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  1. Total rookie question here, so please excuse my stupidity. I'm trying to pull the dizzy out of my sons 351C. I've read you need to remove the hold down, which I've done, and a bolt. Where is the bolt located? Photos or a diagram would be really helpful. I'm upgrading to an MSD distributor and need to pull the original. Thanks all!!!
  2. Those honey-do lists! Always interfering with our car bonding time!
  3. So, here's my plan. I've been soaking the base of the dizzy where it meets the block with PB Blaster for the last few days. I'm going to take the car for a run to heat up the block, blast the exposed dizzy base with Locktite Freezone, shock it, then see if I can't get some movement out of it. I only want to get it out in one piece so I can replace it. If anybody wants the original if it comes out in one piece they can have it. Is it true that an MSD ignition won't fit under the air cleaner? I put in a RAM air hood, and I've measured everything and it looks like it might just clear. I had called MSD before ordering to make sure it was a drop in replacement and they assured me it was. Is anybody successfully running one in their car? If so please let me know. Thanks to all! Great input as usual. I'll let you know how it goes. Running out of time here. Our Rochester, NY Winter can't be far away, and I have to get "The Beast" into storage...SOON!!!
  4. I recently completed a restoration on a '73 fastback for my son. His first car. We pulled the motor during the process but didn't rebuild it as it ran O.K. (No smoking, compression in the 132-151 range, stock motor, about 90,000 miles. Never rebuilt that I know of.) The car ran even a little better after we put it back in. (rebuilt the 2 barrel motorcraft carb, new timing chains, pulled the valve covers and cleaned out what we could get to, swapped the manifolds over to 4 barrel manifolds. Last week the car didn't want to turn over. It would crank, but spit and sputter like it wasn't getting gas. Checked the fuel pump, and changed the fuel filter, no issues there. Pulled the plugs and not surprisingly they were fouled. (The distributor is stuck in the block and is in a slightly advanced position, another future fix). I was getting a little white smoke, so I though maybe the head gasket blew. Here's where things got interesting. I pumped 120psi into each cylinder to see if any air would bubble up through the radiator fluid to see if the head gaskets were bad. No bubbles. But during the test on some cylinders I had air blowing out of the carb, and on others had air blowing out through the breather on the valve cover. I read that air coming out of the carb indicates a valve job is needed on the head, and that if air comes out of the breather it indicates badly damaged rings and pistons. TRUE? I did a second compression test and I'm still in the 132-151 range, so I'm not thinking it's a head gasket. I cleaned and replaced the fouled plugs, leaned out the carb a little and got it running again, but it has never run as well as I thought a 351C should. Am I looking at a rebuild here? Any other suggestions on what I might want to check? Thanks all!!!
  5. Thanks David. If I can get it out I'm dropping in a brand new MSD. That's a BIG if!
  6. So I just finished my son's '73 fastback. Came out great, but the distributor appears to be frozen. No biggie. It was running a hair advanced, but still ran well, so thought I would tackle it in the Spring...until the head gasket blew. Now I have to pull the heads. It's my understanding that some late model Fords are notorious for having the distributor shafts break when you attempt to remove them. My plan is to pull the heads, load up the bottom of the distributor shaft with PB Blaster, let it sit a day or so, apply a little heat and try to remove it. Has anybody encountered this problem? Any pointers on the best way to remove one? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Love the site. You guys always come through for me and I appreciate it!
  7. Went with Classic Auto Air. Love it! Very powerful and about as difficult to install as I anticipated. Not a simple plug and play, but not horrible either. Pick a half a day when you have nothing else to do. DEFINITELY bench test before installing just in case.
  8. Another great idea I hadn't thought of Jeff! I removed the console on the hump, so I have lots of room. I'm so far along at this point though I'm more inclined to try using spacers and longer bolts to move the e-brake over. I'll try to document and post everything when I'm done. Thanks everybody!!
  9. '73s had retractors for the rear belts, which went through the quarter trim panels. Can't help on the sizing, but there are also plastic guides that kept the belt from going back under the panel. You'll need those as well if you don't have them yet. Yeah, I picked up a pair of guides. Cutting out the size of the hole for the guide to go into is critical as is the position of the hole itself. That's why I was hoping somebody potentially had a template.
  10. Got my set up from Dallas Mustang. Talk to Chris. Fit like a glove. No problems.
  11. Great ideas guys! Now I'm all fired up to get under there to see what I can make work!! Thank you!!
  12. Has anyone tried installing speakers in the kick panels of a 1973 fastback? It doesn't seem possible. It looks like the E brake would be in the way. I have some 5" Focals I want to install up front. Has anyone come up with any other inventive solutions? If so, please share. Thanks!!
  13. I saw these on Ebay, but it's very different than mine. Mine does not have a nipple at the top. Instead it has a slot that runs all the way through both sides as the pics illustrate. Do you just leave the top nipple open?
  14. I found this part located inside the air cleaner on my sons' 1973 Mustang fastback. It has a 351 Cleveland in it. I've switched over to a RAM air hood. This part was on the inside of the old air cleaner. It had 2 vacuum lines running to it that had been cut off. I believe it's a air cleaner temperature sensor, but not 100% sure. So, what is it? Do I need it? What does it do? Where do the vacuum lines run to ? Lastly, if I need it, any idea where I can pick up a new one? Thanks to all!! (Please let me know if you can't see the attached photos. It's my first time trying to post pics.)
  15. Thanks to all. Sorry for the late reply. Just realized they moved my thread to the newbie section. Thanks for all of your suggestions and welcomes!! Tom
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