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    Bought it in 1986. Base model convertible with a 302 3spd.


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  1. That’s one heck of an addiction to have… Very nice find!
  2. On the positive side you can now fill that convertible void you have….
  3. Welcome from Illinois! Great looking car!
  4. Welcome from Illinois! Great back story - glad you’re spending time and enjoying it now.
  5. That looks fantastic. Every time I see your car, I can’t help thinking that’s what I want my car to look like. Having the same 71 white standard interior I watched as you handled so many of the same interior issues I’ve had…but your results are the ones I need to reach.
  6. Welcome from Illinois!
  7. Welcome from Illinois! That is a great backstory to your car, and your friend. The advice you’ve received by the others before me are all good and I’ll just add two more. 1. Take a lot of pictures of everything - it’ll help you in the future and because as said before, we like pics! 2. DO NOT throw ANYTHING away. There are considerable amounts of parts being reproduced, but there is an even greater number that are not. Read through some build threads and you’ll understand. Our friends outside the US understand this sometimes better than we do here. Just take your time, get it drivable, and make your plans on what you want to fix or get done next. Enjoy your Mustang!
  8. I may be interested as well - have to admit I really do like my grey one with the logo on it.
  9. That’s some nice work there - both the metal and pancakes look great!
  10. Talk about flashbacks…. I grew up not far from J.C. Whitney and actually went there several times for parts for my ‘36 Olds. Back then they were Warshawskiy’s. Same catalogue, and stuff just different name. By the time they changed names they moved away from mostly replacement parts to those parts in the Whitney catalog. Sure they had a lot of the ‘cool’ stuff from their catalog but their parts department was able to supply me with a head gasket for my flat head six, and rebuilding kits for my wheel and master cylinders and a few other things. Fantastic place in probably the same building that they started the business in. Parts counter lined with huge reference books that they guys didn’t even look at and knew the cars like they were new models and a not 40+ car. Don’t think there wasn’t anything you could get parts for at Warshawsky’s. And yes the ‘36 is still in the garage next to my 71 vert.
  11. LOL…your last post brought back memories - squeeze in some garage time with my Mustang, then family time somewhere in the Dells for several days, then back to the garage. Definitely been there and done that. Enjoy!
  12. Welcome from Illinois!
  13. Welcome from Illinois! Great looking car.
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