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  1. I'm going to install the Dakota Digital VHX in my car. For those that have it: 1) Any regrets? 2) Did you install the optional dimmer? If so, where?
  2. Know any good shops? looks like I am going to need to have my front end bushing replaced. I don't have a lift and honestly, this seems like a job beyond me a little so I am going to farm it out. Anyway, if anyone knows of a good shop they trust in the Panhandle of FL (Destin/Panama City area) I'd appreciate it.
  3. Do you have a post about your install or can you give me some details of how this install went? I interested in this conversion, I am more of a "shade tree" mechanic, in that i use a lot of Youtube videos and trail and error to learn how to do things. Just wondering if this is something I could tackle fairly easily.
  4. Ok, I am fighting what I thought was heat soak, but now I'm not sure. I put an edelbrock 1406 carb on my car and it runs and drives great... No issues. However, if the car sits for a couple of weeks, I can't get it to start for anything. Just cranks and cranks. I have to end up putting a little gas in the top of the carb to get it to start. Once it does, again, runs great and will continue to fire right up unless it sits for a couple of weeks. Fuel pump isn't but a few years old. When it sits and I pull the air cleaner I don't notice any squirting of fuel when I pump the accelerator. From everything I read it sounds like the carb needs to be rebuilt, but it really it is only a few years old and it was new when I put it on. Could this really need to be rebuilt?
  5. Thanks, I have a new relay coming and some new bulbs. Going to replace everything and clean all connections and see if that fixes it. Otherwiese I'll investigate the wiring. Trouble shout the issues one at a time I and eventually I'll find it. I appreciate everyone's help!! Problems (2) solved. Thanks everyone for your help. Turns out I had a two fold problem. Not sure if one led to the other, but both are cured now. 1st... The front blinker... I did have a bulb with the blinker filliment out. Not sure how I missed that but oh well. Blinkers work now. 2nd... The emergency flashers were still flashing fast. So I replaced the relay in the glove box and all is well now. This forum has been extremely valuable to me so thank you everyone who shares their knowledge and experience.
  6. Thanks, I have a new relay coming and some new bulbs. Going to replace everything and clean all connections and see if that fixes it. Otherwiese I'll investigate the wiring. Trouble shout the issues one at a time I and eventually I'll find it. I appreciate everyone's help!!
  7. Thanks, I'll check that out as well. Ok, so an update. My vision is apparently screwy... I could have sworn the flashers worked, but I checked them again and no front flasher and the rear just flashes fast. So I appears to be the fuse. That makes me feel better as when I thought everything but the front blinkers worked, I was getting a little worried. Got new flasher unit arriving tomorrow so I'll hope that cures it. Otherwise, I'll keep running down the other fuses, etc... on donw the line. Thanks everyone for the help.
  8. Ah sorry, No both front blinkers are not working. I am going to pickup new bulbs and see. Just seems odd that they would both quit at the same time.
  9. No, I've not actually done anything with the bulbs. I just went out one day and the front blinkers no longer worked.
  10. All, Need some assistance. My front blinkers in my 73 vert quit working. details: All lights work, including front parking lights. Rear blinkers work Emergency flasher work (front and rear) Left and right turn signal indicators in dash work including the audiable clicking The only thing that doesn't work is the front blinkers. Could this be a bulb issue on both even though the parking lights work? I was going to replace the flasher relay, but does that not control both front and back?
  11. New Question.... So my throttle linkage is dragging the bottom of my air cleaner assembly. This is an issue for obvious reasons. Has anyone modified their air cleaner assembly to fix this? Or am I just now in the market for a new air cleaner?
  12. Wow, Been a while since I updated on this project. I have been traveling and the car has been sitting. However, I think I have it all worked out now. All put back together with Turkey pan installed. Idle sounds good and car drive well. No noises, surging, stalling, etc... Now, I have to get a carb spacer, as My accelerator connection is dragging on the bottom of the stock air cleaner. Should be here tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help and encouragement!!!
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I am going to try again. Third time is a charm right...[emoji106] Going to order new fel-pro gasket set with new valley pan. The good news is I am going to eventually get real good at this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for the info. It almost has to be something I am doing or missing. I am only the third owner of car. Engine was only rebuilt once in it's lifetime and nothing drastic was done. It is still very much stock. Did I leave off a part or needed to add something I didn't have?
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