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  1. Looks great. It did however get me concerned as I hit the back bowser button and went wth... tried to figure out what I did to my iPad then saw your post lol!
  2. Welcome from Illinois!
  3. Welcome from Illinois and another vert owner!
  4. David, I’m glad you’re doing well. And do try to take it easy for a few days - just like your dog, the car will be waiting for you.
  5. Welcome from Illinois! Great story and great looking car.
  6. Welcome from Illinois! Great looking convertible!
  7. Welcome from Illinois! Very nice ride and I like the color!
  8. Welcome from Illinois!
  9. Not to get to far of topic ..I used to run aircraft landing lights in place of the high beams on my 69 Mach lol! It made my point on occasion with those same drivers and were very handy driving well above the posted speed limit in the dark on rural highways.
  10. Rich I know I’m not the only one who’d love to see that 70 Mach. Theres a 70 Calypso Coral March 1 near where my son lives - been there awhile and it’s killing me sitting outside....
  11. 71 gbvert


    Welcome from Illinois! And yes please we do love pics!
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