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  1. I was looking at the stats the other day for the XA-XC series Falcon. From 1972 to 1979 Ford Australia sold over 500,000 of them in their various configurations. Of that only approx 20,000 were coupes, about 4% of the total, so that equates to only 4 out of every 100 Falcon buyers who thought the coupes were a good option to have.
  2. Lookin' good now! ::thumb:: Although I have heard you can get an extra 5mph faster in reverse gear with the spoiler on backwards.... :dodgy:
  3. ....neither will I, but I will offer the vaguest of hints..... :whistling:
  4. Welcome from Bendigo. ::thumb:: Engine number should be on a machined pad on the back centre of the block, directly behind the back of the inlet manifold.
  5. I could be wrong, but I thought the registration cost in NSW is based on tare weight not engine size. Is this another state based thing? Or maybe it's a combo of weight and engine size. All I know is I pay 850ish a year for my 5.4L V8 Ford Ute. Greg[/align] I pay $605 for yearly rego down here in country Victoria. The breakdown is $238 for the rego fee, $334 for the Transport Accident Commisission fee (the compulsory insurance that covers injury compensation no matter who's at fault), and $33 for insurance duty.
  6. I see what your problem is, you have a Starship stuck in your master cylinder....:dodgy:
  7. Wonder if anyone on the forum owns this one..... http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/seen-around-seattle-the-mystery-mach-1-1552445342/all . . . .
  8. Welcome from Bendigo down in VIC. ::thumb::
  9. Beautiful ! What a difference a new set of clothes makes !! ::thumb::
  10. Greetings from Australia, welcome to the site ::welcome::
  11. Yep. I viewed and wrote my VIN so many times during the laborious process of getting the car through the first registration in Oz that it's become indelibly burnt into my retinas.
  12. How about: The Treacherous Butter Ensemble The Jagged Trombone Strategy Mustard Crisis Eardrum Anarchy Robotic Throb Stain Of Bladder The Flaming Vegetable Conclave Household Of The Triplet Mexican Bicycle Of The Psychic Monk Arrested Much And The Endless Examination Stamp Of The Evil Stroke Aspirin Of The Condemned Someone The Dancing Barbershop Experiment The Milk Zealots Willy Force-it-out and the Porcelain Explosions Faithful Priest Of The Crafty Pain Optical Wrath Droopy Haze And The Penguins Gaseous Kingdom Spilled Koala Stocky Usher and the Disfigured Widows Kick Of The Nut Wet Willy and the Shower Dreamers Itchy Postal Bandits The Gaseous Clown Testament Neon Grizzly Panda Ok, I cheated, most of these came from a band name generator on the internet.... :D
  13. Interesting that you say that Mike; I remember thinking at the time that the darker shading on the Cougar could mean it was red, but I made a conscious decision not to use red because I didn't want it to stand out too much over the Boss
  14. I use Corel Photo Paint which is a pretty simple program for a novice and infrequent user like myself. Nothing as complicated as shade analysis was used, the colour of the cars I picked randomly, yellow for the Boss mainly because that's the colour I associate with a Boss 351 (probably because of those publicity shots...). It was fairly obvious that the Boss was a light colour car as you can see the Cougar in front is darker in the b&w original photo, which is why I decided a mid range green would not look out of place there.
  15. Ha, I'm the bloke who photoshopped the colour into that River Rouge pic, for all I know the original colour of that car was blue or green.....:P
  16. Cool story and nice herd you have there! :goodpost:
  17. Well, not my current Mustang, but I did mistreat the '70 Mach 1 that I had about 20 years ago. On the spur of the moment I had decided that I would take the afternoon off work to go for a relaxing cruise in the Mach 1. I ended up in a neighbouring city called Ballarat and enjoyed some quality cruising time navigating the main strip and doing a bit of rubbernecking. The rubbernecking was my downfall. I was heading toward the arch pictured below but not concentrating enough on what was directly in front of me. The road directly beneath the arch turned from single lane into double lane, and just through arch there was a Mitsubishi Sigma stopped dead in the centre lane waiting to turn right into the street that can be just seen on the right directly behind the arch (remember that we drive on the left side of the road in Australia). It was at the last moment that I noticed the Sigma directly in front of me, and I must say the non-powered drum brakes did a magnificent job of locking up the front wheels after the terror in my mind finally decided to send a signal down to my brake pedal stomping leg. However, it was a case of too little too late, but at least the bone-chilling howl of my Radial T/A's may have given some warning for the poor bugger in the Sigma to brace himself in preparedness for the inertial pummeling of which he was about to unwillingly partake..... The Sigma was drivable, but pretty much a write-off due to it's low value. The damage to my car wasn't too bad; could of been worse because the engine mounts sheared so the motor was only about an inch from dropping off the lower half of the mounts and was stopped from doing so I presume because the radiator got in the way. My insurance covered the other blokes car, but I had to pay for my own to be fixed - from memory about $3500 back then. Ironically, the same street that the Sigma was turning in to twenty years ago contains the seatbelt factory where five years ago I went to to purchase the front retractable belts for my current Mustang.
  18. Tail lights, without a doubt. Instead of this..... ....they should have been this...
  19. I reckon that's a bargain no matter what. One small problem preventing me picking it up though.......the Pacific Ocean.
  20. ...and unto the earth they did return... http://jalopnik.com/theres-a-sinkhole-under-the-corvette-museum-and-its-s-1521317946
  21. My favorite non-ford was a Dodge Challenger, but now the car I'd like to own most is a 72 Charger. I want one in green like this crazy beast:
  22. Here be your guide to greater cabin air flow: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1971-1972-1973-mustang-fastback-wind-down-quarter-window-conversion-tutorial
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