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  1. Hi, welcome from Southeast Michigan.... you will love this site. There is so much valuable info.
  2. jpaz


    That's cool Brett, Thank's....except what is that in the background? Looks like an AMC Pacer wagon? Kind of funny
  3. Thank you all for the help. Rocketfoot said he could do it for me. Thank's again & I am really liking this site. So glad I joined. Hope someday I can help someone out.
  4. Ray, thank's but mine doesn't have that option. It has everything but "change username". No big deal but I put my full name in by mistake.
  5. I was an expert w/M-16 in the 82nd Airborne. I have an AR-15, a 30/30 & a .40 cal. I would like one
  6. Nice ride, it definitely deserves the win!
  7. Hi MeanMachine, another hello from Michigan. HNY!
  8. John, I think I still have $4 gas in my Mach. I'm sure by spring it will be back up there again, right?. I'm watching the game right now, Go State!
  9. I have a 4300D Spreadbore w/factory cast iron intake on my 72 Q code Mach 1. As far as I know the 4300D is a 715cfm carb.
  10. Very nice car Ray! I was looking for one of these too.
  11. Ya, I thought the vin was pretty cool too. Your Vin ends w/00 & mine is 000, right? Anyway, they are both cool!
  12. Thank's guys, can't wait to get to drive it again.
  13. jpaz


    Hi this is John I'm new to the site. Been checking it out for awhile, looks cool. I got my Mach 1 back in May and have loved every minute of it. Its been restored to pretty much stock except for a mild cam. I've had a few muscle cars before, but never a Mustang. I found this one and like I said I love it. Will be going to more car shows again! Thank you all
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