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  1. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. You have a great looking ride, best of luck with it!
  2. I did get a new wooden wheel from grant and it was the same as before. This was only about a year or two ago. Maybe they did redesign it as it was very aggravating when you hit the horn and the button would fall off. I just finally got sick of it and refinished the original one. Hope the new ones are better.
  3. Here’s the horn’s when I got them back.
  4. I had my original horns rebuilt by the Horn Works. They are louder than original and I am very happy with them. I got tired of my stupid grant steering wheel horn button popping off every time I hit the horn. So I refinished my original wheel with parts I got from OMS and couldn’t be happier.
  5. I also have the pertronix 1 and use a stock coil with zero issues for the last 7 years.
  6. Glad to hear that it’s just that simple. Good lesson for us all to remember. Don’t be a Dude! Lol just teasing. I’ve done some pretty dumb shit too!
  7. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Good luck with the new ride!
  8. Don’t feel like less of a car guy at all. Your totally a car guy! Sometimes we just can’t do everything we want to. I know from experience, been in multiple life changing accidents. But I’m still here and can do enough stuff to make me happy. Plus I can drive my Mustang! I can’t even drive a 4 speed, safely anyway, but I still love driving my auto. I think you have done way more than most people would to restore your car. Good luck with the rest of the restore!
  9. That was fantastic! Thanks for all the pics and the great explanation of everything.
  10. Hello and welcome from Michigan. Great looking car, good luck with it!
  11. You may have better luck just making your own lines.
  12. Glad to hear that your mechanic has found the problem. He sounds very thorough and reliable. Hopefully it was just the one bad bearing and nothing else. Good luck with the next rebuild!
  13. I was using this place for getting ammo, but now I hand load all my ammo and I find my components from here. https://ammoseek.com/reloading/powder
  14. There’s only one bar that fits a car with competition suspension, which is the .875 or the 7/8” one. The .75, 3/4” bar is for cars without competition suspension. Cars without the comp. suspension have both shocks on the same side of the axle.
  15. It’s from Addco. I sent them my original bar and they revised the original one they had. Stanglover got a new revised one also. It really does make my car handle so much better around the corners. And if you haven’t done so already I definitely recommend getting the 1 1/8” front sway bar too. My car drives and handles so much better than before, it’s quite noticeable. Thanks, John
  16. Here’s the latest version of the rear sway bar for our cars.
  17. I’m still all bandaged up, but not in as much pain. I go back to see surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully they can remove some more of the big bandages from me. They are messing up my suntan! Lol. I’m getting better, just a slow process. Thanks for checking on me 1sostatic, I really appreciate it!
  18. Thanks for more well wishes guys. I actually took the Mach out for a drive to make me feel better, and it worked! Best I felt all day.
  19. Thanks for all the kind words guys, very much appreciated! Been hurting pretty bad last couple days after they took out the staples. And getting another prescription for pain meds was a bit of a pain, lol, but I got it taken care of. Anyway, thanks again!
  20. So I had a little accident on the 4th of July. I tripped and fell into a bonfire. 🤬 Was at my sisters house on a lake that they had just moved into early this year. Was by myself at the time, so that made it worse. I was barefoot and I smashed one of my toes into the corner of a brick paver. Got a bum leg from a previous accident, and of course that’s the one I hit. It put me right up against the brick pavers which were knee high and I lost my balance and went right into the fire. My left arm hit on the sharp edge of a piece of firewood and split my forearm wide open. That arm is already mostly paralyzed from the same accident that I broke my leg all up, so I couldn’t push out. Was kinda stuck, couldn’t roll out over the brick pavers so I had to put my right hand into the fire to push up and out. Son of a Bitch! I didn’t know what to do so I went into the lake and sat in there for a few minutes, then made it up to the house which is quite a hike up a hill. Then my sister and brother in law took me to the closest hospital. They couldn’t do anything for me there, so I had to go to the burn unit in Detroit. They rushed me by ambulance to there, but I don’t remember that. Was in the ER for 22 hours waiting to get a bed in a regular room. That was quite a trip in there, wow! Anyway I had surgery the next morning, everything went good and they didn’t have to do any skin grafts! Was in Detroit Receiving Hospital for 4 days and then they sent me home. I have 3rd degree burns on my left arm and a spot on my left side of my back. Then the rest of the burns on my left side are 2nd degree. I also have 2nd degree burns on the palm of my right hand and arm. I think I put my hand on the steel ring that was in the fire pit to help me get out. Was looking forward to finally going to car shows and all the fun that goes along with summer. Not sure how long this will take to heal and will probably always be in pain from it. Just what I needed, more pain.😢 That’s about it I guess, thanks to anyone for taking the time to read through this!
  21. jpaz

    New guy!

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan. 72 gt? Never heard of that before. Let’s see some pics
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