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  1. I'm running 235/60x15's on the front on 8" rims and not a hint of scrubbing. Thinking of lopping a bit off the front coils on the weekend coming, so not sure what will happen then.
  2. G'day from Australia ::welcome::
  3. Not a Mustang video - but I doubt if you could watch this 5 minute mini-doc without cracking a smile or being inspired.
  4. I've seen half-top vinyl roofs on fastbacks before, but this one is new to my eyes :huh:
  5. I really want to see you do this; I reckon that roof on ebay would be a good start if you could get it.
  6. Hi and welcome from Australia!::welcome:: Aussie heads - good choice!
  7. Oh no Mike, please tell me that the Slurm fridge is ok!!
  8. Second hand ones come up on ebay fairly regularly. My car didn't have one either when I bought it, but even though I saw them on ebay I decided to just to put a standard hydraulic trolley jack in the trunk instead.
  9. I just went outside with a torch to get the details of the tyre for you Droptop and discovered they were 275's not 295's. It looks like I've been driving around the last year and a half living a lie!! :@ :blush: For what it's worth, the tyres are SIGMA P275/60R16, and the rims are "smoothies" as seen in my signature pic. I know for sure they are 10" rims though because I saw the stamping inside the rims when the tyres were off. Not sure of the backspacing, but the track width tyre center to tyre center is 60 inches. I've had the car loaded up with people with no tyre scrubbing, but on very very rare occasions I've heard a brief tyre scrubbing noise on certain types of road bumps - I reckon one tyre could be touching the inner wall of the tub if the bump causes the diff to angle more than is usual.
  10. Or for being roughly manhandled into the back of by the local constabulary...
  11. And that's not the end of it either. Ford really went to town with each model of Falcon by covering five different purposes: sedan, coupe, ute, station wagon, and panel van. If you think Max was Mad when they gave him an XB Coupe, imagine how extra cross he would have been if he'd been issued an XB family wagon instead....(plenty of room in the back for extra tanks of guzzoline and a couple of feral kids though I s'pose...) In 1979 though Ford left the sixties behind and replaced the XA-XC series with the fairly uncool looking and practical XD Falcon, and no Falcon coupes have been made since :( even then though there was still some fun to be had:
  12. Yup, when you see my 285/40/18 on the garage floor, they look like barrels but as soon as they´re on the car they look puny! Weird effect..... :-/ And not to mention the potential for getting a hernia lifting the monsters off the hubs Mike :(
  13. Welcome. Original owner - indeed how cool is that!
  14. I'm running 15x10" rims on the back with 295/60 tyres and 15x8" on the front with 235/60's which were on the car when I bought it. Total track width on the back is less than 1" below standard. I think this is the biggest tyre you can fit under these things without rolling the guard or other mods. It's funny, but when the wheels are off the car they look absolutely massive, but when they are on the car the huge rear quarter panels make the wheels look fairly average in size to me.
  15. Saw this mean beastie parked out the front of my local auto parts store this morning. I wanted to get some close-up pics but I was afraid if I got too close it might bite me. and just for a bit XB Falcon contrast, here is a couple of pics I found on the net of XB Falcon Ute's of the same vintage. Unlike their designer counterparts over in Holden, Ford decided to use the longer coupe doors for the ute instead of the shorter sedan doors - the resulting styling makes these utes look pretty nice when they are done up properly:
  16. So what really is the value of a Sprint fastback over (or under) a Mach 1 or standard fastback? I sort of get the impression that there's not much difference because over the last year or so I've seen a few Sprint fastbacks come up on eBay and they haven't seemed to sell for much - though I concede the ones I saw were in pretty average condition. I'm kind of curious about this because my car came out of the factory as a Sprint. Maybe I need to go to the hardware store and buy some tins of blue and white paint and a brush so I can return it back to original. Who knows, maybe if I do this and sell my car I might be able to get back double the money I spent on the paint......
  17. All the coupe parts will fit in, except for the coupe window itself of course. Make sure you get the two coupe upper stops because you will never get the window to correctly seat in the up position without them. Also, get the rear coupe window cranks if you can because they are shorter than the ones in the front. Buy new quarter post rubbers if they are hard because the window needs pliable rubber to slide through properly. Also if the lower outer window strip is hard you may need to trim a small area of it back a little to stop interference. It's a very easy and straight forward swap. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1971-1972-1973-mustang-fastback-wind-down-quarter-window-conversion-tutorial
  18. Did that Sprint and yellow Mach 1 ever have children? Because I've got a Sprint fastback, and it's yellow..... :dodgy:
  19. Buy it buy it buy it ::welcome::
  20. Even in it's current condition that car looks super-tough!
  21. 'twould be funny to think there were people out there looking at my avatar and thinking Earlfred E Neuman's toothless melon like cranium was actually me :D
  22. Also don't forget to take the obligatory picture of yourself standing within the empty engine bay. :P
  23. I'm using Firefox 3.5 at the moment. I'm pretty sure that the problem happens both when I'm logged in and when I'm not, but there is an element of doubt about that in my head now so next time I have the problem I will try to replicate it under both scenarios. I will also open IE8 and see if I can replicate it there too. The problem is consistent though; whatever the thread, as soon as ten posts are generated for the page a new page icon shows up that leads to the error page. I think I will be upgrading to Firefox 4 very soon, just want to make sure it supports all my current add-ons before I do.
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