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  1. You have a beautiful car! I really like the white and black on these cars.
  2. Hey Geoff, I have an extra sticker. Just shoot me a pm with your address and it’s yours. I’ll gladly take care of the postage, shouldn’t be too much to send it in an envelope.
  3. Glad to see your new horsey made it to you safely! Looks very nice 👍
  4. I have one on my 72 Q code and love it! My engine has been rebuilt and is not stock. It works very well with my combo. I have a Crower cam and hydraulic lifters, 71 closed chamber heads with stainless steel valves, Crane Gold aluminum roller rockers, flat top 10.3:1 forged pistons, stock rods and crank and a Quick Fuel HR 735 vacuum secondary carb. I have Hooker headers with h pipe and turbo mufflers. It’s all connected to a c6 trans with a Trans Go shift kit and a Truetrac posi with 3.50 gears. It runs very good, spins the tires very easily and I am very happy with it. I actually could use so
  5. jpaz

    New guy

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan.
  6. Wow sure hate to see that. Glad your wife is ok.
  7. I was kinda surprised that they didn’t say anything about letting them know how it fits. It clears the front of the gas tank, but it does push up against the vapor return line some. Pretty much like it was before, but not enough to restrict it.
  8. I finally got around to installing the new redesigned sway bar. It fits like it should now. The area where the bar mounts is wider and the mounts aren’t jammed in the bends of the bar. I guess the only thing that could be done better would be to shorten the spacers for the end links some, about an inch or so. But other than that I’m happy with it. Here’s a couple pics
  9. I did get a bad set of hydraulic lifters from them though. I had the cam saver lifters in and they collapsed after about 1200 miles. Long story short they replaced them and I went with the normal lifters. I probably have about 1400 miles on the new lifters and no problems. Running great now.
  10. I have a Crower torque monster cam in my 4V 351 Cleveland with a C6 tranny and I really like it! My trans has a Trans Go shift kit in it and wow, it really is very quick off the line and chirps the tires when shifting very easily. I can break the tires loose at a 45 roll. But it has very good street manners too. Runs nicely in traffic and I have about 13-14 inches of vacuum at idle.
  11. That’s one sweet ride! Thanks for letting us know about some good customer service.
  12. I had my gears changed from 3.25 to 3.50 and I had a true track Posi unit installed for about 1400. That was about 3-4 years ago, but I can’t imagine that it would be 3k now like you got quoted. Sounds like you said, the mechanic doesn’t want to deal with it.
  13. Well Luxstang, sounds like your done with the Mustang stuff, bummer. But you gotta do what makes you happy, so take care and good luck with your guitar building venture! Hope it works out!
  14. CJ Pony parts sucks! Don’t get anything from those bunch of yahoo who’s. They don’t know much about our cars and their customer service is horrible.
  15. Ok, I did ask where to get them from and they said they can be bought from Addco.net
  16. I received the new and my original back yesterday. It looks more like the original one. They did keep it at 7/8 diameter. It pretty much just looks like they made the mounting area wider, so there should be no more issues with the mounts being jammed into the bends of the bar. Anyway, it looks like it will definitely fit better. Here’s a pic of the new one next to the original.
  17. +1 on what Chuck said. I have also been using Mr. Gasket intake gaskets with no problems. I think the part number is #214. Make sure you get the head gaskets on correct, they are easy to put on backwards.
  18. So I got a really nice, and I guess surprising text message from Addco today. The guy that I have been in contact with asked me for my address, so I sent it to him. About 10 minutes later he sends me a pic of the box with new and old sway bars in it. I should receive it by Friday I guess. I am really looking forward to seeing what they came up with. He didn’t send me a pic of the new one, so I’ll have to see how it looks when it gets here. I will post some pics of it when it arrives. I still can’t believe that they did all this. I get a free bar and they paid for all the shipping! Took awhi
  19. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great story and great car!
  20. I had a problem with what you are describing about the float when trying to go straight. It was after I got a front end alignment. It turned out to be a bad pitman arm. Replaced that and my steering has been great ever since. I also had replaced the long original power steering hose with a new “concourse” one. Well, that one didn’t last very long till it did the same as yours. It blew while I was trying to make a sharp turn and I almost hit another car and it made one hell of a mess. Was lucky enough that it didn’t catch fire. Anyway I just got another long hose and it has been fine ever since
  21. I have a set of Hooker #6915 headers on my 72 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland with 4v heads and a c6 transmission. They fit perfectly with no modifications needed.
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