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  1. The thing is in Arizona you never know who is carrying. No permits needed for conceal carry or anything else short of fully automatic. We are still in some ways the wild west
  2. yellow if you count our cougar but since she is a cousin we won't vote
  3. DMV told me 2K miles or less per year, not sure if they were just pulling that out of the air or what but I assumed they were correct. On the copper plates I just assume they are not doing copper anymore due to the increase in copper price, I guess I should stop by an ask
  4. I don't know how the manufacturing process worked but I am sure others on here do. Was the block stamped as it was put in the car? That is why I wondered if there are two blocks with the same number. The one that is in your car stamped by a dyslexic employee and then the one that went into vin 08720
  5. The classic registration we do doesn't give you classic plates, you just don't have to get emissions done each year. Otherwise 67 and newer require testing. We do have classic plates available to vehicles 25 year or older cars. $25 first year and $10 each additional over the regular registration which runs about $20 per year. The classic plates are used to be copper, I think now just copper color
  6. We bought a set of 1922 AZ plates that we run on our 22 Detroit. I wanted a set of 1914 AZ plates for our 14 Detroit. Turns out they are the holy grail on collector plates. Not just AZ but the US. Had a guy offer us a set for $6K. Steve passed on a set a few years ago on eBay for $1,500 thinking the guy was crazy
  7. They key would be getting a bigger window, that is what they are doing on the Camaros and Chevelles
  8. You're probably right, just trying to find away around the aluminum trim coming up. Maybe it is time to play with Photoshop and see what it could look like
  9. That is what we used. It was just before the Good-Guys show so we only had about 12 hours for it to set
  10. That's the problem, i'm not sure about it,,,,,, I like the trace of color coming through
  11. Austin Vert did a review http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-austin-vert-reviews-custom-autosound-s-slidebar-radio
  12. looks good but what matters is what you like
  13. I think the dyslexic block number is funny. I wonder if there are two blocks with the same number?
  14. The map light also works with the door switches as a courtesy light
  15. If we lived in a cooler climate that might be possible. The glue lasted about an hour in the AZ sun and then the corners popped back up. I mean getting rid of the trim and getting a window that fills the space and needs no trim. I guess I should have said flush mount. Here is a Camaro done with it
  16. Just wondering with all the frustration getting the rear window trim on the fastback installed and with the re-pop so thin, has anyone ever looked into getting a glue in rear window done and get rid of the aluminum trim? I know that we could have done that with our 68 Chevelle but haven't seen anything for our 123's
  17. Welcome from Phoenix Arizona. Hopefully this translate works Välkommen till den bästa platsen för 71 till 73 Mustanger
  18. and you have a 73 Mach. Just checked Service Arizona and that plate is in use, not available
  19. Welcome from AZ, looking forward to the pictures
  20. Nice, the best we can do in AZ is get out of emissions testing. Must have classic car insurance and drive less than 2K per year
  21. This had nothing to do with carbon, this was slag from when the manifold was manufactured. No heat riser valve involved
  22. yes, a forging problem. 95% or so blocked. The open space was about the size of a nickel if it was sideways
  23. When we tore down the 351C 2V in our 73 Cougar a few years back we were a bit surprised to find this The passenger's side exhaust manifold was blocked from the factory. For the first 115k miles of its life this poor thing had to breathe out through the crossover in the intake and out the driver's side manifold. This lead to a cracked head and intake manifold. We were able to find a date code correct head on eBay and we replaced the intake with a Edelbrock Performer 4v. We also changed out to a dual exhaust. Still by no means a performance car, at least she can finally breathe
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