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  1. I like 'em, they look like they were designed for the car. Suits the coupe rear end well, but wouldn't think they'd look that good on a fastback.
  2. Yeah, with the demise of the local Australian vehicle manufacturing Ford has the perfect opportunity to drop these into Aus at a reasonably low price to gain a lasting market foothold. But instead they'll try to glean an extra 10 grand out of them, which will cut potential sales by 80% and jeopardize the viability of the Mustangs continued presence here. Having said that, it doesn't really worry me that much - after all, as far as Mustangs are concerned, I've already got one....
  3. Welcome from just up the road a bit (Bendigo)! ::thumb::
  4. . Not mine, but my brothers 1977 Cougar (that me in the Mach 1 towing it). Picture taken in the early 1990's.
  5. The original intro is four years old, it's somehow risen from the dead ! :angel: :angel: :angel:
  6. Nope, the authors of the Australian Design Rules in 1973 decided it would be too cool to allow sequential indicators. It's been a while since I read the ADR's but I'm pretty sure anything after 1973 has to have amber rear flashers that emit from a single light source on each side of the car. Lucky for pre-1973 cars in that red flashers are allowable so no need for imported US pre-1973 cars to have the rear flashers converted to amber if the car is left as left hand drive. If the car is converted to right hand drive though then the flasher has to be converted to amber to comply. Having said that, I have seen old Cougar's and Thunderbird's here using sequential red flashers, so some people are getting away with it. I'm running factory red flashers; in a country where every other car has amber lights it can be a little disconcerting running the red flashers as it takes a few flashes for people following to work out that you are indicating for a turn and not just exhibiting a faulty brake light. I always indicate way ahead of where I'm intending to turn to give following drivers time to work out what they're looking at, and I always keep a sharp eye out in the rear vision mirror to make sure the following car understands my intentions. Ironically that's why these sequential lights would be safer than factory, because the sequential behaviour is so odd that it's obvious the turn signal has been activated rather than just a faulty brake light.
  7. DrDew in this thread recommends them: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-sequential-tail-lights-best-i-ve-seen-so-far?page=3 I don't think sequential would go down great with the police where I live, but I note the sequential operations need a positive wire from the ignition to operate. That raises the possibility of having a remote switch on the dash to disconnect the positive wire so as to revert back to standard operation when Mr.Plod is in the rear vision mirror. Confusing is their statement that "a pushbutton switch on the back or front of the light panel is used to select from any of the pre-programmed sequential patterns", I mean how are you supposed to push the button on the light panel if its inside the brake-light housing??
  8. If the Simpsons has taught me anything, it's that if you buy a criminals car at a police auction then you do it at your own peril....
  9. A Brit driving an Aussie car in NAMBIA. The future really is looking bleak.... Having said that, I'll watch it, I may even begrudgingly enjoy it, but that still doesn't make it damn right! Signed Disgruntled Australian P.S. Good to see the last of the V8 Interceptors again... P.P.S. yes, I know Mel Gibson was born in the US, but we still saw him as being an Aussie (well,we did for a while, but now we refuse to take any credit for him at all....)
  10. Apart from electric windows, fastbacks didn't come out with roll down quarter windows. But they were designed to, so the coupe mechanisms bolt right in to the fastback without any modifications required except to drill a hole for the winding handles in the rear trim piece. I would guess that a convertible window setup would be the same as a coupes, with only the shape of the window being different, and you'd be using your original quarter window anyway. If you do get the window mechanisms don't forget to unbolt the two angled "window stops" that are attached to the inner quarter panel. Tutorial>>>>> http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1971-1972-1973-mustang-fastback-wind-down-quarter-window-conversion-tutorial No side windows is a good look I reckon, and a very satisfying mod.
  11. Hmmmm, picture found of original poster I have.....mmmmmm?
  12. Posting this again.....the official Ford Moose-stang tri-color emblem...
  13. I've always said that you can never have enough muscle when catching bass...
  14. Death Valley in the winter of 1991: ....and the moment I realised that I didn't bring enough water.....
  15. Every so often I drop into the nearby town of Clunes, where my great great great grandfather was born during the gold rush days of the 1850's. Also where the town scene in Mad Max was filmed. From Mad Max:
  16. Agree totally Greg. American car designs have appealed to me over the local offerings right from way back when I was playing with Matchbox and HotWheels cars in the early 1970's. When I got my license in 1984 I was on a keen lookout for a 1968 pillarless Chevy Impala for my first car. Aussie built Impala's were cheap as chips back then, but fate (and my father's sagely advice at the time) saw me ending up with a tiny '74 Celica instead. Three years of apprenticeship wages (and a bank loan) later though I had a 70 Mach 1, which was waaaay cooler than an Impala, so my thirst for American car ownership was finally fulfilled.... For nostalgia's sake here are some pictures from the early 1970's from the car-park of the company that I work for - a good cross-section of what the average Aussie Joe Blow factory worker was driving back then. Plenty of Aussie Holden's and Ford's, some percentage of Japanese and the odd sprinkle of UK classics:
  17. ...and Welcome from another member of the Australian contingent... ::welcome::
  18. You could try sanding the apron VIN area. When you get down to bare metal the VIN should be visible by the paint that is left in the stamping.
  19. Closest I come to original paperwork is 1942 miles or 11 days, whichever comes first... This is a little Ford "Spot Check" holder attached to the side of my dash indicating the oil was changed 25th August 1972, which is 11 days after the Marti report dates the car as having been sold.
  20. Mad Max 2 at the top of my list, then Vanishing point. Honourable mention goes to Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
  21. Saw my car first on ebay, buy-it-now for AU$18,500, also found it was advertised on a web-site by a guy who had about twenty other American cars for sale. Shot down to Melbourne the next day to have a look at it. When the seller pulled back the car-cover I pretty much knew straight away it was going to be mine. It was an ex-California car. Checked it over, it had been painted and had the interior redone, but apart from that it was unrestored yet had no rust at all. Even the cowl vents were solid original condition which I had never believed possible in an unrestored early Mustang So put a deposit on it, then paid a mate from work to pick it up a few days later on his tray-truck. Spent another couple of months bringing the mechanicals up to scratch and getting an engineer to sign off that it complied to Australian Design Rules of 1972, then I was on the road and cruising. The interior code on the door sticker had HB which indicated my car used to be a Sprint before being painted yellow, which was a nice surprise and explained why I had a factory Mach 1 grill and bumper. My first love was the 1969 and 1970 fastbacks. Well I had owned a 1970 Mach 1 and I can honestly say that the '72 is twice as awesome to own than the 1970 fastback. Longer lower wider, with the most ridiculously angled back window of 'em all and body proportions that are magnificent in their impracticality! I will never sell this car.
  22. I'm hearin' ya brother, here's a pic of my XB coupe (Fairmont with GT paint scheme). I sold it 15 years ago for $2200, do you think I did the right thing? :dodgy:
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