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  1. I replaced my expansion valve but I didn’t get any tape with it. My original valve didn’t have any on it either.
  2. I had that carb too. Nothing but problems and it’s on the shelf now.
  3. Its not a problem. It doesn’t matter, I never have to remove it. There is no reason to.
  4. Here’s a pic of the primary site glass window. I forgot about the fact that they have a snap ring to be able to remove and replace the windows. Pretty cool and I have not seen them leaking or anything like that. I got this carb in 2018, so it’s not very old.
  5. Ya must be some nasty stuff. I’m having problems with keeping my dang riding lawnmower running too. 😡
  6. Wow, I didn’t realize that they changed it so much. I just thought there was a winter blend and a summer blend. Learn something new every day! Thanks Chuck
  7. All good ideas, I recently put some dry gas in but no fuel treatment. That probably wouldn’t hurt. No on the Teflon tape for any fuel connections. I did clean my fuel filter screen and made a new 3/8 steel fuel line. I checked everything there too, no kinks or anything like that.
  8. So I happened to have a brand new needle and seat. Changed it and set the bowl levels. It starts and runs good. I reved it up a few times and no fuel coming out of the vent tube. But it’s raining here today so I couldn’t drive it to see how it is under load and at full temp. Got it warm enough for it to come off the choke and idle down though. Anyway here’s a pic of the old needle and I think I had fuel going around the seal. Lot of white junk on that seal.
  9. I think the shop that did work on my car got the harness from NPD. That’s where they get a lot of their parts from. Looks just like the one in my car now. I had the Scott Drake halogens too. They were much better than the original lights and probably the best thing Scott Drake made in my opinion. But these new leds are much brighter.
  10. Good point. Only reason I thought about removing the bowl was to see if I have any crap in there. I think I will just remove the needle and see what it looks like. Thanks mjlan!
  11. Why would I remove the site glass? They are not leaking. My carb instructions say to set the float level in the middle of the glass. There’s actually a line cast into the side of the bowl in the middle of the side glass. This is to help with setting the level. I think I have a new needle and seat and that’s the first thing I need to check.
  12. Ok I thought I had maybe got some bad gas, not sure now. Yesterday I was driving my car and it started hesitating and then it quit running. Pulled on to a side street and stopped rolling. Then I tried to start the engine and it started back up. Took off and it died again. So after a few minutes it will start again, went through this a few times and I got it home and in my garage. I took air cleaner off to see what is going on. Got it to start right up and when it’s idling it is running like normal. But when I rev the engine up few times and let off the accelerator, fuel comes out of the primar
  13. The original relay harness I bought got ruined in my accident. I don’t remember where I got them, but it was before I knew that Rocketman sold them. But the one I have now was replaced by the shop that repaired my car and I have no idea where they got them from. From the pics you posted compared to mine the light looks pretty much the same to me.
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