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  1. Found this on the internet: "Just after 1:00 PM Wednesday Afternoon, Whitehall Engine 4 was sent to Chestnut Street near MacArthur Road for a reported automobile fire. Chief 16 went on location and signaled a working fire. Engine 4 arrived minutes later and stretched on the car fire. The owner of the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 told Newsworking that the fire appeared to have started near the carburetor. The car was just about to be sold to an individual that was flying in this weekend to pick it up."
  2. Oh dear.....please everyone, carry a fire extinguisher in your car.... :( :( :( :(
  3. Don't mess with a missionary man He's got Ford on his side He's got the Sprint's and convertibles backin' up from behind.... Don't mess with a missionary man :angel: (apologies to the Eurythmics...)
  4. Fastback owners can be thankful for what we got, there were some weird clays earlier on in the piece (though this one is kind of awesome in it's own disproportionate way....) and the team that conspired to inflict this goober-faced beastie onto the general public hopefully were dismissed on the spot.
  5. Spike, I always wonder if people look at my avatar and think "Geez, poor old Flatback72 has a weird looking head....." Well, I guess I do, but the head on my avatar is the combo of my two favorite heroes, Alfred from my childhood reading Mad, and more recently Earl "I'm just tryin' to be a better person" Hickey from My Name is Earl. :P I even have him in a frame on my wall!
  6. Well, speaking of police stories..... About five weeks ago I was on my regular Sunday drive in the Mustang, just leaving the edge of town when around the bend there's a booze bus (breathalyzer checkpoint) set up in the middle of the road with about five police officers lined up doing the breath tests, an officer directing the cars into the testing lane with a LED wand, plus a couple more miscellaneous officers watching. I get directed into the breath testing lane and idle up next to the designated testing officer. Next thing I know one of the watching officers starts walking up to my car, and also the officer with the LED directing wand starts walking up to me too. In my mind I'm thinking "ok here it goes, these blokes are singling me out to get my car checked over for roadworthy compliance..." The officer with the LED wand leans down to the drivers window and says with enthusiasm "has it got a big block in it??". Somewhat relieved I tell the bloke "no, unfortunately it's about the smallest block you can get, a 302 Windor", to which he replied "well, you've still got got plenty of time to put one in!" Then the other officer leans down at the passenger side window and says smiling "you know what, when I was a kid my sister had a boyfriend that drove one of these and I thought he was just about the coolest bloke alive, could have been a real d*ckhead for all I know now, but back then I thought he was just so cool !". I chuckled and mumbled back something like "yeah, well I've been known to be a bit of a d*ckhead every now and again too....." So I idled off out of that checkpoint with a smile on my face, and even got a wave from the young lady officer as I passed her by further down the testing line...
  7. Glad the instructions helped you kai233 ! This write-up now has over ten-thousand views - makes me wonder how many of those people have made the switch.
  8. Hi, welcome to the site fellow Sprint owner! My car is a Sprint too, only now it is in deep disguise - the Mach 1 bumper and grille, a couple of paint chips with blue paint underneath, along with the HB trim code and a confirming Marti Report are the only visible clues of its original factory heritage.
  9. I swear that some day I am going to create a professional looking Classic Mustang website that chronicles the 64-73 Mustang history in reverse. Firstly detailing everything that we all know is great about the 71-73's. Then for the 1970-1969 model I will bemoan the shrinking of the cars size by two inches, the loss of the might Cleveland motor, the advent of the rudimentary "exposed" wiper arms, and the try-hard look of the non-functional quarter panel scoops. For 1968 to 1967 I will reflect upon the diminishing size again as proof of the Mustang's further departure from it's 71-73 musclecar looks, reference the basicness of the old fashioned looking dash arrangement. For 1966 to 1965 I will reference the size of the car having shrunk down to but a mere shadow of its former self, a veritable taste of the Mustang II which is to come. The loss of seat head rests, the shrinking of the motor size, the use of generators instead of alternators, and that the great Carroll Shelby once called them "a secretaries car", and so on. And then I will also provide a feedback email address on the page, so those who find themselves offended by the reverse history can email me to vent their anger. The angrier the response the greater my enjoyment would be! The website would be a complete lie however, as I actually love all 65-73 Mustangs. But getting some 65-70 snobs all riled up would make it all worth while!!
  10. I found a picture of Falcon Coupe with the front clip from a P6 LTD. This coupe has had minor rear wheel arch flares done so as to match the flares on the LTD guards. When I saw one in person like this many many years ago in my home town I thought it was the most awesome thing ever.....and still do!
