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  1. Just one bar on RH side for vert and coupe. You can take a LH from a Cougar and add if you have a spoiler to keep lid up. I sold the two that I had to members. There is a safe way to put the torsion bars in without any danger. I did a write up years back on here.
  2. Here is a picture of the Factory Invoice that was suggest you get along with the Marti report. The invoice is $25.00 I think and there is only one per car. You can see at the top what was included with the Mach 1 option which was actually an appearance package. You have to buy options to get performance. There is a new copy of the door sticker on the invoice also I forget what they cost.
  3. You might be surprised and locate the car. A local guy here purchased a Boss 429 one of the first 50 that had two build sheets one with 428 and one with Boss 429. He got a pretty good deal on it due the engine number did not match the VIN#. Back then if you complained to Ford about the sorry performance of the Boss 429 the dealer was instructed to pull the engine and send to Holman Moody and they would spice it up some to make the customer happy. H&M did not keep them in order would just send the next one that was ready so they got mixed up. I guess he was on the Boss registry and he recei
  4. I have 72 & 73 and yes the pulley on the PS pump was smaller diameter on my 73 Mach 1 Q code with AC. Do not know why but it is smaller dia..
  5. Welcome to the Forum from North Carolina. I have a 12,000 mile original 1973 Mach 1 I ordered new so might can answer some questions if you have any. Glad you held on to it. I know how life gets in the way and puts the cars on the back burner for sure. This one sat in barn for 38 years before I pulled it back out and cleaned it up.
  6. Welcome to the Forum from North Carolina. What are your questions? I have a 72 Q Mach 1 and vert. Also this 73 Mach 1 that has pretty much every option 41 total. Original not restored.
  7. I see people load a car on car trailer backwards which is scary. That buss is pretty heavy probably ok. My brother in law died in crash caused by them loading too much camping gear in the back of boat on trailer. At 35 mph started to fish tail and turned his chevy PU sideways and hit a bank. He would not wear a seat belt so he went through the windshield and steering wheel crushed his chest died immediately. His wife and his brother also where thrown out and barely survived. His mother was behind them when it happened and saw it all.
  8. I also laughed at the NASCAR. I was working in engine shop back in the 60's and the owner's brother Jack Ingram was big into NASCAR Sportsman racing. That is your local tracks and he had won the national championship 7 years in a row. He decided to build a car and run NASCAR Grand National it was called back then. Was about 1968 or so. He built a Chevelle and went to Charlotte for his first race in the big time. He qualified for the pole position and David Pearson was next. He got called into the office and Bill France was there along with the track owner. Jack said he sat down and Bill told h
  9. I had gone and filled up on Sunday and then drove to Kingsport Tenn. to get the player piano with car trailer. I was shocked at my gas mileage was only one more mile to the gallon with empty car trailer than with my Mach 1 in it. But in Tenn. they had gas everywhere and no lines. I did fill up when I got there and should have before I crossed to N.C.. Got home the two stations that had gas had lines a 1/4 long waiting. Like in was in 1974. I had signed up for a first generation mustang show at the Mustang Owner's Museum on Saturday but will have to see how the supply goes. I have not turned
  10. If your shoes in the rear are new they probably do not match the diameter of the drum and will be way less effective. If you look at the face of the shoe is it worn all the way around of just in smaller area. They do make a machine for grinding the shoe to fit usually only old shops will still have them. Here is pic of mine. The rear shoes automatic adjust. If you back up and go maybe 10 mph and hit brakes hard several times that adjusts the shoes out.
  11. The piston diameter on the master cylinder for 1973 disc / drum PB should be 15/16". If all 4 are drums they had a 1" dia. master cylinder.
  12. I know it sounds harsh but I cleaned my white comfort weave with lacquer thinner and tooth brush and then wipe with micro fiber. I tried everything and nothing was doing it so lacquer thinner on door panels and seats.
  13. The other day I was bouncing around E-bay and found a NOS vapor canister hose that was for 73. I thought they were all the same but maybe not. So I bid on it and dropped out at $20.00, I am cheap, lol. Got notice in email this morning it sold for $172.50 plus the shipping. WOW, he must be doing a concourse restore of something. That is crazy price I think. Here is link does not look like a joke bidder either. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-FORD-D4ZZ-9D667-A-1973-79-MUSTANG-VAPOR-STORAGE-CANNISTER-HOSE-/324601727679?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l10137.c10&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true
  14. Lots of great work and congratulations on the new son. Be careful using gasoline to clean parts just a spark and boom. Next time give oven cleaner a try on difficult to remove grease. Noticed your rear drums are different from what is on my 73 Mach 1. Here is pic of mine.
  15. I had never taken the 73 Mach 1 out of the enclosed car trailer since going to the P.I.T.S. show in Tenn. My neck and shoulder do not like changing four tires. I have original Goodyear RWL tires for the shows but have to drive about 200 yards on driveway so need to change to rollers. So me being the guy that loves mechanical things I already have two player pianos one in home and one in the shop. I was looking around for some new rolls to play and up came this beautiful player piano in Kingsport Tenn. two hours away. It was free to a deserving person. So I got in touch. It was quite a proces
  16. Good to see this. My 1973 Mach 1 is 4 speed. Since I took apart and cleaned I have same issue you cannot get the key out. Tried moving the ignition switch but did not work. I was on it some today. My neck does not like under dash work.
  17. I have vinyl roof and no screws. Maybe something somebody added. I have seen trim clips with screws when the studs rusted off.
  18. There is absolutely no reason to put sealer around the trim. Just makes it impossible to get the trim off. CJ Pony has video on install and they say to get 3 tubes of sealer and fill it up. They are idiots for sure. Neither the windshield or rear window need extra goo.
  19. You were talking about hot made HP that is true. That is why in TA and NASCAR they run over 25 lbs. pressure in the coolant got past 230 deg. I believe is what I was told. Heat makes HP.
  20. There should be a good write up on here somewhere for sure. You work from the backside using the hole in the reinforcement to locate. Seems like they made wood plug with a hole in the center. Then used that to drill center hole for the hole saw. I think the hood locks and black out were one of the best deals when you ordered new, $18.00 option.
  21. I see you still have 4 wheel drum brakes. Most people here in the U.S. do not realize that you need to grind the arch on the new shoes to fit the drum. If the drum is bell mouthed you need to turn within Max. spec. cast into the drum. I recently found one of the Ammco 8,000 shoe grinders and did a refurb on it. I am missing one piece that I will either make or find one. When the asbestos scare hit in the 70's most shops took the grinders out. They do have a dust collection bag and I will also roll outside when I use it and wear a mask. I know Australia has cracked down on antique vehicles co
  22. The 1971 Mustang AM / 8 Track is a one year thing. The 71 actually says Mustang on the tape door. The bezel in the car can fit all of the available radios. The AM and AM/FM have a smaller opening in the bezel. The AM / 8 Track has the additional 3/8" or so cut out of the top of the opening. I have couple 8 track mustangs. There are stamped Ford part numbers in the radios and AM / 8 Tracks. