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  1. Welcome from Illinois! I do like the color of your car.
  2. Welcome from Illinois! It’s always great to see another vert here - I’m glad you kept it and plan on driving it.
  3. Welcome from Illinois! That is a very nice car!
  4. Use a convertible top switch knob. I believe this video was from a member on here. I’d contact Don at OMS for the switch.
  5. This is like de ja vu for me looking at your recent pics. Not very many Grabber Blue 71 convertibles out there. As my friend who painted it said: “you won’t lose this in a parking lot.”
  6. Very cool stories! We have a similar place outside of Chicago where they moved CP1 the first nuclear reactor that they built at the university of Chicago. The government bought 1000+ acres in the middle of a very wooded, hilly and secluded area. They moved the reactor there, experimented, and built a 2nd reactor. They called the area Argonne and then kept that name when they moved to another area and built Argonne National Lab. The best part is that you can go there today and walk the trails back to where it was deep in the woods. There are some stone markers to indicate what was once there
  7. Welcome from Illinois! Very nice car!
  8. Welcome from Illinois. Very nice looking vert you got there. Always nice to see another on here.
  9. Welcome from Illinois! Very nice looking Mach - love column mounted tacs! Your fox body looks like some serious fun.
  10. Welcome from Illinois! Very nice ride and even better since you’ve had it from day 1!
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