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  1. Thanks David. I need to see in what condition mine is. Would you have a link or picture of the reinforcement? More power to everyone doing extensive restorations. I did the same on a 1969 GT. I recently bought a 1971 M-code Mach 1 that is 99% rust free and with original paint and interior. I have taken the interior out to check for rust and found none, and I have used a bore scope to check the inside of "frame" members and also found no rust. I don't know how it survived 47 years in the Maryland/Virginia area in this condition. I plan to keep the body mostly unrestored but fix any mechanical and electrical problems that crop up.
  2. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Saginaw power steering gear boxes tagged SPA AE that were used starting 1/2/73 and those used earlier tagged SPA S or U?
  3. I meant to say 4V open chamber heads not 2V heads.
  4. To wrap this up, I tracked down and talked to the engine rebuilder. He said the heads were the same and were closed chamber heads. I found on another thread that a 4* head would be an open chamber head if cast beginning in January 1971. Since my Mach 1 was assembled in October 1970 it couldn't have a 2V head unless it had been replaced. :)
  5. Thanks for the info - I'll at least take a look at the date codes. It will be a few days and maybe a week before I can get to this, so a reply post may be a little late.
  6. I recently initiated a thread regarding Ignition Timing Settings and received a number of great posts in reply. Today I took a close look at the markings on the heads of my 1971 M code engine and find that apparently one is an open chamber 4V head and the other is a closed chamber 4V head. This is indicated by a 4 with a raised dome next to the 4 for the open chamber head and by a 4 and no dome for the closed chamber head – at least that is what I found for the meaning in researching the markings. So I guess sometime in the past an owner had to replace a head. I bought the Mustang 2 years ago, and I guess I should have done some more research and inspection of the car. I also guess I am in the market for a closed chamber 4V head. I would appreciate it if anyone can verify the meaning of the markings and offer an opinion on how the two different heads would affect the running of the engine.
  7. The adjustable vacuum can only allows tuning of some of the timing settings. The mechanical advance works independent of vacuum advance. Also, make sure you know what gets adjusted on the vacuum advance. On my Mallory the adjustment screw alters the AMOUNT of advance but has no impact on what vacuum level the advance is activated. And it seems to be all for nothing. This isn't bad, it's just important to understand how yours works when making adjustments. Great looking car! It doesn't look that cold in the pictures. ;) Thanks, and warm - I wish.
  8. Again thanks for all the help. I won't be doing any tuning until the weather warms as I live in the cold East and my car storage is unheated. I wanted to gather all the good info I could to be ready for tuning. Based on your comments, I may switch to an MSD system as I don't want to struggle to get the tach working. P.S. Besides the '71 Mach 1, I have a '69 GT that I restored several years ago. It was featured in the 2008 issue of Mustangs Monthly. Go to Mustang 360 and search for the article "Like Son Like Father".
  9. Many thanks to all who posted replies. The info should be very helpful in setting up the ignition system (and carb). In response to questions - the distributor is stock, but I will soon be installing a Pertronix Plug n Play distributor with an Ignitor III system and with an adjustable vacuum can so I can tune all the timing settings. The differential is a 3.25:1 TractionLok. Pictures of my car are posted on this website in the Garage and Registry areas under srrodder.
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