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  1. Well finally got to Dr. yesterday my general family Dr.. Just like I figured have to get in line for the next Dr.. He thinks I have torn rota-tor cuff in my shoulder along with the crushed disc. I would have gone to ER on Friday but afraid I would not make it there. Even taking oxicondone the pain is crazy at times.
    I am beginning to think I will never make the Penn. show unless I can find someone to ride along. I did get a generous offer from one of our members, Rich Ackermann that he and a friend would help to unload and load at the show which is very generous. Just getting down under the car and doing the straps is killer on my neck and shoulder. I have never unloaded from the PITS show.
    So I get in line for two surgeries looks like. It kills me to go to the shop and see the Q vert on the rotisserie so close to being ready for color and cannot do the motion of sanding.
    Can't mow the grass a foot tall and can't plant garden, sucks.


    1. timachone


      That sucks, David... I am with you and hope, you recover soon! 

      Take care of you!

    2. RC92234


      If you haven't had an MRI yet, get one, then make your decisions.  I had a similar injury and went the physical therapy route instead; jury is still out.  Better?  Definitely.  Better-enough?  Still working through it.  Good luck!

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