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  1. Found this today... http://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-auto-parts-and-accessories/oshawa-durham-region/1971-1972-1973-ford-mustang-centre-console/1048370461?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Remember this is in Canadian dollars so its pretty good value for all you USA people.
  2. Just curious, did you go ahead with updates this to a bearing type? My understanding is that Ford designed these to be tight to assist in steering return to center when you let go of the wheel.
  3. The steer boxes do have 2 possible different sizes of input shafts (the splined shaft from the box). I do not know which size is for which options though. I have an SPA-T (non salvageable core) that I will check for you and get back to you. Here are the 2 that I am aware of: 13/16" 31 spline input shaft with flat ground surface on side of input shaft, 3-1/4" OD rag. OR 3/4" 36 spline full round input shaft with 3-1/4" rag.
  4. I remembered reading an article one time that talked about Mustangs with rolled/flattened fender lips. I found it again! Although it has no relation to yours its an interesting read :cool: https://books.google.ca/books?id=U8cqIFRhzD4C&lpg=PA27&ots=4NJrYyZ75z&dq=mustang%20fender%20lip%20rolled%20flattened&pg=PA27#v=onepage&q=mustang%20fender%20lip%20rolled%20flattened&f=false
  5. I have a 71 variable (SPA-T) available shortly. It is out being remanufactured now. Full proper complete reman including re-chroming of the shaft. PM me if you are interested. Pete.
  6. Welcome from Ontario Canada!!!
  7. Hi All, I have this spare set from my rebuild so I prefer to post here before going to eBay. 302/351W Alternator bracket set. D0OE-10A336A part that bolts to the head. Media blasted, unpainted. Perfect condition. D0OE-10156-A triangle bracket. Media blasted and one coat of fleet paint. Very good condition. Adjuster arm, media blasted and one coat of fleet paint. Fair condition. $50.00 plus shipping for all. Also have a timing tab in perfect condition. Media blasted, unpainted. $20.00 plus shipping. Thanks.
  8. And what really sucks is they are local to me and I'm coming to Florida in 3 weeks but travelling by air. If I was driving I would get them for you. AND $200 Canadian is about $165 US right now!
  9. Found these online... http://www.kijiji.ca/v-engines-and-engine-parts/chatham-kent/1971-1973-ford-mustang-rims-rings-and-hubcaps/1029063916?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  10. How did you know I like beer? Sounds good! Pete. Lucky guess. Is it a running driving car? Not yet, full restoration. I should be driving it this summer.
  11. How did you know I like beer? Sounds good! Pete.
  12. Yeah, I watch in amazement when he works. He was a welder/fabricator for 40+ years which wore him out physically. When he retired from that he started the upholstery business with the attitude that it is no different then what he was doing...just lighter material. I guess he's right, cut out patterns, lay them out, stitch them together with precision. You don't see many people doing old school work like this anymore, most simply put "haul on" covers on these days. His work was featured in a car in Rod and Kulture magazine a while back.
  13. Thanks for all the comments! It took us a while to find the green for this but it will be one of a kind. You can check out some of my brothers work at www.route66upholstery.com ... cool stuff.
  14. I just thought I would share a couple of photos of the custom upholstery work that will be put in my grabber lime Mach 1. Fortunately for me, my brother is the owner operator of a local upholstery shop where he specializes in street rods and classics.
  15. I am considering sending a bunch of brake boosters and power steer gear boxes out for full and proper rebuild and would like to give first dibs to anyone in the club prior to selling them on eBay. Let me know what is reasonable price for these items and if there is any interest and then I will decide if it is worth it.
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