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  1. Hi and welcome. Mines a Sprint Sportsroof too (package A) buried under a whole lotta yellow!
  2. welcome and gotta love the Ansen style slot mags! tough looking scoot! Those wheels are commonly and affectionately known as "jellybean mags" here in Australia (do they call them that in the US??). Very era specific, and look great on these old Mustangs!
  3. Crazy, I know, but it's just state law in South Australia - and you can only drive them for 90 days of the year! I guess they reckon they're dangerous - or are trying to reduce the number of imports? I think it was a Federal Government directive in 1999 that allowed for the importation of 30 year or older LHD vehicles (and kudos to them for common sense!), with each state government given a certain amount of jurisdiction on how to best implement the federal policy. South Australian officials were clearly a weak-kneed bunch of sissies and thought the world might end in a flood of potentially dangerous LHD cars, and I'm guessing they implemented the severe originality system to make sure that only "real collectors" would buy LHD cars, and all of the hoons that like to mod their cars would give them a miss. Eleven years on and the SA government looks quite bumpkinly and parochial to the rest of us in the neighbouring states considering that the relaxed rules the rest of us enjoy have never caused any problems. Thankfully for Mustang owners in SA, the cars look fantastic stock anyway, so it's not the end of the world.
  4. That is indeed the manliest coffee table I've ever seen Mike. I suggest you use a more manly name for it though...like "grog bench" or "lager trestle", and maybe use the lifter bores as Cuban cigar holders.
  5. Click on the link below and you'll find a map that you can mark your location on: http://www.7173mustangs.com/usermap.php
  6. The instructions that came with my LED dashlights said the LED lights won't dim unless you leave at least one standard incandescent globe in place. I replaced them all, so mine don't dim either.
  7. I was pretty excited when the Glow Shift tacho that I bought on eBay turned up yesterday. I thought I'd test connect it before installation in case it was faulty or something, so I wired it up under the hood - red to positive, black to negative, green to the coil negative, and tacho switch set to 8 cylinders. Started the car and the tacho reads approximately three times the actual revs as can be seen by the attached picture when compared to my timing light :( The pic shows the digital read-out at about 180 (x10) and the timing light read-out at around 600 with the engine running at slow idle. Revving the engine caused the digital display to rise as expected, but still way above what it's supposed to. One by one I tried every other cylinder number setting on the gauge, but the revs displayed only got higher and higher rather than lower. The only thing I can think of is that the tacho instructions say to connect the green wire to the "tachometer source wire" whereas I have connected it straight to the coil because I don't have a "source wire" available. Any suggestions?? I'm running a standard single point distributor, flame-thrower coil and Pertronix 1 Ignitor. From all I've read on the Net a Pertronix Ignitor shouldn't affect the operation of a tacho :shrug2:
  8. Welcome Adrian. Yeah, the South Australian originality policy really sucks, particularly as we next door in Victoria can modify to our hearts content (within roadworthy regulations of course) and you don't hear of any problems with mods in our neck of the woods. I believe you are not even allowed to change the colour away from original in SA :huh: The only thing my car needed to get Vic registered was an $800 engineers report stating the car complied with the Australian Design Rules at the date of manufacture, and seeing as our ADR's pretty much followed the US version the sign off was pretty much a formality, with the two main things I needed to alter were install Aussie made seat belts and headlights that dip to the left instead of the right. The positive side though is that a stock Mach 1 looks brilliant anyway - chuck a set of 15" magnums on the blighter and as a stock car it will really look the goods! Welcome Bomarshall. If you feel like it then head over to the usermap and stick another pin in Australia. We're getting into position to overtake Europe on there, and we've already completely blitzed Iceland and South America! (another step forward in our dastardly provincial long-term plan to outpin the United States itself....) http://www.7173mustangs.com/usermap.php
  9. It's looking pretty sparse over there in Kazakhstan too - I guess those guys are probably more into 65-70 models instead maybe....
