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  1. JimNiki and Luxstang are back....well I'll be darned, the ol' gang is back together again! You didn't see URUGUAYAN_FASTBACK on your travels did you, I always wondered what happened to that guy.......

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    • Recall all 71 - 73 Mustangs from Australia  :D  let them stick to riding Crocodiles and being chased by funnel webs.  :P


    Kind sir, as an Australian I take exception to the serious misinformation presented here :chin:


    We do not ride crocodiles and get chased by funnel web spiders, we ride crocodiles to hunt down funnel web spiders.


    I'm a pom ...  :poke: waddya expect me to say  ::tease::  :P


    Well, you are welcome to come to Australia any time the wildlife starts to get out of control, your ecky-thump skills would come in handy during such circumstances.


    On a side note, about three weeks ago I had my Mustang parked for a while in the open backed garage on the side of my house rather than the usual lock up garage at the back. The side garage is open somewhat to the elements. I got in the car and while the door was still open a 3 inch Huntsman similar to the one pictured scarpered up from the bottom of the door panel and ran back outside over the top of the door. I surmised it had been hiding in the gap at the bottom of the door, as these particular spiders are predisposed to do. They are rather gentle giants and nonpoisonous (or so it is said), but still I would rather not share my car with any arachnids given the choice.


    • Recall all 71 - 73 Mustangs from Australia  :D  let them stick to riding Crocodiles and being chased by funnel webs.  :P


    Kind sir, as an Australian I take exception to the serious misinformation presented here :chin:


    We do not ride crocodiles and get chased by funnel web spiders, we ride crocodiles to hunt down funnel web spiders.

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  2. Thanks for posting the pics of your conversion jpaz, it's great to see some pictorial feedback that my tutorial has been useful !

    I think this is one of the coolest mods that can be done to a 7173 fastback; it really is unfathomable to understand why Ford decided to delete the fastback hand crank option. Perhaps they thought that it was an incentive to get people to pony up with some more cash to buy the electric four window option instead?

  3. One of my front side maker globes has packed it in for the first time since owning the car. Not sure if the socket is a twist out type or just a direct pull-out type. I've tried both methods but the little mongrel won't pop out, frozen in by time and entropy I guess. But I didn't put too much pressure on it either twisting or pulling, because not knowing which method for extraction then I would sure to be using the wrong method with the extra pressure and would break something.


    So which is it, twist or yank?

  4. First car I wish I'd kept was my 1970 Mach 1, bought it in 1987 when I was 21, but sold it about 5 years later to get money to go towards buying a house.




    Second car I wish I'd kept, and by far my greatest regret, was my 1975 XB Fairmont Coupe (i.e. mad max model). I bought this one for three grand just before I sold my Mach 1, just to keep my interest going in big V8 coupes as it was only 1/5 of the price that I sold the Mustang for. It had a 302 Cleveland (yes there is such a thing in Australia as a 302C) and I had it stroked to a 351 and it went like a rocket. As I got a bit older I had a penchant for some luxury so I bought a 1992 Ford Fairlane sedan and sold the XB Coupe off my front lawn for $2200 in 1998. Hardly anyone wanted these big coupes then. The same car today would bring about $30,000 - $40,000 here in Australia. I'm kicking myself because I had the room to store it away, but just didn't want it getting in the way. Every now and again I'd have dreams that I managed somehow to get this car back and I'd be stoked, but then I'd wake up and silently curse in mewling disappointment!




    I only really got over the XB Coupe when I bought my 1972 Mustang, which in my eyes trumps both the other cars in every way. Lower, sleeker and more awesomely garish than both the other cars put together, I've learned my lessons very well now so I won't be letting anybody take this particular car off me until the day they cart me off in a box!




    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I would love my first car back that I bought in 1984. It was a 1974 Celica. I don't really regret selling it because it made the way for some much more awesome cars, however there were a lot of good memories surrounding this little hotrod so if I ever got the chance I'd buy this one back in a heartbeat.



  5. That missing Export Brace between the shock towers and the firewall could be a problem couldn't it ? My understanding is that if a car spends time driving without it then the shock towers can collapse inwards somewhat ?


    It's a nice looking car though if you ask me; if it was for sale here in Australia the asking price would be around $25000.

  6. To convert to Aussie is a challenge :chin:


    "Went on me Hols to sunbake and gettaway from the oldies; have loadsa cold one's, get off one's face resulting in loadsa liquid laughs"   :D


    How did I do? ...fair dinkum ?


    Well 1sostatic, you did pretty good with the Aussie slang, but here's a more accurate rendition of the example above using some Aussie phrasing:


    "Gunna chuck a sickie, say hooroo to the oldies and bugger off up to the back of Bourke with me mates to hoon around in the scrub . I'll take a shrewd guess that we're all gunna get as dry as a dead dingo's donger, so we'll load up the Ute with an Esky fulla stubbies and cheap plonk; me and me mates'll sink so many coldies that we'll have a real rip-snorter of a time and be magotted by mid-arvo."



    Just in case our International colleagues can't make any sense of the Aussie, here is my attempt at a UK translation of the phrases above:


    "I am going to politely excuse myself from my daily occupational activity, say a delightful cheerio to Mother Dearest and Father, and take the Bentley up to Cornwall with the dapper chaps from the croquet club where we will no doubt participate in some playful high spirited capering amongst the bracken. I will make a polite but informed guess that a strong thirst may arise, causing our lower facial cavities to forthwith become as dry as an Englishman's bath-towel; therefore we will ensure that Sir Henry's lorry is capaciously furnished for the expedition with lashings of Newcastle's Brownest Warm Ale. We shall perhaps imbibe far too much of these fine spirits that by the equinox of the afternoon we shall indeed all be giggling flirtatiously like giddy rosy-cheeked Winchester College schoolgirls...."

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