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  1. Somewhat concerned. I hurt my back trying to set a door on the rotisserie the other day so no jack. I pulled something did nothing for several days and today my legs getting numb. Texted Dr. he thinks I screwed back up really bad. Lots of will just no way.
  2. Humm I have a 1984 20th. Anniversary Mustang and they had Wimbledon white it never looked yellow?? Of course I cannot see the number in the mixed up eye charts either.
  3. I will put my suggestions after your questions. 1) Blower Motor - under the dash it squeals when running. I have a spare but have the following questions. a) Can the blower motor bearings be lubed in the car? Will it last? The bearings in the motor are the cast type that are self lubing. So no way to really lube them. b) With the spare I have it is an original. Should I buy a new one, have it rebuilt, other? Buy new. 2) Speedo cable. I have a bounce when it does work, but it works inconsistently. Most people put the wrong lube on the speedo cable. You only
  4. Do you hammer your welds before you grind them? In a difficult place for sure you cannot get to the inside probably. They to make shrinking body hammers if it is an oil can situation that pops in and out. You might go online and look at some video on heat shrinking the metal back. We have lots of places here that do the hail damage repair and they have the tools to get into the tight places. You might look for one there. They call it paintless repair here sometimes.
  5. Wish I had kept the pics of a convertible that sold for $8,000 here. It was a 1964 1/2 K code 4 speed sold originally in Charlotte. It also left the dealership with a Towne Top removable hard top. It did not have engine or transmission and was eaten up with rust. I was interested in the Towne Top but was a basket case also. He did sell it to someone.
  6. We made the aluminum grills for all of the Ford vehicles where I worked. We had what we called the attic. Had sample parts for every part we made way back into the early 60's. I walked out in the plant one day and they were tossing the parts out of the attic into a scrap hopper. I went to the presidents office to see if I could get them and he said not had to be crushed. There were hundreds probably thousands of NOS trim pieces that went to the crusher that day. I scrapped the tooling for the 66 chevelle grills in the 90's. The EPA killed the aluminum trim due to the anodize being so bad. The
  7. I was told by Harrah's car museum in Reno that if you had and engine with VIN# stamped and someone came in with the title they could take it, lol. I was trying to sell them a Kaiser Darrin back in the 70's when they were still open. They would not buy a non matching numbers car..... A guy here that got a great deal on a prototype Boss 429 because it was not numbers matching. Couple years after he got the car he got a call. Someone had went to the Boss register and looked him up. He had his original engine. Which he bought back and shot the price of his car way up in price. He said back whe
  8. I do not have the colors but where I go to get colors to match is women's finger nail polish, lol. I have used some model car paints for dabs also. Driveshaft had colored rings brushed on while rotating. I am sure someone will have info.
  9. Just a note on the overbore. The 73 vert I bought from a professional racer in California had sat for 25 years in his garage. I quizzed him on why he never drove it and his excuse was he lived in California and had his pit crew build the engine and he took to his summer home in Reno Nevada and it just sat there. The car started and was driven onto hauler and I started and drove a couple miles home. Brakes were just barely there. It sat two more years while I built shop and did other stuff. When I got it going I drove to a show the next day and temp got almost to the H. I had put 195 Clevelan
  10. When I picked up my 1973 Q code 4 speed Mach 1 I left the dealership drove about 1 1/2 miles to the interstate and opened it up. It would not get to the 120 mark so I drive right back to the dealer. I went in and complained, lol. The service manager in the shop knew I was tough on my cars he saw me at the parts counter a lot. He suggested to the manager that they put in a kit Ford had that eliminated the vacuum advance. It was all mechanical. They set me a date to come in after the parts came in and they made the change. Had to have new shaft with different cam and breaker plate. You cut the a
  11. I don't think I have a flat rate manual for this new. Dealers have a manual that gives them a flat rate to quote for all jobs. Someone here might have one. It is probably a toss up on removing engine or removing grill to get the cam out and in. You should put in new bearings so I believe I would pull the engine. Be certain the shop understands the importance of the depth you press in the front cam bearing. Too deep and you loose oiling to bearings. Too shallow and you will eat the gear up on cam and distributor and not get enough oil there. They need to check manual for exact step my memory ce
  12. Welcome from North Carolina. I can't imagine switching one over to R.H. drive. My son got a job at BMW because he had driven RHD and manual while we were in Africa. Turn signals are hard to get use to on opposite side of the column. You turn the wipers on a lot to start.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Looks pretty solid. If you are going to be doing any panel replacement I always suggest you take any project car to you local frame shop and have the chassis put to zero. Will make your panel fits much easier and better. They do bend easily.
  14. I guess I am too much of a purist. They screwed that car up totally. Looks like a pimp mobile. Everything is pretty much wrong. No pic with top up and no engine pictures and huge price. Wheels like that just do nothing for me.
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