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  1. The trick for the explorers is you get two, use both driver sides, then weld it back together. Its a lot easier than modifying your floor. Or get a rear end from a mid 90s mustang. They have the non ofset 8.8 with good gears, limited slip, and disk brakes in one shot for $300. I found my tag and its a 28 spline open housing with 3.00 gearing. I havnt decided what I'm doing for a rear end yet.
  2. I want the disk brakes for over all stopping power. And I haven't decided on the rear end yet. My brother is an awsome mechanic/fabricator and he told me to look into them for them. I don't know what my rear end is set up is, I havnt pulled it yet and I believe my tag is gone. I'm jacking it up to get ready and replace my quarter panel skin tomorrow so I will be able to give it a good look. On a side note my brother pulled a v8 out of an old Tbird and was able to hook it up in his buggy tranny. He has since swapped it out for a motor out of a ford focus and turbocharged it. He is smart when it comes to that stuff. I also havnt looked into aftermarket drums yet.
  3. Hey guys So I am working on setting up the engine and drive train for my 71 mach 1. I am going to put in a 71 M code 351C. Its been bored .030 and I plan on leaving it there, just a light honing to clean it up. I plan on putting in a mid performance can, either a 650 or 750 edelbrock carb, and some nice headers. I dont plan on making this a High Performance motor. First question is will my C4 tranny be enough or should I go with a C6.I am going to rebuild it so I can upgrade some parts. Second, what is the best 8.8 rear end to swap. I haven't found anything for our mustangs. All the articles are for 68 or older. Mine has a 8 inch but I want to switch over to disk brakes. I can get a 8.8 from a 98 mustang GT for $300. Includes brakes and a 1 year warranty. I believe they measure at 60.8 inches.
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    Hello my name is Josh. I have a 1971 Mach 1 project that I recently bought from a coworker and here is the history so far. I bought it for 6k and was told it had the original 302 that was rebuilt and a rebuilt C4. Also was told minimal bodywork had been done. I knew there was some rust in the driver quarter and wheel well. I yanked the motor and found out its a 289 with 302 heads. The cylinders were shot so I picked up a Mcode 351 Cleveland to rebuild. I got some money back from my coworker too. I also ended up finding a ton of rust in the driver quarter so I am replacing the skin and fender well in a week or two. I plan on doing a complete restore and hopefully will have it Show ready by summer.so
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