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  1. The new repro grilles have mounting holes that suit both single centre bracket and double centre bracket cars. For single bracket cars the four outside holes aren't used, for double bracket cars the two centre holes aren't used.
  2. Welcome to the site, from Bendigo, Australia. ::welcome::
  3. 407 bucks for the air conditioning, 1/8 of the base car price - that's insane! I envy people who have got their eminger invoice, I asked Marti for mine and they told me it wasn't available, and they didn't offer any clues like it's been lost, it's been given to a previous owner etc. I suppose Lois Eminger could have given it to a previous owner which could be why Marti can't find it, or maybe it was in a box that Lois wasn't able to rescue from Ford.... ::shrug::
  4. Welcome from Bendigo, OZ. Nice loud color on your coupe, I like that!
  5. Just one minor thing that you might like to know, your rear spoiler appears to be on backwards, it supposed to have the end tapers at the rear like this one. You may find it difficult to just simply spin it around though because it looks like the fitment holes may be drilled too far back on the boot lid which may cause the spoiler to hang too far over the back.
  6. There is nothing bad to say about that car, it is magnificent, especially the colour! Welcome from Australia ::welcome::
  7. Back in the late 1980's my parents traveled over the pond to the US to Washington State to visit one of Dad's friends who had left Australia to make the US his home back in the 1950's. I took the opportunity to ask them to find a Mustang parts retailer to pick up a few parts that I wanted for the '70 Mach 1 that I owned back then. Here are some late 1980's photo's they bought back. My Dad passed away a few years before I bought my '72 Mustang, but it's pretty cool having these pics with him looking at a yellow fastback not dissimilar to the one I own now - it's kinda like even though he never got to see my car, in a way he did get to see it . And this one with my Mum in the background (she's still going strong, now at age 84)
  8. Posted this before, but relevant to the discussion on blindspot cameras. I put this camera on a small bracket under the sunvisor clamp, which because of it's position it is barely visible from outside the car. Here's a tip: don't use a standard wide angle reversing camara for this job - I first used one of these and it was near useless in that the cars in the blindspot showed up ridculously small and hard to see on the screen because of the wide angle lens. So I took the wide angle one out and replaced it with a 12 volt "spy camera" like this one. This type of camera doesn't distort the image at all and keeps the view of other cars in the blind spot at a size that you can see much easier. You can see the actual on-road results in this pic (left screen):
  9. That tutorial of mine on the wiki section has had over 8000 views; makes me wonder how many of those viewers have actually been inspired enough by it to convert their fastback windows to roll-downs. In another 30 years time the 7173 Mustang boffins might be looking at their Son-of-Marti reports wondering why the roll-down option isn't listed when some fastbacks have roll-downs and some don't....
  10. Yep, the odometer on my kph speedo registers in kilometers.
  11. My speedo is the 220kph version and it is cool! :) Of course, if anyone ever asks me I'll tell them it's a mph speedo that goes up to 220mph.... :cool:
  12. Posting this for the interest of anybody living in a metricated country (Aus, Europe etc.) who has a MPH speedo but would like to convert it to KPH. Stumbled across this item whilst ebaying - a kph decal kit for $59AUD. Looks like you have to cut your own holes though for the oddometer and highbeam light. http://tinyurl.com/ldu3sed I was lucky enough to find a NOS metric speedo a couple of years ago and I gotta say that having a speedo that matches the posted limits makes it so much easier. I would have loved the decal option to have been available back then as I would have saved $150....
  13. Looks like Greg Brady Too ! Ha, that's what I thought too when I posted the pic originally: "In this ad I think we are witnessing the first time that Greg Brady, all gussied up in his best chequered pants and polo-neck pullover, plucked up the guts to ask his step-sister Marcia out on a picnic date" :wub:
  14. This is one I cut out of Car Craft March 1969 magazine
  15. I posted this one in another thread back in 2011, but there may be some that missed it. It's a two page advert that I p'shopped together; don't look too close or you'll see that I forgot to add the rear door gap on the car as it was right on the two page join line....
