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  1. We picked up some 1922 Arizona plates to put on our 22 Detroit Electric. We painted the background white as they were for AZ in 1922 and then brought them to a pin striper we know and let him paint the letters
  2. We bought our 1922 Detroit Electric last year off eBay. Saw pictures only and they weren't very high quality at that. Bought it with a Buy it Now bid so we know the seller got what they wanted, good deal for them. We got it transported from Michigan out to us in Arizona for a reasonable cost. When it was unloaded we were more than pleased with the condition of the car. It just needed to be charged and it was ready to drive. There are only 110 Detroit Electrics known to still exist so we think for us it was certainly a good deal. It was the best possible scenario, a good deal for the buyer and good deal for the seller
  3. Wettest May on record for Phoenix but that only means an inch or so. We hit 103 a few weeks ago but since then the temp has been down and we don't expect to get back over 100 for another couple of weeks. Of course after that we will be 100+ until sometime in September or maybe October
  4. It seems like the 71-72 parts would work the same on the 73. I don't know why they would stop using them. The this washer acts as a bushing so the crank in not rubbing the door panel Sorry about the upside down picture
  5. It is hard to see in the picture, do you have the original piece that sits behind the crank handle? I am not sure what it is called but it is a little larger than the crank handle
  6. 71Mach1Lady - Karlene (and a bit of Steve)
  7. Another Phoenix welcome to you I guess the roof rats haven't made it to your part of town, they have caused us a bit of damage here
  8. Our daughter lives near the airport. It is a really nice pocket of homes but she was broken into early into the remodel. We bought a camera system from Costco and the guys working on the house got them installed on every corner of the house. They actually were not hooked up until we came out last year at this time but she never had another problem On an unrelated note, are you going to the Good-Guys show there this weekend?
  9. What's going on under the hood passenger's side near the hinge and just forward of the tower?
  10. I got 90% so not bad. Here is the direct link to skip Kim's site http://cbsphishingquiz.mcafee.com/start
  11. There is definitely a limit on the HP with the stock set up but I believe I remember reading on the Powerjection site that changes can be made to cover higher hp engines We bought our system on sale around the holidays. I think it was like 25% off
  12. Thanks for sharing and your car definitely stands out in a good way. Love the E3ULL plate, I thought it said BULL when I first saw it
  13. We installed the Professional Products Powerjection III and we really like it. The O2 sensor set up they send is a bit hokey so we welded in the fitting when we built the exhaust. We did the MSD distributor and locked out the timing so the Powerjection controls the timing. We still need to work on the fuel pump. The MSD frame rail mounted pump is really noisy
  14. We used the TMI deluxe panels and are quite happy with them. You have to use the longer door clips. We had problems when we went to install as the clips were too short but once we got the longer clips they worked without a hitch. Check out our garage pic or www.71mach.com for the finished pictures
  15. $900 tax? What exactly did the government do to deserve that?
  16. Wow, that looks really good. Maybe our Cougar will be getting that new black top after all
  17. Welcome from AZ, looks like you have made some nice improvements already
  18. Back in the 70's the selection of wheels we had to choose from was more limited than what we have today. If you are going for that 70's look the 15" Magnums or Cragars are the smart choice and both of those styles look awesome on our cars. Just to throw a small wrench in the works, your car will handle better with 18". There is a big difference when you lose that tire roll.
  19. To look on the positive side the rear window trim is not popping up and there is no reverse mounted wing
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