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  1. Well done; now only two more Aussie members more and we will have ousted Europe from their coveted 2nd position of most 71-73's forum members outside the US.
  2. Koala's are fluffier down here in Victoria John in order to protect themselves from the cooler conditions; we southerners have learned not to eat them because of the chronic furballs we used to get (shame too, because deep-fried Koala ear chips are so darn tasty....)
  3. Another option might be to finish the side stripes at (or very close to) the top lip of the fenders, and paint the thinner center stripe like the 2011 boss 302 has.
  4. It's got a front license plate, can't the previous/current owner be tracked by that??
  5. Bright Lime? I love it - sums up the groovy seventies-ness of the car!
  6. Happy Anniversary! I'll bring the Kalua Pig, Poi, Lau Lau and Lomi Lomi Salmon. And I'll bring some toasted wombat, grilled wallaby rinds, emu eggs and fried whitchetty grubs.
  7. Yeah, definitely his Gremlin. I bet after this photo was taken she kicked the camera from the sweaty grip of his nerdy palms using Charlie's Angels inspired kung fu, and that when he was flouncing back to his car in tears he was set upon by a gang of loafer-hating hoodlum teenagers who pulled his plaid pants up past his polo-neck in the ultimate wedgie.....
  8. Found this in my 1972 Ford Shop manual disc which might help, but maybe wait until someone else here confirms if these are the settings to be used:
  9. The car looks like it just drove out of the show room! Thanks RacerX, just got it back a couple months ago from painter, been putting her back together since. Just cut my stock springs a week ago- removing 3/4 of a coil dropped the front about 1.25".
  10. I'm not sure on the Mustang mirror ball design, but I seem to recall many years ago fixing a flopping mirror on one of my cars by packing the ball with a small piece of cardboard from a cereal box.
  11. Found this ad on the net. It was a two page ad that had been scanned in each page separately so I loaded them up into Corel PhotoPaint and joined them together. There was a blank gap between the two pages in the middle about 2/3 the width of the door handle, but gotta love the clone tool on the PhotoPaint program which did a great job of blending the two sides into one photo. In this ad I think we are witnessing the first time that Greg Brady, all gussied up in his best chequered pants and polo-neck pullover, plucked up the guts to ask his step-sister Marcia out on a picnic date :wub:
  12. Yeah, looks like it started as a fastback to me, as it seems to have the lower roof-line than the coupe would. I kind of like it; looks a bit like a 69 "Shelby de Mexico"
  13. Interesting, I like the non-angled design on my own car quite well because there is not much black on the hood, but with the blacked out NASA hood on this blue one I think the angled stripe looks absolutely hot! Wanted to stick a spoiler on the back of this car for full effect but couldn't find a suitable donor picture on the net taken at exactly the right perspective to lift one from. Also the back wheel on the last pic was a little off center - this one is better. I've managed to make the stripe a little less blocky and natural looking here (might want to update your signature Steve :cool: ):
  14. Might be able to angle the side stripe a bit, but maybe a job for another night.......
  15. Just placed my order for this; can't wait!!
  16. Thanks again; all the info you have supplied has given me some confidence to buy one of these so I reckon you will be getting an order from me shortly, probably using the "send core later for a refund" method. I figured it was probably a faulty glow shift tacho that I'd bought, so that one will probably end up in the bin. BTW, I live in a city called Bendigo (population about 100,000), which is about 100 miles North of Melbourne. Brett
  17. I like the idea of sending the parts back for a refund. I changed the globes in the instrument cluster to LEDs not too long back and found it impossible to disconnect the plug from the back of the instruments, so in the end I just left it hanging there while I changed the globes - is there a trick to loosening the plug? (I couldn't really see it so I was working by feel) Also, I bought a digital "Glow Shift" tacho off ebay recently but didn't install it because during my test connections I couldn't get it to read the right revs, here is a post I put on this forum about it: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-new-glow-shift-tachometer-dodgy?highlight=tachometer Obviously after that failed attempt I'm a still a tiny bit hesitant in spending a lot of money on something if there is the possibility it won't work. I was wondering if it was something to do with my Pertronix setup. Would you anticipate that there would be no problems using your tacho with Pertonix and Flamethrower coil?
  18. Should be able to. It's almost midnight here in down under land so I'll try and have another go at it tomorrow evening if I get time. Might be even able to black out the center of the Magnums to get closer to your sketch. Also forgot to add the small stripe on the back quarter, so will add that too.
  19. Thanks for the specific information Bob, I really do want one of these. I'm in Australia and don't want to have my car sitting around for too long with the instruments out of it while waiting out the longer postage time-frame. I see you have a higher price option for "I don't have a core" - does this mean if I choose this option you will send over all the parts I need to do the job without me having to send anything to you? (forgive my ignorance, but I'm actually not quite sure what a "core" actually consists of either.....)
  20. Here's how a blue Mustang might look with the c-stripe (car is missing the spoiler though). I like it, but then I may be a little biased :D:
  21. Steal away....I'd love to see another car with similar design to mine. Just make sure if you do do it that you post pictures when it's done! If you want some clearer pics of the striping for reference then let me know and I'll post them here for you. Hi Tnfastbk, check your PM for my email address to send your picture to. For cutting and pasting features of one car to another I try to find pics on the net of a "donor car" taken from roughly the same angle, and there should be plenty of Bosses on the net to choose from to hopefully do a decent enough job!
  22. The stripes were on the car when I bought it; they are painted on in gloss and l love the look. To me they add period inspired definition to the side of the car while at the same time showing off the magnificent rear quarters by not breaking them up with a line. I don't think they would visually work quite as well though on a car that doesn't have black on the hood (or in my case a fibreglass hood scoop with black detailing).
  23. I'm very interested in this. Do you make the new gauge face from scratch, and if so how close does the coloring/surface texture match original? (looking at the picture it looks pretty close!) Three wires; does that mean one ground, one positive, and one to the coil and that's all? Will it work with a Pertronix ignitor and Flamethrower coil? Are they really that easy to "drop in"; what work is involved with doing this? I'm assuming it uses the original globes for the idiot lights? Thanks
  24. Yep, I was pretty happy to find that little seat belt light device for sale - so simple to install too, and the light coming on for the first 20 seconds is really cool and effective especially at night time. Mine has a working buzzer, but it's not related to the seats in any way. The buzzer goes off when the door is opened with the key left in the ignition (I would actually like to sometime replace the buzzer with a more modern and pleasant sounding chime)
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