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  1. Hey thanks for the video Big Red Mach 1, I really appreciate it! I will definitely check that out.
  2. I didn’t see the discount code spot available the other day either. I just went ahead and ordered anyway.
  3. Hello and Welcome from Michigan! Nice looking car.
  4. When labeling the small parts, put a tag in the bags, don’t write on the bags cause the writing comes off.
  5. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great car!
  6. Ya that’s why I got the Carter since Stanglover already had a Delphi. We’ll have to see. I don’t know what fuel pump is on my car that failed. It was new when I got the car, so it’s probably from 2013 or so.
  7. Kinda funny but a few days after I read this post my fuel pump started leaking. I started my car yesterday and backed it out of the garage to let it warm up a bit. Went back in to turn the lights off and then I noticed that I had a pretty good leak coming from under the front engine area. Thought at first it might be radiator fluid cause I recently changed the thermostat. So I got under the car with the engine still running and I saw it coming from the fuel pump. Definitely gas, not rad fluid and I was even able to see it seeping from the fuel pump housing. So I just ordered a Carter from Rockauto. Nothing fancy, it was 16 bucks and I hope it works like it’s supposed to.
  8. Good luck with your new carb! Sure hope it’s good to go now.
  9. Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great car and looks really nice!
  10. Yes and if you need a spot for the pcv, you can use that port.
  11. You can definitely run it to the vacuum tree or the back port on the carb. Either one is fine.
  12. Wow Chuck, that’s sweet! Wish I could have done the 408 stroker, but I had to go to a .040 overbore, so I was concerned about pushing my luck with that.
  13. Thanks to SteveO_71 for recommending The Horn Works. After testing mine and they were for sure not working, I sent them to The Horn Works to get rebuilt. It took about 3 weeks to get them back, but they showed up yesterday and I installed them today. And guess what? The horns work! Lol. I also got a horn relay kit from Rocketman to go with the newly rebuilt horns. They sound great and are quite loud. They are supposed to be louder than stock, but I can’t really say for sure since my horns never really worked well since I got the car. But anyway, I am very happy so far. I just need to tidy up some of the wiring and go for a drive. I’m sure it won’t be too long till I get to use them with all the idiot drivers out there! Here’s a couple pics of them after being rebuilt.
  14. You have a beautiful car! I really like the white and black on these cars.
  15. Hey Geoff, I have an extra sticker. Just shoot me a pm with your address and it’s yours. I’ll gladly take care of the postage, shouldn’t be too much to send it in an envelope.
  16. Glad to see your new horsey made it to you safely! Looks very nice 👍
  17. I have one on my 72 Q code and love it! My engine has been rebuilt and is not stock. It works very well with my combo. I have a Crower cam and hydraulic lifters, 71 closed chamber heads with stainless steel valves, Crane Gold aluminum roller rockers, flat top 10.3:1 forged pistons, stock rods and crank and a Quick Fuel HR 735 vacuum secondary carb. I have Hooker headers with h pipe and turbo mufflers. It’s all connected to a c6 trans with a Trans Go shift kit and a Truetrac posi with 3.50 gears. It runs very good, spins the tires very easily and I am very happy with it. I actually could use some wider rear tires, I only have P235’s on it now. Here’s a couple pics of it. If there’s anything else you need to know, feel free to ask.
  18. jpaz

    New guy

    Hello and Welcome from Michigan.
  19. Wow sure hate to see that. Glad your wife is ok.
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