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  1. Since my neck / back kills me no matter what I do went back to shop and started cleaning up some of the window regulator stuff. Cleaned the fossilized white grease out of one of the rear guide plates. Cleaned up the guide rod and guide for R.H. door. About the time I finished cleaning the manual window crank and regulator I realized I was not going to use them, lol. So couple hours wasted. I am going to switch to the PW set up I got out of one of my parts cars. So I will find that box tomorrow and put the manual stuff in the loft. I sat outside it was 68 deg. F. here in the mountains of N.C..
  2. Yes will go in the Grande for track days car. The rated torque is 330 but I do not have funds to go buy the really HD transmission. Have broke toploader with stock engine so they are for sure not bullet proof. Tracks are not nowhere near as sticky as a drag strip is today. Will see how back surgery goes might not do anything.
  3. If you get a viscus drive clutch fan no issue. The fan is driven by resistance of liquid silicone inside the clutch fan. Not like a flex fan that is solid. Flex fans will slip belt i doubt a clutch fan will.
  4. I have shipped quarter panels for 1950 Ford built a wood crate and foam around. Heads I would just make a box with couple layers of card board around head. Fastenal the fastener company ships heavy stuff and also the bus companies do. If you build a crate after screwed together put metal band around to keep together. Do not try to nail together will not work. I am probably going to get couple sets of Australian heads shipped over soon. When I do my track car want to be able to run on dyno with Ausi heads and also 70 CC 4-V heads to end the discussion of what is best. Ship two sets sell one t
  5. Watch this vintage race a little 289 kicks ass and takes names at Daytona for sure. Lots of German cars just cannot stick with him. Screamer for sure. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/race/historic/2017/1/video-how-to-go-from-25th-to-1st-in-a-mustang/?fbclid=IwAR2Fb67zoYo1loQuW3R9ypvgeIVBgv9j0b0B9CYHXskJVcy2f6_N9ogd-oM
  6. I have heard that you do not want staggered shocks on a track car. For sure not an expert but I heard from Kenny Brown who is an expert, lol. Great work you never know until you try. I know we made some different angled shim blocks to quickly change the rear pinion angle back when I worked in race shop for one of our clients. You try everything for sure.
  7. I took to a motor today and the top bolts look right I did not pull the old Cleveland housing off. His car had a 302 because it was for sale also and he said a 1996 here is the tag on transmission and some other pics. Everything looks to be new. I was wrong was a 1995 says 5.0 on bell housing.
  8. If that is the box you bought from me that did not have tilt I do not think. I have the coupler will check tomorrow I think it was just fixed column.
  9. I never went overboard. I do have several of the Pioneer laser disc players. In home and garage. These are the discs that did not have the data compressed so they are like the size of an LP.. I have probably 700 movies and also rock concerts. One of my favorites it Pulse by of course Pink Floyd. I make the garage vibrate. Have couple sets of huge speakers 8' off the floor in the garage. My Pioneer surround sound went out in home. My mom use to crank that thing up I came in once and the pictures on the walls were rattling she loved loud music, lol. I bought an overhead projector for the garage
  10. Remember that 1971 was only year that black was an option. In 72 & 73 you could get but was a Special Order for paint and trim and cost $86.00 more. I do have a black 73 Special Paint vert. They will have a six digit DSO code and no paint code on the door sticker. Here is Marti for mine. They also had argent front bumper and fillers in front of the rear bumper in 73. For 72 they had chrome bumpers even on a Mach 1 if special paint.
  11. Welcome to the real world of mustang repair. They are made of pieces and bolts and nuts just get in there and do it. I am sure someone can answer about any question you might have. I have two 73 verts one still has original paint.
  12. Hey garage is easy. I paid them to erect mine 4,000 sq. ft. I paid I think $3.08 a sq. ft. to erect it. His record is 4 days. Mine had 6" insulation all around so he charges more a pain to run the screws and keep insulation straight. That was with 11 window frames to install, 3 personal entry doors and two garage door frames. Heck they had all the red iron frame up, squared, and tension cables installed in one day. When I worked construction me two carpenters and my boss could start with concrete block foundation and have a roof on house in max of 3 days. 1800 - 2000 sq. ft. Building buildin
  13. WOW it was 66 deg. F. here today. My spring flowers are all up and about to bloom. I did go to garage and sit and sand a NOS front tag bracket for the Q vert. Got it painted Slop Gray so another bolt on piece ready. Also looked at the T-5 five speed I bought on Sunday. The clutch measures 10.5" and looks to be about new. Flywheel also looks new. The Hurst shifter also looks new. Since I have never put one of these behind a 351 C need to verify what all I need. The flywheel has 157 teeth. The bell housing is right at 7 5/8" deep. So I guess my questions would be is the flywheel good to go f
  14. I think the fox body guys actually put them on the inside and have to cut through the seat risers to install. I killed my back the day before I was going to order the tubing and bender to make them. Maybe if the surgery works I can still do it. Was also going to come out to the rocker pinch welds and all what the Trans Am guys call a jack pad. It locks in all together that way and takes some of the twist out. They had a vintage trans am race the other day but my TV tied and probably will not even buy another nothing on bu junk anyway. On some of the Holman Moody built road race cars the
  15. I was wondering how the radiator was going to fit with the 2" drop in the front. Lots of changes for sure. If you do have heat issues they are making what is called a triple flow radiator. They use in NASCAR and Trans Am also. The water crosses back and forth three times before it goes back in the engine. They are running 24 to 30 lbs. pressure caps also.
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