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  1. Welcome from Australia ::welcome::
  2. I'm kinda sad to see another Mach 1 irreparably destroyed, but then again this is the zombie apocalypse we're talking about here so most of us 7173 owners are probably already zombies and no longer in need of our cars anyways....
  3. I want a 71 Charger, green like this one.
  4. Ha, haven't seen that one, loved the bloke shooting the lawn after being stung by something in it "Australia is fighting back!!!!" rofl
  5. One on my favorite shows was the NZ production "Flight of the Conchords". The parts with their encounters with Australians always cracked me up:
  6. Thanks Eric, i'll keep the forum informed in general,and, as time goes on as to any work i do on the car.:) In case you were not aware, there has always been a traditional rivalry between Australia and New Zealand in many ways. That rivalry goes from being playfully friendly to darn right angry and hateful. On the whole, our countries get on pretty well traditionally, and we stand as allies, and will fight shoulder to shoulder when it comes to getting involved in any wars from past to present. Now where exactly, Luke and Jason fall into what catagory there, i'm not sure.:P:P Thanks Man, Greg.:) All in good fun. New Zulander's are great - they're just like Aussies, bet wuth a fernnier uccernt.
  7. :amen: Amen to that brother! They can do without roaring V8's on the roads over there scaring their sheep witless and sucking the headlights out of their Humber Super Snipes and Morris Marina's during high speed passing maneuvers....
  8. For some reason I reckon the seat belt light is cool - I love the 70's retro look of it! I couldn't get mine to work so at all so disconnected the factory wiring and reconnected it using an in-line timer wire so that it lights up for 15 seconds or so when the car is first started. http://www.snakebite.com.au/seatbeltwarninglighttimer-p-178.html
  9. Welcome from Australia. Here's a picture for you garage wall!
  10. Two 7173 Mustangs! I am very, very, very jealous Greg.... ::thumb::
  11. I bought this little 64 page booklet a few years ago off ebay. Put out by Ford it has travel related stories in it with also some Ford advertising. I thought other 7173'ers might like to see the 1972 advertising story it contains:
  12. I agree, despite what they did to the Mustang part two was really quite interesting to watch compared to the slow pace of part one, especially the tense final 5 minutes. I note they never explained how Hammond fixed the last Mustang breakage - betcha that team of 30 film crew bring an absolute slew of spare parts with them.
  13. I didn't take any offense to what they said about the Mustang as Clarkson's par-the-course jibes about it were generally balanced out by Hammond's enthusiastic defense of it ("the essence of V8-ness"). I take it as a backhanded compliment that they chose a 71 fastback for the show as it visually blended in very well with the other two classics. The show did appear padded out, possibly due to their trip being cut short, and the cow on the roof was pointless seeing as they'd done that one before (maybe they should have used a llama this time around...?) I have rarely watched Top Gear at all over the years it's been on so I may have been quarantined somewhat from the staleness of the show as perceived by others, so I quite enjoyed it, especially because outside of a few dated movies it's great to see a Mustang like mine featured in a contemporary television production. I'm saving my real angst for the next episode where they intentionally trash the car :@ .
  14. The Top Gear Patagonia show is available for free legal streaming from BBC I-Player http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer ,however it is geo-blocked to stop people outside the UK from watching it. There is a free Firefox and Chrome add-on available that bypasses the geo-blocking but I will not go into further detail as I don't want to break any 7173 forum rules regarding the promotion of potentially nefarious activities :whistling: For those interested there's a discussion thread on this episode over at Jalponik http://jalopnik.com/top-gear-patagonia-christmas-special-video-open-thread-1675766362 (click all replies)
  15. I finished watching the part 1 Top Gear:Patagonia special a few moments ago, it was quite enjoyable and it was nice to see the 71 Mach 1 filmed against some interesting vistas. One part that made me giggle was (*beware: minor spoiler ahead*): Clarkson: "Is the engine...nineteen foot long?" Hammond: "No, no it's not" Clarkson: "Why then has it got a nineteen foot bonnet???"
  16. . A '71 Mustang is an odd choice for Bob Seger; I would have thought he'd much prefer to own a silver Bullitt..... Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week....
  17. Beautiful car! I've got to say though that I am equally impressed by the car in this picture that was in the comments section of that article, now there's a set of wheels that I can dig!
  18. Welcome from OZ. I wouldn't be concerned about keeping it an original Ford colour - if you're going for a Gin60S theme (and you certainly should! dancebanana ) then you should definitely pick the colour that best reflects your goal. I've had a few people say to me that "they love my Eleanor", which I get a real kick out of even though with it's added adornments it doesn't look much like Eleanor at all, mainly because it's nice to know there are people out there that recognise that the real Eleanor is not the plastic-fantastic monstrosity from the remake. Are you going to put the 73 Mach 1 grille in as well, and the dog dish wheel covers? Also, for when you are cruising to car shows I'd highly recommend a complimenting "Halicki wig, mustache, driving gloves and suit set" :cool:
  19. I wonder why they are running a Peugeot badge on the stang ???
  20. . Do you remember that time he met God....? .
  21. Well if you mean by glamor shot a picture taken on the side of the road with a cheap mobile phone camera, I kinda like this one I took of my rocket near Clunes, Victoria (Australia)
  22. Hey Charger! [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  23. Another welcome from Australia ::welcome::
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