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  1. Update. The USPS returned my alternator gauge to me yesterday. It took eight weeks, but I’m happy to have it. In all fairness to the USPS, I may have entered the wrong shipping address. Rocketman has an address for USPS deliveries. , and a different address for UPS/Fed Ex deliveries.
  2. Rocketman had calibrated my other gauges. My alternator gauge was lost in shipping to Rocketman
  3. Sent my gauge to be recalibrated. Didn't hang onto my receipt. Package was lost. Shame on me. Does anyone have an oem alternator gauge for sale?
  4. I will try that when I get it back on the road in a few weeks. Thanks.
  5. 1971 Mach 1 Speedometer appears to be reading about 15 mph less than the speed I feel I am going. Below is the set up I have. Anyone have any ideas? toploader rebuilt by David Kee. 7 tooth gear inside transmission 16 tooth gear on cable. 3.00 rear end. I rotated tire one revolution and the drive shaft turned three revolutions 27" diameter tires
  6. Thanks. I also have a steering column that has been rebuilt twice, going back for a third time.
  7. Thanks for your reply. The person who rebuilt the box is well known and respected. Although I can’t see it as being anything other than a box issue, I don’t dare point fingers, as there is always the possibility of error on my part. I have sent the box back to him. Postage paid by the retailer from whom I purchased the box from. I looked at my ford manuals and knew those adjustments are beyond my pay grade. 😂
  8. Steveo thanks, i have heard various opinions on this adjustment. I plan to have the box out today and send it out to be rebuilt.
  9. I tried the cowboy method the first time with the engine off. Starting after each adjustment and checking for play. I now have to column separated from the rag joint and I’m off to the parts store for a ball joint separator. I’m going to send the box to Roger Rode’s and see what he can make of it.
  10. I raised the front tires off of the ground. Tightened the steering box screw down fairly tight. With the motor running, the wheel turned smoothly from left to right. At center position I still have a couple of inches of slop in the steering wheel. With the motor running I have about 3/4” of play when I turn the rag joint before the pitman arm moves.
  11. Thanks, i guess I’ll give it a try. I forgot to mention that I have a couple of inches of play in the steering wheel with the motor running.
  12. 1971 Mach 1. All new front suspension, rebuilt close ratio steering box, rebuilt tilt column, new rag joint for tilt column. Steering box has been centered and front end alignment performed My steering wheel and rag joint move in unison. When I turn the rag joint by hand, I have 3/4” to 1” of free play before I feel it engage in the steering box. I attempted to adjust the free play by loosening the lock nut on top of the box and rotating the Allen screw in clockwise an 1/8” at a time. I continued this process until I felt pressure against the Allen screw. There was no change in the f
  13. Thanks. i have the hipo elite in my instrument cluster. Disappointing. Thanks for the tip
  14. ,thanks Steve,, it was the Hipo elite lights I installed behind my instrument cluster. Very disappointing after all the work of removing and installing.
  15. I'm aware that the lighting of the instruments leaves something to be desired. However, I think I must be doing something wrong. I installed a set of led lights on the gauge/speedo cluster. I wasn't impressed with what ever improvement there may have been. I plan on looking into grounding and possibly the dimmer switch to improve that issued. The problem I'm trying to sort out now is the center gauge lighting. I installed two new type 194 lamps, oem style. They appear to put out a good amount of light. When I placed the bezel on the pod, I could see no lighting of the gauges at all. I ha
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