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  1. The entire vehicle and all parts were sold locally today. I accepted a deposit and have made arrangements for the buyer to pick up the car on Friday. If by any chance something changes I'll make a post here.
  2. I am putting a temporary hold on selling the parts. I have two different people both interested in the entire package. One in Arizona and another in Oregon. I need to provide each of them with more info and pics. First one to commit with money will get it. If they both fall thru I'll then start selling off the parts. Thanks a lot for all of the interest.
  3. Sounds great. Please pm me your phone number and we can talk on Monday. Thanks! My Craigslist goes directly to my personal email acct and I check it several times a day. Am I missing something?
  4. Well, kinda sorta. That was the paint code when it was built. Now it's just old red primer. It did come with the 351C. It has the gauge package. It came with the fold down rear seat and I do have some of the parts for that. I have a clear title in hand. Not sure if it came with AC. I bought a factory AC from a guy on this forum a few years ago. No engine or trans. Missing the hood, most of the interior, needs grill, windshield, trunk floor (I have one but it's got a good bit of surface rust now), needs bumpers, and basically reassembly. I have the tach but can't tell you if it works or not. I never got the car on the road. It was still installed in the car when I got it and it was only removed by me when I started working on it. I don't have the tail honeycomb or the center console. I have a full suspension kit but it's not OEM Mach 1 stuff. I paid $650 plus shipping for it all from Mustangs Unlimited.
  5. Thanks Jim. It will be a lot less hassle for me to sell it all in one lot and I agree that it's a pretty great deal considering all of the money I spent on it all. I should have also mentioned that I'd be interested in a trade for a utility quad or an International Scout/Jeep Wrangler if any forum members are interested in this project. Thanks again.
  6. Well, I had someone local contact me about the entire car and all of the parts. I've decided that I would sell it all to him for $2000. He has not confirmed so it's still up for grabs. The T-5 should be sold on Saturday. I have a guy coming down to my shop to pick it up.
  7. Wow...honestly I wouldn't even know where to start with something like that. Cutting it out isn't an issue. Boxing it all up and getting it to you in good condition is my concern. The other thing is the body is pretty solid. If I cut it up like that I have zero chance of ever selling the body even though it has a good title and has solid potential of getting on the road again if someone wants to put the time in.
  8. I'm really not wanting to try and ship an axle across the country. The cost of shipping would kill the price of it. You'd be able to find one close to you for a lot less. Thanks for trying to help out.
  9. Great to meet you Jim and thanks for the help. As you stated, I'm willing to be very reasonable on pricing for locals as the parts are doing me no good sitting in a garage. I understand that I'll be taking a loss on what I paid for everything but that's to be expected. So, I looked up the prices on the new parts that I have not including what I paid for shipping. Here is a partial list of what I have, what I paid, and what I'd like to get for it. I bought almost everything from Mustangs Unlimited. Here goes: Tail light panel, New paid $120, $80 obo D.S. Inner Fender Apron, New paid $40, $25 obo L.F. Fender, New paid $300, $200 obo R.F. Fender, New paid $300, $200 obo Left Lower Qtr Panel Patch paid $40, $20 Right Lower Qtr Panel Patch paid $40, $20 Rear Valance, New paid $60, $40 obo Handling kit, complete "add-a-leaf" kit, new paid $650, $425 obo OEM rear window molding, still on car $100 Ford 9" rear end, not sure of gear ratio, can check tag, still on car $200 obo T-5 transmission for 5.0 Fox body $300 obo All side glass is good. Make offer Back window w/ defrost. Make offer Lots of other parts. dash parts, doors, misc sheetmetal, wiring harness, gauges, ect. Willing to accept offers on any of that. If anyone is interested in the car itself I'd be fine with that. I have a good title and it's actually pretty solid considering. Thanks in advance for helping me recoup some of the money I've spent on this project!
  10. Like the title states.....I have no time to finish this project. I bought a ton of new parts and they're just sitting in my garage collecting dust. Some of the new sheet metal I have: both front fenders, inner fender by battery tray, both lower rear quarter panels, tail light panel, trunk lid, plus a few others that I'm probably forgetting. I have a complete suspension kit (1.5" drop I think), factory AC, all glass is good except windshield, etc, etc. I'd prefer NOT to try and ship this stuff. The car and parts are located in Olympia, WA. I will be listing it all on Craigslist so the list of available parts will change as items sell. Please call me at my shop if local and interested. Thanks! Steve Soundstage Car Audio 360-866-0276
  11. Well....I can tell you that I'd give you a heck of a deal but even then I'm NW of Nashville so not really worth the drive for you. But I do have a friend that owns a shop in Florence, AL and does awesome work, some of the best work in country. I can't really say I'd need any practice considering I've been doing car audio and security since 1991...lol :D
  12. I'm hoping to go do some diving in the caymans next year! That will be awesome!
  13. Great reading here! Thanks for all of the info! I know a lot of guys hate this but I'm planning a resto-mod on mine. I don't plan on doing the whole concours correct, just like the marti report build on it. I think that looks awesome but I know I'll enjoy my car a lot more with some more modern upgrades. I plan on driving the heck out of this car and want it to be totally unique. And of course, owning a stereo shop, it will have one bad ass jammin' "just like you were front row center stage" sound system in it!!! lol
  14. Selling drugs is bad! lol But it looks like it was paying well. I'd rather earn an honest living and spend a year or two building my car.
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