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  1. I am assuming others here have the same problem that I sometimes have where an error message comes up saying the thread does not exist, as per the example below: The board is set to 10 threads per page. When the 10th post is posted on a page, in the menu screen for that thread a new page number icon is automatically created for the next page (e.g.), but the icon generated actually doesn't lead anywhere except to an error page. The easy workaround for this in most cases is to simply hit the icon for the previous page and you get to see the last post that was posted. However, on large threads that contain multiple thread icons (e.g.), the icon for the previous page doesn't show up - only the first four page icons are there so the only way to make it to see the last post is to say click on the page 4 icon which will then expose the page 6 icon which will then expose the page 8 icon and so on..... I wonder if it is possible for this slight board problem to be rectified??
  2. I always thought it was a half breed: 71 Mustang cross Torino GT. Then from a certain angle the rear does look like a Chevelle. I believe Nevada Craigslist had an Aussie import for sale not to long ago. There was a dreamer who had one for sale on ebay in the States eight months back who wanted US$150,000 for it. It was fairly nice looking car, but you could pick up something similar here in Australia for around $25,000 and ship it to the US for about $3,000.
  3. I would guess there'd be bigger wow factor in Australia for the Mustang than there would be for the Falcon in the US. As I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we Aussies never had much choice in 60's/70's 2 door muscle cars, so the US cars really do stand out on the road here as wow cars. Also, none of our coupes were designed purely to be pony car type coupes either - they were all derivatives of the sedan versions so all lacked the pony car trademark long hood and short deck which I reckon is part of the reason that Mustangs look so sporty against the local options. Many people see the Falcon coupe in films like Mad Max and draw the comparison with the 71-73 Mustang, but really apart from the NASA style hood and the grille/bumper area the Falcon is a very different animal when you actually stand next to each of them and look them over (that's my opinion, because I've owned both). I've heard them described as a Torino-like derivative, and with all the obvious US influences showing in their design I would imagine that people in the States would be initially more quizzical about what it was rather than wow. Especially considering the hundreds of different types of awesome muscle/pony cars you guys over there have got to choose from on your own home soil, I would think that a Falcon would just kinda blend in amongst them.... Here are a couple of pics I found on the net that show the two cars together:
  4. It's an Earl Hickey / Alfred cross. I used to buy Mad Magazine religiously as a kid (even got a couple of letters published in the Aussie version). I also loved "My Name is Earl" when it was on, and when I saw the the Earl / Alfred edition of Mad I burst into a gleeful Mad induced laughter for the first time in 30 years. Hence my avatar :D
  5. Mmmmm...that's interesting. I've only just realised that when people yell out "Hey Magnum" to me when I'm walking down the street, they are actually yelling out "Hey Madman" :s
  6. Hmmm, I dunno, on your avatar pic you looked more familiar..... :huh: I forgot to mention that I was wearing a mask at the Christmas table, and the avatar pic is the real me. Some people say my striking appearance makes me look like Tom Selleck......
  7. Here are some pictures taken on Christmas Day last year. I'm the one second from the right, the others being my brothers, nieces and mother. We had taken so many happy-snaps that we decided to mischievously pose for a couple of unhappy-snaps just to balance things out and so managed to exhibit some rather unseasonable scowls for the camera (though you can see in the pics that my Mum chose to remain of cheerful photographic disposition throughout - she's too nice a person too even entertain the idea of grimacing in jest!) The bottom picture is of me trying to remove a table fork from my eye.
  8. I was 15 when Mad Max 2 came out in 1981, and I recall walking out of the cinema in an amazed daze at the spectacle that I had just witnessed. I'm proud to say that I once owned an XB Coupe the same model as Max's, but ashamed to admit that I sold it for next to nothing to buy a newer more "practical" and comfortable car :blush: I know exactly where my desire to own a Mustang came from. It came from playing with Matchbox cars as a little kid, and I specifically remember the name "Mustang" as being the coolest name of any of the cars in my collection. I had no idea as a kid that the car was named after a horse, all I knew was the phonetics of the name made the car sound sharp and dangerous and sporty, and that childhood impression has stuck with me to this very day. I was born in 1966 so was around in the world when the first model of pony car was being produced, and I still find it bizarre to think that way back when I was six years old playing with Mustang Matchbox cars on the front lawn of my Mum and Dad's house, that half a world away a 1972 Mustang Sprint was coming off an assembly line which would be destined to be mine nearly 40 years later.
