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  1. . . . Story here: http://liveandletdiecast.kinja.com/movie-monday-gone-in-60-seconds-1974-eleanor-review-1750057849 Original film image for comparison:
  2. Wondering, did you remove the tinted bulb dome covers in the instrument panel, or did you leave them in? i removed the blue covers i'm going to splice in a t-10 bulb into the heater control socket and try that i tryed to splice in a t-10 bulb and it did not help the dimming prob. Thanks, I just ordered some based on the pictures you posted. I've already got blue LEDs in the instrument cluster, but they must be early models because they are still quite dim even with all the blue dome covers removed.
  3. Wondering, did you remove the tinted bulb dome covers in the instrument panel, or did you leave them in?
  4. Back in 2012 I edited the page by adding the lines highlighted below in yellow. Within a day somebody else had changed it back
  5. I'm fascinated with this build and I'm itching to see the final product. The work you have done on the rear deck lid and the inset back window looks insanely cool! :bravo:
  6. Looking good! ::thumb:: A NOS 71-72 urethane bumper - where on earth did he get that? (and more importantly, does he have any more? :chin: )
  7. Hi jimmypistol My front belts are Hemco brand, their factory is in Ballarat, VIC. http://www.hemco.com.au/seatbelt-division/ So not APV brand, but Supacheap may be able to do a special order for you perhaps? Front seat belts are item number 1790001SP 99/90° (9 degree) Inertia L/S with 200mm Drop Link and item number 1765333 for the 300mm Stalks. You would need left and right hand belts of course. This was seven or so years ago that I bought them, so I don't know if the part numbers are still active at Hemco. Cheers Brett
  8. Got a response from West Coast Classic Cougar > "thanks Brett, we will look into it"
  9. Feeling a little bit responsible that I recommended these and now people are having problems, so I just used their support forum to send them a note to let them know they might have a bad batch. If they respond I will post their response here.
  10. Mine fitted fine, sounds like there might be a bad batch out there. Their website lists them as currently out of stock; perhaps they have become aware of the problems people are having and have pulled all the bad stock from the shelf as a result ?? Fingers crossed that those who have them on back-order for the next batch will get good units.
  11. Yep, the Aussie designers used US Fords design facility to get the Falcon design worked out and based on the results it is fairly obvious where the design cues originated in the second iteration of the XA-XC series Falcon. The first iteration though (XA) had a flatter front though and looked a fair bit more muscle car because of it in my opinion
  12. XA, XB, XC Falcon's came out in a multitude of body styles, Sedan, Hardtop, Ute, Panel Van and Station Wagon. All pretty pleasing looking cars (well, the panel van might be a bit of an exception because I always thought they looked a bit like The Elephant Man). The coupes had a couple if inches shaved from the roof in comparison to the sedan and ute. While there is a similarity in style at the front, XB's are vastly different in proportion, with the hood area about 6 inches shorter than the Mustang and about 5 inches wider (the XB at the front is about same width of the 7173 Mustang; it's the slab sided design though that gives the hood area the extra width)
  13. For sleekness, have you entertained the possibility of using a regular hood. In my opinion the flat hood is closer in look to a Pantera than the scooped hood.
  14. The red interior is not exactly my cup of tea, but I'll let the inner child speak for me and say those doors are AWESOME (not that I'd ever do it to mine.....)
  15. Yep, it's a photoshop, I did it myself for this thread, the other pic you posted is the source image I used: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-always-wondered-what-the-trapezoidal-tail-lights-would-look-like-if
  16. Ah thanks, I missed those posts. Here's a photoshop suggestion for rear tail lights (I've always thought our trapezoidals look a bit dorky)
  17. Flipped for you. I have a question, how do you get this registered for road use? If this project was done here in Australia it would have to have an extensive engineers report before it would be allowed on the road.
  18. A bloke on the Aussie Mustang forum bought to my attention that West Coast Cougar sell plasma LED rear brake globes, and reported them to be an excellent replacement for the standard incandescents. Well I got mine yesterday and installed them today and I am very happy with the results and thought I'd share my thoughts on the 7173 forum. Took some photo's for comparison (taken in daylight near the open shed door, cloudy day). I estimate both the running lights and the brake/flasher lights to be twice the brightness of the standard globes. The distinction between running lights and brake/flasher light is excellent. One of the things that concerned me with the factory reds was the ominous feeling that cars behind couldn't see them operate very well when the sun is shining on them from the rear....with these new lamps I will feel a lot safer. No change to the wiring or flasher unit is necessary, just plug them straight in and they will work. Running lights - plasma on the left and standard globe on the right. The difference in much more noticeable in person than it is in the photo: Brake/flasher light - plasma on the left and standard globe on the right. One thing to note, the flasher light is instantaneous on and off, as opposed to the lazy ramp up and ramp down of the standard globe - I thought that I wouldn't like the "electronic sharpness" of the on/off function, but after seeing how crisp and clear the plasma's work now I wouldn't have it any other way: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/plasma2.html http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/plasma6.html
  19. There's nothing like a sign or two in a garage to add a bit of color and atmosphere.
  20. I keep my extinguisher on the floor behind the back seat too. Just bought another one today to keep in the trunk. Did some fire training a few years ago at work, something I didn't know was that the powder in fire extinguishers can settle and "compact" inside the bottle, especially from vibration, and may not then discharge properly. A small whack with a rubber mallet at intervals can free up the powder, or quickly tapping the bottle on something hard (like the road surface) immediately before use to ensure all the powder is free. "Compacted powder - If not serviced or not correctly serviced the dry chemical powder can settle and compact at the bottom of the fire extinguisher. This result in the powder not discharging either fully or correctly when used."
  21. Found this on the internet: "Just after 1:00 PM Wednesday Afternoon, Whitehall Engine 4 was sent to Chestnut Street near MacArthur Road for a reported automobile fire. Chief 16 went on location and signaled a working fire. Engine 4 arrived minutes later and stretched on the car fire. The owner of the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 told Newsworking that the fire appeared to have started near the carburetor. The car was just about to be sold to an individual that was flying in this weekend to pick it up."
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