  10. I've had someone bow before my car - and that's a true story! I got the car Australian registered in January last year and on one of the very first drives around town a stocky guy with a ponytail about twenty years old stopped dead on the side-walk, knelt down on one knee and gave three big "I'm not worthy" bows facing my car as I passed him. He put so much exaggerated effort into the bows that I swear his face was touching the ground - I gave him the thumbs-up and couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the drive. :D Mines a Sprint too underneath all that yellow, so I'm starting to see a common bowing theme happening here, and as the power goes slowly to my head then soon I will expect to be worshipped by my fellow 7173 peers here also...... :udaman:
  11. Next step is to move the dishwasher out to the garage and fill it with kerosene instead of soapy water - perfect parts washer!
  12. What did I do today? Realised that I am definitely not a mechanic, that's what. 3 months ago I replaced my 2bbl 500 Holley and manifold with a 4bbl manifold and new 575 Holley Street Avenger. Noticed an immediate power increase at higher revs, but low revs performance was rather shoddy. The first thing I had noticed when I put the new carb on was the timing mark was way out on the balancer. I run a Pertronix Ignitor so really the timing should have been exactly the same, but here it was running at somewhere over 20 BTC . And when I dialled it back to the usual 6 - 10 degrees the car had no pick-up at all. So I set the timing about back to where it was originally and in my head I had talked myself into believing that the outer ring of the harmonic balancer had slipped on the inner and that I needed a new balancer. Anyway, today I thought I'd just give the timing a couple of degrees shift to see if it made a difference, and this time I remembered to disconnect the vacuum advance hose first (which I foolishly hadn't done the first time), and straight away the timing at idle dropped straight down to 6 on the balancer. First thoughts were that there was something wrong with the vacuum advance unit for it to be so active at idle. Did a search on the net and stumbled across by accident a site where some guy had had the same problem as me. Turned out that he had the vacuum hose connected to the manifold rather than the vacuum fitting at the carburettor venturi, and by golly when I went out to check my set up I had done exactly the same thing! Moved the hose to the right spot, and now pretty even power across the whole range! Feel like a bit of dunce, especially after leaving it that way for three whole months (luckily there was no evidence of pinging) - I really should pay someone who knows what they are doing for work like this......
  13. I'm 45 in April, but as you can see by the picture life has been unkind to me and I've aged prematurely. I was only four years old when the Sixties came to an end, but I loved the clothing style so much that I still wear it to this very day..... Yeah ok, you've got me, that's not really me in the photo. I stopped walking around pantless in a tie-die t-shirt 20 years ago after the court ordered me to cease and desist.....:P
  14. Good to see you here Fangstang, this is a good "home away from home" for 71-73 Aussie owners like us! I think you need to stick a pin on the Member Map, it's getting top heavy with all the pins stuck on the northern hemisphere... http://www.7173mustangs.com/usermap.php Brett (Sprint72 from MOCA forum)
  15. Soon people will be buying 71 - 73 'stangs just so they've got a good excuse to join this forum! :D
  16. I agree, to me the Dakota's look fairly bland and out of place in a classic Mustang dash - but these I could have. I'm a bit of a fan of LED technology myself, and believe it or not I wear a reproduction 70's LED wristwatch for everyday use! Just looked on the Cyberdyne website out of curiosity but don't see any speedometers there with the led segments though. :shrug2:
  17. I like that look. How does the speedometer work - is it connected to the regular speedometer cable or does it work off pick-up sensors on the tail shaft or something??
  18. The dash might have been replaced by a previous owner to change it from Sprint blue to standard black purely for appearance reasons (instead of just painting it black like someone has done to mine).
  19. Welcome to official Sprintdom. 72Sprint, that's pretty close to my username on the Aussie Mustang forum (Sprint72)
  20. They do ? heres what I see on both... cut & paste "Standard Transmission Floor Shift Yes" "Standard Transmission Floor Shift Yes" Now I'm confused, here's what i see on the Summit site for the Hedmans :shrug2:
  21. And like the Hulk, that monster sounds like it is very very angry. Very very awesome!
  22. What is a trapdoor on a Mustang?? I've never heard that expression before.
  23. That real 4x4 bigfoot is......magnificent!! _________________________________________________________________ And when I bought my car I was told the 72,000 miles on the clock was legitimate....but a search on the cars history seems to prove otherwise. :( I guess I should suspected something was amiss when I saw the car was sold to a NASA dealership on the Marti report..... The Apollo astronaut isn't saluting the flag - he's actually scratching his head wondering if he can do a Dukes of Hazzard jump off the top of the hill behind without bending the chassis in the low gravity.
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