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  1. I had the Retrosound stereo, but had a similar issue with the unequal length of the shaft pockets. In my case I was able to rearrange the plates around to make it fit. Mine fit with no more of a few thousands to spare. You have to find a way to allow the right side shaft (based on picture) to come forward as much as possible. You may need to remove the nut or something. I see the nut is between the plate and radio on the right (picture orientation) shaft (passenger side) so try removing it. That will give you an extra 1/8". I am not familiar with your radio so I can provide very limited help. I pulled off the nut. It is better. I'll also have to grind 1/8" or more off the top of the opening
  2. Well, I ordered the new plate. It came. But the tuning and volume holes are unequal lengths. The radio face barely gets flush with the faceplate and none of the filler plates seem to really fit. I got a rubber gasket, black plate with mustang on it and a chrome plate. They don't fit in the hole on the brand new plate. They are 'close' but would need to be filed down quite a bit. If the pic shows up, you can see how the pockets aren't the same length and you can see the buttons through the gap.
  3. I bought Custom Autosound radio and it doesn't look like it fits. Doesn't look close. There are three additional trim pieces, none of which fill in the surround. Have I got the wrong radio or the wrong plate? Plate appears original. Had the heater controls in there no problem.
  4. I was able to polish the lens around the pin. I had tried to twist it off but it was tight tight tight. I gave up trying for fear of breaking. I trip through the buffer with white compound brought it back to new. I also did the gauge trio lens but found one of then is just plain discolored and won't come back perfect.
  5. Yeah, that will work. I'll post what happens after I get it in.
  6. I would like to remove the pin and polish the lens. Is it possible to remove and replace it?
  7. Here it is. I like having temp and direction. Would be cool to have in an old car. http://www.cjponyparts.com/dakota-digital-rear-view-mirror-with-vfd-temperature-compass-1965-2004/p/MI18/
  8. It has temp, compass and auto dim. Needs a 12 v power source. Which leads me to my next question, is the lead to the interior overhead light hot? That would work for a power supply on the headliner.
  9. Not sure if this applies to the OP's car but doesn't the ignition run through the factory tach? Good catch, Tommy! Yes, the connectors for the tach, if the OP has one, has to be bypassed on the underdash harness. Bypass as in connect them together?
  10. I'm redoing the cluster and top and gauges and I thought it would be the perfect time to get a sound system installed. I was thinking I wound disco the speedo cable the tranny, tape up any loose wires and use my phone gps for speedo. Stereo shop is 10 miles away. I'm thinking it won't hurt anything.
  11. Not much info on them. I have one per side, doesn't do much for holding the shoulder belt up.
  12. Uh, pardon my ignorance ... But what is the blue pod part? I don't see anything blue and not sure what a pod is.... The lens was filthy inside and out. I was planning to clean the headlight switch. It's helped in other cars - just wondering if bulbs and regulator might help. I didn't hear 'beware of those circuit board contacts', but a lot of comments on LEDs. Where would I get LED replacement bulbs?
  13. Thought I would clean all the contacts and replace the bulbs. Dash lights are very dim. Maybe replace the voltage regulator too?
  14. What have others done? Doesn't appear to be an odo friendly lens cluster out there....
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