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  1. Thank you. I think I may opt to have it sand blasted and powder coated. I'll be sure to have bare metal at the points where grounds attach. Clinton
  2. I would like to know how I can receive private messages from other members who would like to email me, without it being in a response to a posting. I do receive email notifications for replies to my posts. On my profile page, I don’t see any icon, or link, that another member could use to send a private message. thanks
  3. Great! My zip is 94945 . My intention is to construct a new dash assembly and wiring, then swap it out with my existing dash assembly. Is the condition of this dash such that a cleaning and paint would restore it? If you feel you have a dash in better condition, regardless of color, please let me know. Would you have a glove box door and hinge assembly? Thanks, Clinton
  4. I'm interested in the good one Mike. I've seen them on CL from $60.00 on up. What do you want for yours? I know the shipping is going to kill me. LOL Thanks for following up on this. Clinton
  5. I have a few items that I am interested in selling or trading. Please let me know if I have misidentified anything. Willing to sell, trade, trade plus cash. 1. Air filter and heat riser. Sand blasted, painted blue. $100 2. 351C 2V exhaust manifolds. $100 3. C6 kickdown rod. $50 4. C6 lock out rod. $80 5. C6 transmission shift rod. D1ZA -7340-BA $80 6. Pedal hanger assembly. Power brake, auto trans. $25 7. Brake pedal. Power brake, auto trans, dated 1971. surface rust, needs to be cleaned up. $40 8. Brake pedal. Power brake, auto trans, dated 1972. Cle
  6. My interior is the standard type. My interior color is black. Thank you
  7. I am interested in a lower dash assembly. Something that hasn't been drilled or cut, and isn't rusty. Ideally one with all the plastic clips and routing pieces for the wiring. I've seen a couple on CL for $50-$60 , but the sellers don't want to ship.
  8. Contact Mike of Carolina Mountain Mustangs. He has lots of goodies
  9. Thanks. I edited my posting to indicate the transmission is a toploader.
  10. I'm looking for three items. A ford 8 track player, the correct 8 track bezel, and a reverse lock out rod for a toploader. Motor is a 351C if that makes a difference Thanks
  11. Midlife, what brand and model # tape do you suggest I use for harness fabrication.
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