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    1#-73 Grande Coupe 351 2V, FMX, 3:25, A/C, Needs some TLC to get it back on the road or make it go away.
    2#- 73 Grande Coup, same drivetrain, but is a resto mod with 16" tires and wheels, is a daily driver and mama's birthday present


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  1. I recently came across- last week, a " BONE STOCK" gold 73 vert sitting on a car lot in Longview WA. I stopped and talked to the sales man "Kelly" and found out that is a one owner car " little old lady". The DSO code - 75, 351- 2V, FMX, 2.75, AC, deluxe interior, new fuel tank, exhaust and tires the top is perfect, It being a SW car, I did not find any rust in the quarters, the odometer read 66,666?. I saw 1 small dent on the top of right fender, console clock not working. He told me the car was purchased in Phoenix AZ. then the owner moved to Texas and then to Clatskanie OR. about 5 years ago and it was parked in a garage. I did not fire it up or drive it as I was on my way home. I informed the salesman of this web site and to post it on here. I am NOT profiting any thing from this, I just want to see it get into the right hands ASAP You can reach " Kelly" @ ROBBINS ELDON AUTO SALES, Longview, WA PH. # 1-360-423-0430 to discuss the price.
  2. I have tanks that I made for striping and I just flush them out when I change chemicals. My problem is that I have a crippled hand that makes it hard to hold things some times so when I buff or polish something, I have to try and be very careful some times you win, some times you lose.
  3. Mama's "blue angel" is a 73 Grande and the doors are not blacked out like the Mach's and yes my buffer grabbed it, slapped me with it and threw it across the room.... I quit for the night. I am finding out who ever repaired this in the past? didn't know squat about stangs and as time allows, I am going thru it and correcting what I find .
  4. Looking for a drivers side head light door in the best condition I can find as I am finding out that no one makes them and buffers don't like them....
  5. This is mama stang and SHE wants it RIGHT AND TIGHT.... YES DEAR, YES DEAR
  6. I received my interior parts order from NPD last night and found the upholstery set listed in their catolog on pg 8, P/N : UD-13-65-BCW as MEDIUM BLUE, it is the only "blue" color they list. Sadly it is DARK BLUE and not the correct color match to the head liner P/N : HC-13-C and sun visors P/N : VH-13-C that I also ordered that DO MATCH my interior. I received a call this morning from them and they verified the problem and told me that they will work on the problem and that most vendors use the same suppliers. So be aware if you go to order your interior parts. This is by no way a slam against NPD, only a heads up to others as to what I encountered. If we lived in a perfect world, we ALL would walk on water...
  7. Pull your spark plugs and look at them, they could be fouled enough not to fire regardless of what voltage you have at the coil. If it a points system? you may have a bad or weak condenser. More information as to what it was running like before may help pinpoint the problem, possible contacts inside of the ignition switch on the steering column. Guessing will only waste time. I had a Ranchero do this to me, drove it every day, one day drove to work, that night, no start, had it towed home and ran through a check list of possible causes and after checking and rechecking everything, pulled the plugs and found them soaked enough to not want to start, replaced the plugs and it fired right up....
  8. I just had the consol clock on the wifes 73 Grande switched over to a quartz movement by a guy down in CA. for $140 + shipping , his turn around time is about 2-3 weeks
  9. I have been turning wrenchs and busting knuckles for over 45 years, does THAT tell ya anything....? There are no sealers on the market that can be used to seal it or I would have found it a long time ago
  10. I have been looking for some time for 1 or 2 NON unilug 14 x 7, 5 x 4.5 w/ 3.5 back spacing aluminium mag wheel(s). they go by different names S-200, Daisy, Coke bottle. I have 1 that has porsity holes from a bad casting and is too costly to have repaired and I don't want to keep running it with a tube in it. I have found everything from 6" to 10" but no 7"wide wheel. I bought the set that I have years ago from a guy who had them on his 56 Ford PU that was sitting in the back of his garage. my set is in like mint condition ie, no curb rash. I have a set of 8" that I traded for but they are not what I want and I don't want to spend the money to get them cleaned up and polished.
  11. After 45+ years of turning wrenchs, I put away my big blue Snap-on (mustang) tool box. I rebuilt more transmissions then I care to think or dream about and I still have transmission tools in my tool boxes that I bought years ago and never used. If you are going to rebuild your C-6 yourself? rebuild it to the specs for police/taxi, in other words, HEAVY DUTY, you do not need to build a neck snapper unless you like whip lash or broken "U-joints" or are planning on racing it. I rebuilt the C-6 in my 1977 Ranchero in 1988 just after I got it as it had a soft 1-2 upshift and have only had to replace the front seal since then because it sat for several years with out driving it. Use VASOLINE (petroleum jelly) to lubericate the seals and NOT THE GREASE FROM YOUR GREASE GUN during rebuild and air test all clutch packs BEFORE you install them. handle the valve body separator plate like a new born baby, 1 little scratch in the wrong place... the pressure build up in the wrong circuit (300+ PSI) bleeding over will not make you a happy camper. A machine shop can make most seal drivers needed or a socket can work in a pinch. AND TAKE YOUR TIME during assembly and air test,air test and air test all of your circuits
  12. I'm just a poor retired grease monkey that has to spend his SSI on drugs to stay alive. I could never afford ANY car that is or was a dust collector. If? I were lucky enough to win the lottery, I could get some new body parts and then some play toys. This "stang" was on a car lot so you know its going to be price at the upper limit.
  13. post id: 4911232689 I found this on the Portland Craigs list: a 70 boss 302 for $ 84,950. it would take a life time of S&H green stamps and then some to buy something like this. Would they let it park inside Fort Knox? LOL:run_horse:
  14. Mama took her stang out for a drive yesterday - shopping, and she had people checking out her car and asking all kinds of questions about it and she could answer all of their questions. her pulse quickens a little when she just hears it running, and the smile on her face when she's behind the wheel, It's my job to remind her where "home" is....
  15. If you are running a V-8?, I can send you a photo of the scroll compressor that is on my wifes 73 Grande with a 351C. I have not looked at the brand name but the automotive scroll compressors are close to the same size. The AC system was updated before we got the car.
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