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  1. We found the insert for our 73 Cougar Convertible at a trim shop in Tucson a few years back. The trim is similar but not exactly the same as yours
  2. Good article, thanks. I wish the kits were still $15. The only ones we could find were the corvette one and that was close to $50 after shipping. I know we could replace the horns for less but this is more of a challenge
  3. Really looks good installed. We patched a small area of the center console chrome with some of the chrome tape and it looks good, not perfect but good
  4. Horn kit arrived and it looks like this might just work. Kit comes with new hi and lo diaphragms, new paper gaskets, new rivets and a file for the points. The gaskets are too this and not exactly the same as the originals but same holes and all the rest of the items look the same. Put the lo together temporarily with a couple small nuts and bolts and it works. It doesn't sound perfect but I think once we get it cleaned up and put together with the rivets we may just have our selves some working original horns albeit with a Corvette repair kit. We will take pictures of the process and post a sound or video file once in is done even if it doesn't come out perfect
  5. We used the Hot Rod Black and it came out very well. Our painter recommended Sprayway Glass cleaner to clean it. As it happens Good-Guys is giving small cans of it with their show registration package. http://www.spraywayinc.com/
  6. I wish we had thought of this a few weeks ago for the Good-Guys show but we have it saved now, thanks!
  7. This is a part that can rust out no matter where you live. We had very little rust in our Mach but the inner fender and the bracket had both been rusted out thanks to the battery. We could not find a replacement so we repaired it
  8. I guess the question I would be asking is why did the timing change if the car was just sitting? I don't know how much timing changes when the timing chain slips a tooth but if the car ran fine when you parked it and then it didn't and the timing is the reason something must have caused it to change
  9. Why not post the pics here so each person doesn't have to email you? I am sure there are others that may be interested
  10. Here is our set up, we have the 15" Grant wood wheel that we sanded down and stained ebony
  11. It is a tight fit getting into the seat with our new TMI covered seats but once in place it is really comfortable. Are you running the stock steering wheel?
  12. Your initial idea is correct, it keeps the transmission locked in park until the key is turned
  13. Very nice, welcome from AZ
  14. Are we to vote only on new posts or are the posts active and eligible only to be removed or locked if they have won?
  15. They say other colors available so you don't need a yellow car
  16. Looks good. You see the console installed so often but it does look good without it. I think you should set it in place and then look at it then go away and latter come back and look again and see what you think works best for you. You are familiar with how it looks without the console so it might take looking at it in place for a while before you can make the call
  17. There also a support piece under the inner fender, how does that look? The inner fender and the support are spot welded to the frame. We had the frame guy put the new inner fender in and he left the button welds undone while we tried to find a replacement support. We never did find one so we had to repair the original support piece
  18. Very nice! We can't decide whether to stay with the original or dress up but those covers really make a great argument for dress up
  19. Yes, they go over the old frames, here is the Sport Seat II
  20. We are very happy with the sport seat covers and foam from TMI. Quite comfortable and holds you in
  21. He was really ticked off when he ran this one. He had the GoPro all set to record and just as he was about to leave he got a spam call and was not able to reconnect with the camera. I love it when he steps on it after spinning out, really sounds good. 500 rwhp and 5 year old tires Notice the announcer saying "no I don't think he has hit anything". He may have spun a bit but never hit a cone the whole time. Nice to see he is not afraid to run it. This was his second run of the weekend, he ran many more more times
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