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  1. 2 hours ago, 72Mach168Cam said:

    Probably just a rhetorical question as I pondered the current state of our restoration.

    Yah, it is looking fantastic. But the path to this point going on 2 years now have had frustrations and disappointments. And deep down inside I am troubled by the fact that to get the car to this point is me paying someone else to do the work. I feel like less of a car guy lately.

    Don’t feel like less of a car guy at all. Your totally a car guy! Sometimes we just can’t do everything we want to. I know from experience, been in multiple life changing accidents. But I’m still here and can do enough stuff to make me happy. Plus I can drive my Mustang! I can’t even drive a 4 speed, safely anyway, but I still love driving my auto. I think you have done way more than most people would to restore your car. Good luck with the rest of the restore!

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  2. 18 hours ago, Fredensborg said:

    On the Addco website there is a .875 bar for $213.57 and there is a .75 for $145.00 which one did you order?

    There’s only one bar that fits a car with competition suspension, which is the .875 or the 7/8” one. The .75, 3/4” bar is for cars without competition suspension. Cars without the comp. suspension have both shocks on the same side of the axle.

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Fredensborg said:

    Wow your undercarriage is incredibly clean!! I didn't see sway bars on the Eaton website, where did you get yours from? I might as well order that too since I'm going to be working back there.

    It’s from Addco. I sent them my original bar and they revised the original one they had. Stanglover got a new revised one also.

    It really does make my car handle so much better around the corners. And if you haven’t done so already I definitely recommend getting the 1 1/8” front sway bar too. My car drives and handles so much better than before, it’s quite noticeable. 
    Thanks, John 

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  4. I’m still all bandaged up, but not in as much pain. I go back to see surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully they can remove some more of the big bandages from me. They are messing up my suntan! Lol. I’m getting better, just a slow process. 
    Thanks for checking on me 1sostatic, I really appreciate it!


  5. Thanks for all the kind words guys, very much appreciated! Been hurting pretty bad last couple days after they took out the staples. And getting another prescription for pain meds was a bit of a pain, lol, but I got it taken care of. Anyway, thanks again!

  6. I have a carpet that is supposed to be for our year cars. I also use a folding chair to hold my tool box and first aid kit in. I always try to wedge whatever I put in the against each other to help keep stuff flying around. No filler piece on the ends either, but I’m sure you could make something easily for there if you wanted. And when I take my car to the golf course I just turn the chair sideways and push it forward. Then I can get my clubs in and everything stays put pretty good. I don’t bother carrying a spare tire when I’m close to home. If I was traveling far away, then I would want a spare. But I pretty much hang around town.





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