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  1. We were amazed the first time we took the Mach out. Our 73 Cougar vert is a very close cousin and that car is a boat and not in a good way. The Mustang is so nimble and drives so much better it is hard to believe they have so much in common
  2. The seats with the solenoids still have the manual release. I assume a bad connection or dirty switch is preventing them from staying tripped while the door is open
  3. Welcome from AZ and welcome to the VIP as well
  4. Any electric cars? Thanks for sharing
  5. It is a great time to upgrade to the convex mirror glass, it really helps
  6. This? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-73-Mustang-Staggered-Shock-Plate-/301581682664?hash=item4637ab47e8&vxp=mtr
  7. We have been wrapping our company cars for ten years now. In Arizona the sun does a number as they are never garaged. We only get about two to three years before the wrap fades and then starts to crack. The early wraps actually ruined the paint under them as the image burned into the clear coat. They have come along way since then and the price has dropped as well
  8. Better than what I thought when I quickly read the title. I thought it read "I smell smoke" which could be a much worse problem. Amazing how much that work "like" changes this thread
  9. We bought them on eBay. They were a bit rusted but we soaked them for a few days in Evap-o-rust and then sprayed them with clear and they look good. We need to get a little clear in between the springs now that they are installed
  10. Quick update. Flat wire springs installed and hood stays up just fine
  11. Just added the flat wire ram springs and we have success! The hood stays up just fine, in fact we can pull it down quite a bit and stop and the hood stays there. It is a huge difference, we won't be using those tie straps anymore. One of the springs was weaker than the other but was still stronger than the round wire
  12. It is a great looking car. Be sure to take a screen shot with it up
  13. I retired from the phone company several years ago. Steve runs our company making pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets. If anyone needs to score points with their spouse so you can spend more on your Mustang www.ShelvesThatSlide.com
  14. Here are a couple of pictures of our set up We put the 6AL unit under the dash, out of sight The ecu in onboard on the Powerjection III so it is a nice compact package. Timing control is handled by the unit so we picked up an MSD distributor and locked out the advance. Unlike the MSD or Holley units there is no provision for fan control with the Professional Products unit We painted the MSD coil black and ordered their black distributor cap so it would all blend in
  15. Isn't the fuel always limited by something? Injector size can be increased and pulse width changed. It sure is nice to reach in the window, turn the key and within a couple of revolutions she fires. No stepping on gas pedal twice before turning the key. No choke to stick, just a programmable IAC circuit. We need to get enough miles on our Mach to really get this dialed in but for our lightly built M code the EFI system can deliver all fuel we can use
  16. I thought Light Pewter was the most common color but somehow it is other
  17. We installed the Powerjection III from Professional Products and we happy with it so far. Still need to get enough time on it and then tweak it some
  18. I agree, I think the springs losing strength is a big part but it has as much or more to do with if the worn hinges are cleaned up and lubed they move too easily and the worn springs cannot hold it. The hood on our 73 cougar has to be heavier than the mach hood even after we added the plenum and locks but you have to work to get the cougar hood to come down. Sneeze and the Mach's hood comes down. We picked up a set of flat wire springs and one is much stronger than the other. I guess we should order a new set from Don and see how they compare. It would be nice to find a solution other than the tie straps we used on the hinges to keep them up
  19. Also plan on adding the hood locks, functioning Ram always had hood locks from what I have read here. That may mean you need to change out the hood springs to the flat wire ones. Our hinges are very easy to move so the hood falls at the most in appropriate times. Others I have seen take a bit of work to get down so it depends on your hinges and how well lubed they are. We are happy we changed to functioning ram but it is really just a bling thing that can be a pita
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