways Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation Boy Scouts of Arizona Channel 8 PBS Character Education Child Abuse Prevention Childhood Cancer Research Choose Life Collegiate - Arizona State University Collegiate - Northern Arizona University Collegiate - University of Arizona Energy Efficient Environmental Extraordinary Educators Families of Fallen Police Officers Girl Scouts Gold Star Family Gold Star Family Motorcycle Golden Rule Historic Vehicle Hunger Relief In God We Trust Keep Arizona Beautiful Masonic Fraternity Military Support/Freedom Military Support/Freedom Motorcycle Motorcycle Navajo Nation Pet Friendly/Spay and Neuter Phoenix International Raceway Phoenix Suns Pink Ribbon/Cancer Awareness San Carlos Apache Tribe Thunderbird School of Global Management Transplantation Awareness (Organ Donor) Trailer (full size 6x12) Trailer (small size 4x7) University of Phoenix White Mountain Apache Tribe Women Veterans Amateur Radio Purple Heart Purple Heart Medal Motorcycle Street Rod Veteran Veteran Motorcycle
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