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  1. We just picked up a 64 Galaxie a few months ago. Still putting together the shopping list for that. Body is good except for the passenger quarter that was replaced badly in the past and caused it to rust out. The only rust on the car
  2. MSD has a tach adapter that must be used https://www.msdignition.com/uploadedFiles/MSDIgnitioncom/Products/Accessories/8920_instructions.pdf
  3. We have one but have never used it. Actually we may give it a try on a Riviera we are working on. That might just be the thing we need to get down inside the panels. If so we will use the material from our sandblast cabinet and wear a mask OK, just gave it a try and it is actually quite impressive. I think we will be putting it to some good use. Now let's see how long it lasts
  4. Good, someone other than just me. There are many websites that mix secure and unsecure content. Usually it is seen when you go to the secure side of a website and they have a logo or picture that has a non secure source. It just seems crazy that some companies are using a secure code source for an ad displayed on a regular url
  5. If I am the only one then please disregard, I just assumed others were getting the same message. It is not consistent and I can go days without seeing it and then it will come up repeatedly every time I view a thread or return to unread threads. Ad choices display ads based on tracking cookies that are saved on your computer. Apparently several sites I have been to use a pictures that resides on a secure server for the ad choices ads. Slingshot is one of those sights, I haven't seen it again since I wrote this but I will try and track what others are also using a secure site for storing their ad choice banner ads
  6. We picked up a set of the flat ram springs and now the hood stays up just fine. Too bad they aren't re-popped
  7. It is a feature in internet explorer when a page has a mix of secure and unsecure content. This site is of course unsecure as it is http instead of https which is totally proper. The https is used at check out for online stores when transmitting credit card data etc. The problem is that some of the ad choices ads are using an https address so we get the warning. There is no reason for them to be using the https on an ad. Likewise there is no security risk to us it is just a pain to have to keep clicking on the warning to dismiss it
  8. Seems high considering there won't be parts needed. I would figure $75 or less
  9. Is anyone else sick of the warning that "only secure content is displayed"? I know we can shut off the warning but we shouldn't have to. The ad choices that are showing at the bottom of the page is what is causing the issue. Most are ok but some of them like the ad for slingshot leads back the an https address and that is causing the issue. Ad Choices should clean up their ads to get rid of the https links. Here is the link behind one of the offending ads https://s1.2mdn.net/viewad/3308750/SLG_LE_BRAND_728x90.jpg
  10. With your car being built in Metuchen and ours in Dearborn it makes sense the serial numbers would be way off. It would be cool to know the history. Our car had an apple sticker on the back window so we figure it must have belonged to Steve Jobs lol
  11. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1971-mach-marti
  12. Emphasis on small amount of lube or you will end up like those of us that can't keep our hoods open. I finally got the ram springs to keep our hood open
  13. When you consider all the advances in the last 50 years it is amazing that we have not increased the range of electric cars from 100 years ago. Our Detroit Electrics were sold with a 100 mile range and a record was set in 1914 of 241 miles on a single charge. OK, the top speed on these were 25 to 30 MPH and the record was set with an average speed of 12 mph but still..... Here is our 1922 Detroit model 90
  14. That is from his trip to Cuba Here is our old White
  15. and I thought Steve was a hoarder! What else do you have hiding out there?
  16. Our cars were scheduled for build and serialized the same day but we were Dearborn and got built and released on the 1st
  17. I can tell you the under dash wiring is not the same 71 to 73 and I assume the same is true for the other harnesses
  18. FYI on TinyPic, you can't click the insert into post link. You copy and paste the img text after it finishes uploading. If you can't get it to work I will send you an email address so you can send them and then I will add them to the post Marti report here http://www.7173mustangs.com/xthreads_attach.php/1784_1341809035_b308b656/90e7d5ae0693bcb929576c3b315da0b0/Marti%20Report.pdf
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