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  1. 1 7/8” from the front of the leading edge of the trim. This has been discussed many, many times on this site. There’s no absolutely exact measurement cause the factory did them by hand on the line. Here’s a pic of my hood and I’m sure the other members on here will give you measurements and more pics. Pretty much 6” at the front it by the hood edge, and about 5 1/2” towards the back. 1/2” in between the lines.
  2. Looks great and as long as there’s no runs, you won’t have anything to worry about. Love the color too.
  3. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Nice looking car. Hopefully it won’t give you any problems and you can just have fun with it! Congrats.
  4. Hello and Welcome from Michigan! Good luck with it and hope you and your son have fun getting it back on the road.
  5. I’ve had this happen to me before. It wasn’t in a car but when I was snowmobiling. Got a tank full of old anti freeze and oil. Cars and trucks got it too. I was actually the lucky one cause I only got 10 gallons in my sled, was easier to get running again vs a car or truck. They were dying on the side of the road in the dead of winter. We were able to get back to the station pretty easy and drained the fuel out, pulled the cards off and cleaned them out and got it running again.
  6. I always get fuel at this same station. If they were filling the tanks when I pulled in, I would have of course left. I have got it running again, but like you said you didn’t bother to read the previous posts.
  7. I’m so lucky to live where I do. This is where most of our cars were made. I know some of the guys that worked on the assembly lines from back then. After talking to my neighbor and his brother, we are pretty sure he installed the wiring harnesses I my car. He worked on that line that year he said for sure. Small world, but I do live around here, which used to be known as the motor city. All my family has been involved with the automotive industry in one way or another.
  8. I know John J and Manny that are members on here. I’m sure they would be in too.
  9. I live in lower southeastern Michigan. I’m about 25-30 miles northeast of Detroit. I’m in for a meet up. I’m actually about 3-4 miles up from the original Packard plant was, and is still there. It’s a historical landmark.
  10. I started my car today, no problems. I went and got 5 gallons of premium gas from a different station and some dry gas. Put that in and it started and ran fine. I didn’t drive it though, I had some some other things to do. I backed it out of the garage and did a little brake torque to put some load on the engine. It seems ok. I put 5 gallons of the gas I drained out of the tank and put it in my truck. It ran fine, so I guess I’ll have to remember this one. Or, maybe I just imagined the whole thing, lol.
  11. No, not e-85 it’s a separate pump. I always go to this station. If I would have went to a different station, then ya for sure I could have done that.
  12. Thanks again for the reply and your right, stuff like this is usually something simple. I was surprised that when I did get it running yesterday that there was hardly any unburnt fuel spitting out the tail pipes. Just a little bit like normal till it gets warmed up.
  13. I do try to watch out for the tankers fill the gas stations. There wasn’t one there, but could have been before I was there that day. I got gas from the same me place I always go to. But ya, now after figuring things out I think that’s what happened. Thanks droptop73 I appreciate the reply
  14. Hey 71coup, when this happened I was just cruising along on a flat road. Wasn’t getting on it or anything like that, which instantly made me think it was the gas. I did put a new fuel pump on and made a new steel fuel line from the pump to the carb. I made sure there were no kinks. Drove the car about 100 miles so far with no problems till I got gas.
  15. Thanks guys, ya I put some in a cup and it looked ok. No signs of water or anything else. Must have just got enough water to make it do what it did. Not sure what else it could be. It wasn’t hot out and when I filled the tank up, I didn’t fill it up as much as possible. I really don’t think it was a vapor lock issue, I have never had a problem with that. So.... just enough water I guess.
  16. So I’ve drained out about 10 gallons so far. It is gasoline, but it is a yellow color and I thought premium is usually pinkish. I dumped a little bit on my fire pit and it lit. I then put some in my lawnmower and it runs. After that I decided to take the air cleaner off and check that it was getting fuel and spark. Still had gas in both bowls and I pulled a plug wire and put and old plug in to check for spark. It actually tried to start. I connected the plug wire back to the plug on the engine and set the choke and the damn thing started! Unbelievable, it ran a bit rough but once warmed up it seems fine. I must be in the twilight zone or something! I’m really baffled by this! I didn’t drive it today, buy it started every time I tried today. The front fuel bowl level is a bit high, so I need to lower it yet. But other than that, everything else checks out fine. I am going to get some premium fuel, some dry gas and put in the tank. So anyway, thanks again for all the help guys! Still not sure what the hell happened, wished I would have found something that made sense. If I do, I will let you know.
  17. Ya that’s actually what I figured too. I have a transfer pump around here somewhere. Looks like the fire pit will be getting some fuel!
  18. Great advice, thanks again! No ethanol free 93 octane gas around here though. Best ethanol free around here is only 90 octane, not enough for my engine compression. I need to get some of the gas out of the tank and into a glass jar to examine it. Even if the gas station had put 87 octane in the 93 octane tank, I would think that my engine would still run, but like crap. They also have that E-85 flex fuel at that station too. I might have got some of that, but not sure. But I do know I was putting 93 unleaded in like I always do. I go to a very busy gas station and I know they sell a lot of fuel. That makes me feel confident that it’s relatively fresh and not sitting in their tanks too long.
  19. Ya, it’s getting spark. After it died the first time, it did try to start but wouldn’t keep running. Pretty sure the ignition system is fine. But ya, good idea, I will put some fresh gas from somewhere else and see if it starts. My bet is it will. Don’t really want to drop the tank, so a hose and a drill pump should work. Thanks Kilgon
  20. Thanks for the reply. I did actually call the gas station while I was waiting for the tow truck. The gal I talked to just started for the day and she hadn’t heard of any problems. She told me to talk to customer service and they would reimburse me for my costs. I still need to get some of that gas in my tank out to see what it looks like. I used my credit card so no problems with proof of that. I of course got a receipt from the tow truck driver too.
  21. Took my Mach out for a drive today and had to get it towed back home. It was running great and I have probably driven it about 100 miles so far this year. Stopped and got gas where I usually do, filled it with 93 octane. Got about 1/8 -1/4 mile up the road and it started chugging and it just died. Was able to coast in to a side street and stopped the car. I was about a 1/2 from my street too. My first thought was damn it, I just got bad gas or the new fuel pump I put on went bad already. I tried to start it, it started but died immediately. Tried again but it wouldn’t start, so I called a tow truck. Got it home and in my garage with no problems. I took the air cleaner lid off and the squirters are shooting gas into the carb like normal. The new fuel pump is working so now I need to drain 25 gallons of whatever’s in my tank. I will have to mess around with it on Monday, got plans for tomorrow. What’s the easiest way to drain the tank? This sure has been a PITA so far!
  22. Never heard of this intake being developed for the Pantera. It is set up for a 351c in cars like Mustangs and others. I do remember measuring the carb base height for fitting it under the hood with the carb I’m using. I can’t remember the exact measurements, but it fits with no problems. I wasn’t really to worried about adding the ram air kit as my car would not have been made that way cause it’s a Q code. I’m pretty sure it would fit though. My engine really runs strong with this intake. Very happy with it!
  23. The Edelbrock Performer is nothing more than a stock aluminum replacement for the factory cast iron one. The Air Gap is a great way for a noticeable hp gain. The Blue Thunder is also a great intake too. I went with the Blue Thunder because it looked more factory than the Air Gap. And the BT is very similar to the aluminum one Ford used on the B351 in 71. I am very happy with the BT! Installed myself with my disabled left arm. Pretty much an instant 25 ish horsepower gain. I’ve even seen guys paint them to match engine and looks very factory. It’s a beautiful intake!
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