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    71 mach1 m code


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    monroe wa.
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    Joined the forum on the wrong day [Christmas]. To busy with all the festivities to completely say hello to all. My 71 mach1 has been restored with light pewter color and 2% bronze enhancer tint. 351c mcode built very nicely. Two new to stroke at this time. Runs best on 20% race fuel blend. Got to be carful on pump premium. 4 speed top loader [Taken out] for tremec 600 5 speed 4.11 gears [taken out] for 3.50 gears 9inch with Detroit locker [taken out] for Eaton trutrac 15/8 magnum 500's ta radials 21/4 flow master 40 exhaust I will post some pic soon. But all in all very nice mach1. In my next post i will explain why perfectly good parts are being removed. It has to do with noise at cruise speeds and wife. [happy wife happy life] And i get to build a better mustang with no gripping to accommodate her needs. I suggested ear plugs, she did not like that. see ya for now
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