  9. Broke my remote control mirror knob off with my knee getting in the car with too much enthusiasm. :@ Shazbut! Happy to see though that OMS sells them pretty cheap for when i put in my next order. In the meantime I'll just grow my thumb and index finger fingernails long so I can manipulate the broken knob stub.....
  10. Now this looks better than an XB Falcon Grille!
  11. Good to see another Mustang here in Australia; soon we'll have all of them! ::goodjob::
  12. I love seeing video's of these cars in action; I'm always driving mine so never get to see what it looks like cruising down the road......
  13. Buy a live trap, then drop them off a few miles away next to someone else's Mustang.
  14. I'm actually starting to agree with you Mike on the single headlight grille set up. I'm really wanting to try this out - the single headlight Falcon grilles are a lot more common and cheaper (say maybe $50 to $150) than the twin headlight grilles and it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on something that might not look as good in actuality as it does in the picture mock-up. Also I notice there are plastic trim rings on ebay that can be bought for $100 to convert these grilles to the twin headlight look so adding the extra lights could be an option for the future anyway. Not having the twin headlights would give the option of putting a tri-stripe pony or Mustang script emblem on the grille front offset to one side, which I reckon might look pretty nice. Thought I'd better black out the windscreen on all the pictures as in my enthusiasm to do the mock-ups on what I deemed to be the perfect picture I never gave any thought that the guy looking out of the windscreen might be unhappy to see himself in a whole lot of 'shopped pics of his car. Hopefully if he ever sees these pics he would enjoy the different concepts his car became model for! Here's one below a guy on the Aussie forum suggested I do for those discerning Mustang owners who consider themselves to be high-falutin' types; if you drive this beast you probably really are the Boss!
  15. Just had a thought; I hope the guy that owns the sample car I've been using for grille experimentation doesn't see these pictures and take offence :huh:
  16. As requested Steven - the Shelby look on a '71.
  17. And here's another top ten hit in the making! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9klYsnOvb8
  18. A couple more grille experiments which I posted on the Australian forum today - the first a 1972 Holden HQ Monaro (did this one as a bit of a joke), and the second one using the grille from a 1971 Holden HG Monaro (which I reckon doesn't look half bad!):
  19. I've just been out and had a look under the dash and don't see any adjustable plates on the steering column. Was an adjustable length column an option upgrade?
  20. I put a manual choke carby in this year. I bought a choke cable off ebay, mounted it under the dash below the cigarette lighter, then squeezed the choke cable through the same firewall hole as the speedometer cable (the speedo hole is in almost a direct line with the choke head) and then ran it with gentle bends across the top of the left export brace and to the carby.
  21. A while ago my 3-spd manual was getting very difficult to get into first gear. I climbed under the car and found the small rubber bushing had deteriorated on the pin that connects the lock-out rod to the gearbox, and when I was trying for first gear the lock-out rod would kick to one side and foul on the gearbox casing. So I removed the rod completely as it was an annoying concept anyway.
  22. Would be interested in the XB grille height compared to the Mustangs, and also how close to the same angle the two of them are. It would be great to set up an XB grille that could be swapped back and forth in 15 minutes without having to do any mods (or very minimal mods) to the car itself.
  23. Nice report! You really should try and get the Eminger Invoice from Marti Auto Works - it's the actual (not a copy) factory/dealer invoice for your car. A lady called Lois Eminger who was a motor enthusiast who worked at Ford in the 60's and 70's got permission to take them home and was selling them to owners before her death not too long back. Marti Auto Works now has them - see the link. http://www.martiauto.com/eminger2.cfm Unfortunately when I asked for the invoice for my Sprint they said it wasn't available, so it must have been either purchased by a previous owner or got lost somehow :(
  24. Actually, the standard Falcon grille doesn't have those centre lights. Here another rendering - I do like the centre lights version my self though, which is probably because the Falcon coupe I used to own had them.
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