  11. I've posted these before in other threads, but as far as random images go I don't think you can get much more random than these
  12. ...and lets not forget the Ford ZH LTD. In my younger days there was a light metal flake blue XB Falcon coupe getting around town with one of these LTD fronts on it (apparently the fronts just bolted straight on, no metalwork required). I remember thinking it was just about the bizarrest coolest thing I'd ever seen.
  13. A 302 ?? Sheer luxury! My Dad bought the XA to tow our caravan, but for some reason he must not have entertained a V8. I do remember him buying the car in about 1974 (which we considered to be close enough to a new car at the time), and Dad thought he was buying a car with a 250ci motor. I still recall his disappointment in the hours after he got it home when my older brother looked under the bonnet and said "that's a 200 motor Dad, not a 250..." Anyways, it still did the job admirably, though sluggishly, and took us multiple times from home in Vic to northern NSW and everywhere in between. I do remember something going wrong with the column shift in the middle of nowhere in South Australia, but Dad armed with a pair of wire cutters helped himself to a section of wire from a farmers star-picket fence, tied the dodgy linkages up somehow and we were on our way again. The car is long gone, my Dad has since passed, but Mum still has the old caravan stored away in her carport which helps to keep the memories alive!
  14. Yeah, the picture made me laugh too! I remember buying that cap from the local Aussie Disposals shop way back then, pretty sure it was an ex-Chinese People Liberation Army cap....
  15. Best memories I have of childhood in the mid 70's were all the holidays I went on with my family. And Dad's old (or new then) XA Falcon sedan was the vehicle that facilitated those holidays. Good times thanks to Ford Falcon 500! Trivia: this is the dish that received the first images of the first moon walk.
  16. "Kangaroo Flat" is the name of a suburb of the city that I live in (I drive past this same sign every weekend in my Mustang). I don't want to in any way celebrate the violent death of an innocent wayward marsupial :( , nor the poor unfortunate sod that's probably got a busted-up front end in his car, however when I saw a local person post this picture on Facebook I couldn't help but reflect upon the irony.
  17. Wow! No, I didn't know about this. Pretty darned cool I think. It's a great shot........weird to think that some satellite zoomed in on me driving down the highway in the middle of nowhere. I didn't lie to you guys, the car just does it's thing and more. I especially dig the shot 'cause there I am, icechest on the passenger seat, flameproof driving jacket on the hook behind me, dragboat in tow, just bookin' down the road. Seriously, did you just happen upon this, or is there a process to find such images? I'm actually a gifted savant who spends 100% of my time clicking through google street-view maps looking only for 71 to 73 Mustangs.... Well, not really. Someone posted a thread here a while back suggesting a game of finding 71-73 Mustangs on street-view. Not a successful game mind you as that would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack, however at the time I did a google search using "mustangs on street view" as the search string and I found that someone else had stumbled across your car on Street-View and posted it on the Jalopnik forum. When you posted into this thread the pic of your car with a boat attached I thought hang on I've seen THAT before! Here is the link to the Jalopnik user who did randomly find your car: http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/cool-cars-on-google-street-view-1648314066 ...and here's the link to the actual street-view location - the google van did a great job of photographing your car in a very scenic location! https://www.google.com/maps/@34.9314087,-118.9304083,3a,75y,275.76h,63.85t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sXNDqdSfzTehWv7xE55HHoA!2e0
  18. Good read! Did you know you car also made it onto Google Streetview?
  19. A great good news story to read before I trot off to work in this morning! I've managed to clean up the last pic a bit doing some two-minute alterations to the contrast.
  20. and let's not forget Admiral Ackbar's famous quote from Star Wars...
  21. So now your car is no longer factory correct. :) Ha, I guess you are right Mike. However I do class the found bracket as a never-used original Ford "New Old Stock" part... :dodgy:
  22. There's a small metal bracket that attaches to the car body at the inner bottom of the quarter window opening, the purpose of which is to hold in place the top of the plastic arm rest panel. One side was missing this bracket so I assumed it had got lost somewhere in the last forty years. When it came time for me to spruce up my floors, I peeled up the factory-installed floor insulation and found the missing bracket on the back floor pressed into the underneath of the insulation. Well that solved the whereabouts of the missing bracket, but when I went to install it I found the hole in the body where it screws onto was malformed from when the panel was pressed (the hole was there but it hadn't broken through), and there was no way to screw the bracket on until I "completed" the hole by drilling it out. So the bracket hadn't been installed at the factory at all - I surmise that the vehicle assembler went to screw it on, found he didn't have a hole to screw it in to, so piffed the bracket onto the rear floor for me to find forty years on! Quite thoughtful of him really.....
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