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  1. There are always those special people that do not follow Ford manuals and never have an issue. I have original cars with original rubber and they split if you do not block the arms. There is a parts house here that closed in the 80's and has lots of original NOS parts. Rubber is rubber if you compress it to nothing it splits. Your front springs must be shot if they did not split. Never designed to have spring pressure on them only shock pressure which is nothing compared to the springs.
  2. You do not need to compress the gasket much just seal up the opening. This is with DC seals.
  3. I have two 1973 Power Window cars a Mach 1 and a Grande. I think there is an outline on the back side for the controls on the door panel. Will look tomorrow. The blue Grande was an Arizona car so interior was toasted, lol. The Ginger is original in N.C. not so much sun. The repo Ginger that I have seen do not look right all splotchy not like originals.
  4. My name is David at CMM. I have full length consoles and one short. I normally put on E-bay and let market decide the price. Can be from $500 to $600 depends on the buyers.
  5. There should be the brake light and if you had rear window defogger the light to show it is on and the switch also. Not a great pic but you can see the switch, warning lights to the left of the light switch. The warning light for rear window defogger is maybe 3/8" not as big as yours.
  6. This is an original tail light panel. I put a bead of the 3-M strip caulk around the inside to help keep water out of the crack. I do not wash with running water but might get caught in rain. I would never use the old Ford gaskets they are junk as you can see by all the rusty tail light panels. Daniel Carpenter makes a much better gasket. NPD and all the parts houses sell them. He does not sale direct except in his Ebay store. The Ford seals were big sponges the held water and thus rusted out the tail light panel.
  7. Welcome to the forum. When you put the head gaskets on be sure you put FRONT to front the logos on the gaskets mean nothing. If you put on wrong will have heat issues. Need to see the door sticker or VIN#. Grill is a sportsroof not Mach 1. Little difference. Mach 1 was an appearance package not performance.
  8. I struggled some but got the brake shoe grinder and roll around table cleaned up and painted. Looks like new. The table has space for the brake lathe also but does not have the up top rear rack for the adapters so going to leave them on two tables. Can use the open space for work area also. I am missing one of the key pieces looks like. There is a rod that goes into a hole in the casting in the yellow part that swings the arch. That sets the top end of the shoe like the pin on the backing plate does. Will see if someone will loan me theirs to copy it and make on. Ammco does not service the g
  9. I am an original owner of a 73 Mach 1 and the first week I owned it I added a booster coil spring on the rear shocks. The came new sitting low in the rear that is normal. The Osborne chassis assembly manual does give the Ford spec for ride height and is not measured to the body but to the chassis. I cannot locate my copy to give you a number. Leaf springs do not really wear out. If you have a spring shop where you live they can re arch them and will be same as new. Coil springs cannot be reworked if they have dropped. If you go with gas filled shocks you will diffidently feel bumps way more
  10. I see lots complain about the rubber is not good but like stated every Ford service manual tells you to block the upper control arm when picking the car up so the spring does not crush the rubber. I got new ones at a local auto supply also. I just keep blocks of wood at my 2 post lift to place between the upper control arm and the frame rail.
  11. I have heard of two or more invoices before but not in this situation. The only located 1971 Boss 302 had I think three different ones. Also had multiple door stickers. You might see if you see evidence of multiple door stickers on your car. The first 50 Boss 429 cars, that are considered prototypes, all had two invoices one as a 428 and one as a Boss 429 local guy here has one of them. I had a friend that swears the Ford built her dad a Boss convertible. He was the General Manager at the engine plant for Ford. She passed away was going to try to find a picture of it. Have you tried to con
  12. WOW, looks like it burned until the fire went out nothing left. You would not even get a VIN# sure it melted in the dash. Just fender #'s if never changed. I have bought two insurance cars in past both came out as great deals. This crashed 72 Vert actually came with a clear non salvage title because the insurance company never took ownership of the car. Just to see how their delivery cost would be I put in my zip code and it said they could not deliver it, lol.
  13. Midlife, Are those parking lights not for a 73? Isn't 72 smaller socket? Been a while since I looked at a 72.
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