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  1. My first car in 1984 was a '74 Celica. Back then I loved it, but looking back now I consider it to be a rather girly little thing :blush:. Three years later my second car was the '70 Mach 1, and manhood was restored.
  2. Mine had a bottle on it when I bought it - seems to work ok.
  3. 10°C (or 50°F) here at the moment on the winter side of the planet. Would love to see some warm cruising weather for a change......
  4. Ahem :dodgy: Canadian Car show please. You wouldn't like it if I called Australia, New Zealand :@ : :devil: :lollerz Geez I'm envious of US and/or Canadian car shows, thanks for posting the pics!
  5. Received my new drop-in aftermarket tacho today from Rocketman's Classic Cougar Innovations and gotta say I'm pretty impressed by the quality of the part! Hopefully next weekend I'll have some time to install it. Will also remove the blue light filters from the instruments as I have blue LED's installed but the filters are making the LED's less bright than I reckon they should be. Back when I put the LED's in I couldn't work out how to get the wiring plug to disconnect from the instruments, but with the extra incentive of putting this cool tacho in I'm going to carefully persevere to get the job done.
  6. Geez I'm envious of US car shows, thanks for posting the pics!
  7. Those stripes really suit the 73 coupe, and I especially like the effect of the striping on the larger '73 front bumper. If I had a '73 coupe in a plain jane color then I think seeing this picture would send me down to the paint shop real quick.
  8. I hope the big version of this printer can output a whole Mustang shell.:D
  9. Gee that looks sweet, but pity you can't drive it without chewing up the tyres. Looking at how low that is I wonder if rolling the fenders wouldn't make much difference to the rubbing anyway.
  10. Sounds like whoever designed them knew what they were doing then, and I suppose the red leds around the reversing light could be covered up if a person wanted to go for the original look.
  11. My old '70 fastback had the antenna in the rear quarter and it looked much better there. I replaced it with an electric one so when the radio wasn't on it was all but invisible except for the base. If i was to ever do this then I think using a flush mount power antenna in the rear quarter like this one on ebay would be a good option: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LOW-PROFILE-Car-Truck-Flush-Flat-Mount-POWER-ANTENNA-/220809289940
  12. Interesting you should say that. I bought my control arms from Mustangs Unlimited - I chose the dearer ones because the cheaper version had the disclaimer "*Grease fitting on ball joint is non-functional & for show use." http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=DZ3082A+01 Maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but I don't really trust a ball joint that you can't stick a bit of grease into every now and again.
  13. Hey thanks homelessmexican, that picture shows them up pretty good. If all three panels light up then I am assuming the LEDs are red, so does that mean that the center panel with the clear lens in is red as well instead of white when reversing?? And apart from the center panel now being in use, do the lights function in exactly the same manner as the originals, and are they much brighter?
  14. Wondering if anybody has these LED taillights (non-sequential) installed that they might like to give a brief review on?
  15. They don't mean any harm - they're just curious as to why you have a satellite dish sticking out of your back window...
  16. I think I've mentioned it before, but playing with Hot Wheels cars in the early 1970's as a kid set me on the path to future Mustang ownership. The coolest toy cars I had were always the American pony/muscle cars, and the name "Mustang" had a sharpness to it that resonated with me into adulthood and saw me buy my 1970 Mach 1 in 1987 at age 21. That car is long since sold, but a couple of years ago a bloke at work bought a 1964 Mustang and talking to this guy about his car awoke my desire again to own another hot looking vehicle of US origins. In the years since I had sold my '70 model I had always remarked to friends that if I bought another Mustang it would be a 71 - 73 model for something different. I hadn't actually seen a 71 - 73 model for over fifteen years when i started to tentatively look for one and didn't really have firm picture in my minds eye what they looked like in detail close up, and I've got to say that with the very first car I looked at I was literally gobsmacked when the importer dude pulled the car cover off it. And that's the same car I own now! I actually like this one a lot more than I did my '70 because it's bigger, lower, and so ridiculously cool because of it's groovy self-indulgent early 1970's impracticality!
  17. I agree. I just recently bought riveted control arms, so I did a bit of forward thinking and drilled the rivets out before installing the arms. When it comes to changing the ball joints in ten years time, future me is going to use hindsight to thank past me for using foresight.
  18. Four hood locks....now there's guy who really likes to keep his hood DOWN.....
  19. It says if you bring your muscle car to island paradise, make sure it's painted the color of tropical fruit....!
  20. So that's the reason why Ford added a few extra pounds to the 71 - 73's, to make them harder to levitate.
  21. That car is NICE. Glad to see the limo driver chose not to squish your camera!
  22. The one and only thing that I think really sucks about our cars is the foot pedal emergency brake - it's great for holding the car still when parked, but an absolute pain to use when trying to take off on a steep incline. Has anyone here ever done a floor mounted handbrake conversion, or more specifically one that mounts on the side of the transmission tunnel?
  23. Yeah Damian, you're 100% right it was flatback72! It's a very easy modification if you can find the parts Steve; the only drilling required is through the inside plastic quarter panel for the window crank (I only think more comprehensive mods would be needed if you were trying to fit power rear windows). Everything else just bolts straight into the holes already provided by the obliging Ford factory. I know you can buy the window winder mech, the crank handles and the rollers as new parts, but the window clamp plate and sliding rail plate you'd need to find second hand. As I said in my wiki, I was lucky enough to find a bloke in the States on eBay selling the whole kit and kaboodle as one sale. Before that though I did see all the parts come up as individual items on eBay, so there would be the best place to look for the parts to buy singly until you've got everything you need. Apart from the crank handle screws, the photo's in the Wiki show everything you need to buy, so if you get everything shown in the pics you can be confident that you won't get halfway through the job and find you are missing something. Only problem you might have getting parts off eBay is that so far the Wiki has 650 hits so there might be a bit of competition out there for the bits at the moment :s Apart from the modification looking really cool, having the front and rear window down at the same time stops the wind blowing straight into the side of your face which make summertime driving even more enjoyable :cool:
  24. Hi all I learnt to drive in a B61 with a 7-11 and quad box and Im still doing it after 40 years now in a CH truck and dog thanks John did you know they build Macks here in Brisbane and Kenworths down in Melbourne And down here in Bendigo I work for the factory that builds these, the CAT powered Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle (armored, v-hull mine protected). Dozens of them have been blown up in Afghanistan and Iraq and no fatalities: And hopefully if we win the government contracts, these as well (Bushmaster Ute and Hawkei):
  25. I'd call the grasshopper "a bloody nuisance". Here's a picture of a bowling green in my town taken during last years locust plague (yes, the dark areas are dead grasshoppers). The skies were thick with the little blighters, and I couldn't take the Mustang out for about a month period unless I wanted to spend the rest of each afternoon cleaning hopper guts off my paintwork..... :@
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