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  1. Looks like someone drove by feel, those were so chewed up edges. Looking good.
  2. Did you get the screws? If not I have two 1973 mustangs with P.W. I can get you the screws I know. I think same one that is in the center caps on the forged aluminum wheels. I just get SS and never have to worry about rust. Let me know I am sure I get the in a day or so local. They are for sure not a sheet metal screw but a cut thread.
  3. When I use to travel to the tool & die shops all over the U.S. I use to go to Indianapolis I think was the location. Anyway one of the unique things was there was an indoor junkyard just down from the shop. It was in an old Studebaker assembly plant, multiple floors. You could pull parts in any weather and kept them all clean and not weeds of mud. The dream of our CEO at one company I worked for was to have an indoor junkyard. He traveled to South America to pick up some of Fords he wanted. They still made Model T and Model A parts in S.A. in the 80's. He would bring them back.
  4. I do not see how that would help and how would it even do anything. Depending on which way it pivots either spreads the frame or pulls together. Not like a panhard bar to just keep it centered. If you are doing things like that the exhaust should not be a concern. It will be out the side in front of the tires never out the back. Looks like someone like I have stated before building a car for 1% of their use and kill 99% or your ride.
  5. I would just suggest that you not build your car for 1% or your use. If you run track days and autocross weekly then go all out. If not you will hate the harsh ride for the 99% of the time in the car.
  6. Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Like you I have way too many projects and will never finish them all.
  7. I worked on the first BMW sports activity vehicle built in SC X-5. If you get under one or pull the carpet out look on the tunnel above the transmission where it connects to firewall. You see some beads in the metal not an uncommon thing to take up loose metal or strengthen some. What is to be noted about this one is the Peter Wimmer the designer for the front floor put his initials in the hump and BMW never noticed it. He sort of combined the two letters together. I do not have a pic. So Peter has his initials on every BMW X-5 built.
  8. A little info on how the rich screw the little guys on taxes. Most rich people never get a tag for their car so they never pay taxes on the car. They simple have a dealership license and when they want to drive the car they put a transporter tag on them and go. I have not paid taxes on my 73 Mach 1 since 1982 I have not had a tag since then so no taxes. When you get a tag in NC you have to pay the property taxes so never get a tag no taxes. One of my neighbors was the guy that had one of every corvette made in black. He paid zero property taxes on them, worth millions. Right across the road th
  9. I will answer each one below your answer. SportsRoof body style with unique "05" VIN code & "63R" body code on door tag You could get a sportsroof not unique to Mach 1. Color-keyed urethane front "spoiler" bumper & front fender and hood trim Urethane bumper was offered on other models not just Mach 1. Honeycomb grille in black w/sportlamps Honeycomb grill was on decor group or spring special. What makes the Mach 1 go faster from a grill? Argent or black "Mach 1 – MUSTANG" decals on fenders I stated you got Mach 1 on fender does not add pe
  10. All of the items you stated can be had with other models. The Decor group gets the Mach 1 grill. The spring specials got most of them do your research go to the I will bet you any amount you want I am right Mach 1 was nothing but appearance. You could get all options that a Mach 1 could except what I listed. Oh BTW use the Ford info not second hand info The Ford Fact Books are on the site. I lived the cars ordered mine from the ford facts book.
  11. There is only a front splash shield that keeps trash from piling up in the front of fender and a rear that keeps trash from piling up on the torque box. Ford sprayed a small half ass amount of undercoat in the middle above the tires. To protect you should put a heavy coat on with the fender off and the put on. There are not full inner fender shields like other cars.
  12. Hey it will have rpm limiter to save engine up to you to keep it out of the wall. Life is too short not to share all we can and enjoy our cars. It will have a butt hole sensor for air bag deploy, lol.
  13. Oh I hope Sally gets a great report will be so exciting and will relive so much of your stress. Keep pushing on you cannot give up ever no matter what the Dr. says.
  14. My son rode in the 1950 to shows. We drove it 100 miles on July 4 th. to a show. He kept saying the engine had quit because there is no vibration and not a sound. I would let the clutch out and drive off. He has no interest. If I pass it will go to a nephew that use to sit on the cowl when I worked on one of my other 1950 Fords. He learned a lot. I just think this car is unusual how many cars do you know have 16,000 miles and never had and exhaust system or tires or hoses in 70 years? I might contact Henry Ford Museum but Ford has never been big on keeping cars.
  15. I did not comment on items I saw that were not right so will not comment now I am building a pretty rare 72 Q vert and will also deviate from stock because I value safety over MCA rules. It will have a roll bar system that Ford did not offer. I will use correct colors and finishes on all the brackets cost no more to be correct. But I would not give you $.10 for a MCA trophy. If you made a Mustang like Ford did you would be hard pressed to do the paint as bad as they did. You would have to add runs, lots of orange peel and dents all over. Why do they not deduct for not having those in your rest
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