  16. 1973 Mustangs were released in about September 1972 if I'm not mistaken, so don't limit yourself to searching only the 1973 magazines.
  17. If I were the guy that sold them this Mustang I would be very upset seeing what they did to it. :-/ I assume they never told the seller that their intention was to wreck it; either that or they told him but made him an offer he couldn't refuse. If it had of been my ex-car I would have been sobbing for months.... On a brighter note, look how good the Mustang looks mixing it with a Porsche and a Lotus, it's styling fits right in :cool:
  18. Hi Greg, sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was trying to contradict you, just showing that it can be done, in fact it's news to me that it's not recommended! Funny that I have a tyre that's smaller than recommended - that's a first for my because in my younger years it was the other way around, trying to jam the widest possible tyre onto standard 6" rims :) The rim in my picture is ten inch, which were on the car when I bought it, along with 275/60-15 radial TA's. I've never measured the wheel offset but mental note to myself to do it next time I have a wheel off. I did once measure the track width though and it was a bit less than an inch above factory standard from recollection. The TA's were a very square edged tyre so I would frequently hear scrubbing on the inner guard, so that's how far inset the rims are, but the tyres that I replaced the TA's with and also the current ones have a more rounded edge so I rarely get scrubbing anymore. I certainly wouldn't be able to squeeze 295's on these rims without tubbing the car or moving the wheel offset out by an inch each side....
  19. I've always run 275's on 10" rims, never had a prob. ::thumb::
  20. The links you posted don't work Luke, try these: 1970 Cyclone: http://tinyurl.com/marnfk5 1966 Cyclone: http://tinyurl.com/mvjvzcl I'm digging the 70 Cyclone, not the price though :huh:
  21. If I owned the original Batcopter and was taking it to shows I would not rest until I had a set of clip-on wings made up for showing purposes only.
  22. Speaking of land yachts, one of our contractors rolled up the other week in this right hand drive Lincoln Continental. These pictures make my workplace look like a scene from Grand Theft Auto V. The car is 5% rust, 15% flaky paint, and 80% pure awesomeness!
  23. If the 71-73's were universally disliked by the public when they came out, the sales numbers compared to other pony cars from the same years would seem to suggest otherwise. 410,000 Mustangs were built in the three years, which is pretty good when compared to the nearest rival which is Camaro at 280,000 units. I suggest that Mustang sales weren't lower for the 71-73 because everyone hated them, it was because people became spoiled for choice by the range of pony cars available. And added to that is that the bulk amount of people that wanted a pony car had already bought one a few years earlier and were therefore no longer in the market to buy one. I am happy for them to remain under appreciated though as it keeps the prices low for people that want to enter the pony car hobby but don't have the big bucks to spend. A majority of 65-70 owners may not like our cars but the general public has none of this bias. If these cars are so awful then why on earth do I constantly receive unsolicited comments from members of the general public who approach me to tell me how awesome they think my car is??? A few reasons why I like our models better than the previous ones are: lower and wider than all earlier modes more angled windscreen gives it a more aerodynamic sports car look hidden wipers add to the sleekness and sense of aerodynamics the fastback angle is so ridiculous that it's awesome! (only14 degrees!) the only thing I'm not that rapt in is the tail light design....
  24. I've taken mine out twice to change heater cores. The first time took a long time because I didn't know what I was doing, but the second time I reckon I had it out and back in in about an hour. Remove glovebox liner. Remove passenger seat. And here's the hot tip ----> remove the lower plastic floor vent (pictured below) from the heater box before trying to extract the unit. The floor vent adds just enough extra volume to stop the heater box from being maneuvered and pulled through the gap underneath the dash; when the vent is removed first then the heater box fits fairly easily through the gap under the dash. From memory there are two or three plastic screws or clips that hold this vent on - these clips broke when I removed the vent but I replaced them with a couple of self tapping screws which worked perfectly to reattach the vent after heater box re-installation. Taking the vent off the heater box before removal is the main reason why the job went so much quicker the second time around.
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