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  1. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great looking car you got! I see you mentioned Hooker Super comp headers as well as the comp cam. I would not go with the super comp headers, they hang too low and don’t fit that good. I just not too long ago rebuilt my engine and put new headers on. I got the Hooker competition #6915 black ceramic coated ones and they fit perfect.
  2. Hello and Welcome from Michigan.
  3. Oops I guess I left out a few, lol. I meant cycle.
  4. I got an Inova #5568 light. It’s really nice and has all the good stuff. Rpm digital readout, 2 or 4 cylinder, advance, dwell reading and it came in a nice case.
  5. I’ll try Geoff, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for to long, lol. He did say that they are really hurting because of the virus. I was getting kinda worried because they didn’t respond to my last couple of text messages. But the guy I deal with was on vacation. I will see if they can maybe offer some kind of discount for guys like you that had already got one. Or maybe they can offer us a discount for guys from this site. He knows I belong to an online Mustang group, so maybe I can get them to help us out somehow. We’ll have to see how this new bar turns out. Hopefully they will make the diameter smaller than the 7/8” one that we bought. I recommended 5/8” to 3/4” at the biggest. I told them that the 429 cars had a 5/8” bar from the factory, so a 3/4” diameter would be plenty big enough in my opinion. We’ll see what they come up with. Hopefully something better than the one they sell now.
  6. So here’s the latest update. I just finally heard back from my contact at Addco. I had texted him about a week ago to see what was going on but never heard back till today. He was on vacation. Anyway, they still have my original bar and it has been all measured up. They are still waiting on materials to make them. He told me two more weeks till they get the steel. They are having a hell of a time with that cause of the virus. He also did say thanks for my patience and they are sending me a bar for free when they get them made. We’ll see
  7. Are you serious! I don’t want these stupid things.
  8. Hello and Welcome from another Michigander!
  9. Thanks Chuck, the one I took from my other carb was like that.
  10. Yes I agree with the yellow too!
  11. I don’t see why not. Of course air compressor air is cheaper than the cans, but it’s just compressed air.
  12. Thanks Kilgon, I figure with the high heat here lately that the brass float may have expanded. I guess I thought that the brass floats were better and more durable than the plastic ones? I guess not
  13. Hello Sarah, and welcome to the site from Michigan. Great story about your car. Hopefully you get everything all figured out and you can drive it and have some fun. There are people on here that know absolutely everything about these cars.
  14. So I have been having some problems with keeping the proper fuel level in the front bowl. I have a Quick Fuel 735 dual feed with vacuum secondaries and electric choke. Anyway, the last couple weeks I have had to adjust the flat level a couple times, after I thought I had it right. I have cleaned everything up and made sure the needle and seat was clean and moving. It was, but I did notice that the float was kinda sticking somewhat. So I removed it to check the little spring, thought maybe something was wrong with it, but it was fine. Then as I was moving the float around I thought I heard something sloshing inside of it. I have found the issue, fuel in the float. Son of a bitch! No wonder I couldn’t seem to get the level to stay the same. I couldn’t find where it was getting into it though, probably along the seam somewhere I guess. I took a plastic float from an older Holley I have and swapped it into the QF. To late to start tonight so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning. I’m sure it was the problem, just thought I would post about it in case it helps someone in the future.
  15. I have that same clutch fan on my 351c. It works great and I have had no problems with this set up. Just make sure to check your spacing between the fan a radiator and also make sure you have enough clearance on the engine side too. I think I added a 3/4” or maybe a 1” aluminum spacer to get the blades closer to the radiator.
  16. Try to check the float level in the carb bowls, especially the front one. You could have a bad float or just some crap in there that’s preventing a proper level.
  17. Congrats on your new ride and welcome to the site! Check out the 429 megasite for all kinds of great info about your car and how it left the factory.
  18. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great looking car!
  19. You can get a really nice Mach 1 for 25-30k and be able to drive it. Why spend triple that price for a B351 if you’re not concerned about a numbers matching car? You can still get a really nice car with a numbers matching driveline and not be afraid to take it out and drive the wheels off it. There were only 1800 ish b351’s built, so they are pretty rare. With the way people are driving these days, I would be afraid to drive such a rare car, but they are really cool!
  20. I think someone on here used the matte black to refinish the center gauge panel. The pics of it looked really nice. I’m sure the SEM paint would look good too as long as it isn’t gloss.

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