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  1. I have a filter that comes apart and I can clean the screen in it. I did that when I made the new steel line.
  2. Ok I may have been mistaken about the bad gas. I think I had run my fuel line too close to the front of the block. I moved it some, but still had some more vapor lock issues. I have now added a 1/2 phenolic spacer and that raised the fuel line and wow! My engine really likes that after I re-tuned it. I didn’t really hammer it too much, but it is even more responsive than it was. Anyway I’m pretty sure that the fuel percolating is done.
  3. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Very cool that you got to buy it back!
  4. I have them on my car and love em! They work great and look good too. I used some small black binder clips to make sure they stay put.
  5. That’s a bummer Geoff. Not fun being stranded on the side of the road. Glad it was nothing major and a pretty easy fix.
  6. Wow that’s so long I couldn’t read through it. Ever since I put the headlights on a relay the dash lights have been even brighter than just going to the led lights in the dash. No brainer. Then going to the leds for the headlights, dash lights are brighter than ever!
  7. 192 degree thermostat is the correct one for the 351 Cleveland
  8. Unless you live in Phoenix or Vegas for this shit gas we get to evaporate? I live just out of Detroit and it evaporates in a day or two. But it can sit a couple weeks and all I have to do is set the choke, pump it twice and it starts every time.
  9. Thanks so much Geoff! I do have these pics somewhere. But anyway I did run my line very similar to what you did. I do have a/c, so it was pretty difficult to get the bends right. Now after I moved the line out and away from the front of the block, I hopefully won’t have any more problems. I will try to take a few pics, but with the a/c compressor there it’s hard to see. Anyway thanks again!
  10. Looks great and glad to hear that your wife is doing better! Good luck with everything.
  11. Mine doesn’t have the crossover. I am pretty sure that most of my issues are because I had the new steel line too close to the engine. I have moved it away now, so hopefully it will be ok. I had a small fuel leak after I started it up this morning, so I sell gotta fix that. Got the part to do it but I won’t get to drive it till tomorrow. I was looking for the pics of your fuel line but I couldn’t find them. I actually tried to go by what you did, but I did put it way to close to the front of the block.
  12. I don’t have ram air and I am going to see if I do have enough room for a spacer. I thought I had one around here somewhere but can’t find it. I’ll just go to my local parts house and get one. It sure can’t hurt. I’m actually surprised I have never had a problem with this before. Combination of it being 90 degrees and switching to a 192 thermostat must also be a factor.
  13. I have the fuel lines running in the factory positions. The only thing I changed was the fuel pump and line from the pump to the carb, nothing else. I have not had any problems like this till now. I may think about the electric fuel pump, sounds like a good idea.
  14. No spacer. I’ve never had any problems with vapor lock until this summer. I changed the fuel pump cause it was leaking. I then also made a new steel fuel line. I had fuel injection hose going from the pump the carb, never had a problem. But when I put my new pump on I figured I might as well make a new steel fuel line like it should be. I just got done rerouting it, so hopefully that will do it. If not then I may have to put a spacer on, but not sure about clearance. I have a Blue Thunder intake and it kinda tall. Might have enough for a 1/2 phenolic spacer should need be.
  15. So I had more issues yesterday. Car died on the road again after driving around for awhile. And after opening the hood to let it cool down it started. This happened a couple times and I finally made it home. So once back home I started investigating what was going on. I noticed the fuel moving around some inside the fuel bowls. I have clear glass sights and I can see the floats and fuel level. Then I noticed the gas actually percolating in the bowls. Well, dummy me made a new steel fuel line and it must be to close to the front of the block. That’s gotta be what has been giving me issues. I am going to redo it and see if that fixes it. I tried to run it like the stock one, but it must be getting to hot.
  16. Congrats Lux, it’s still looks great!
  17. Hello and Welcome from Michigan!
  18. I replaced my expansion valve but I didn’t get any tape with it. My original valve didn’t have any on it either.
  19. I had that carb too. Nothing but problems and it’s on the shelf now.
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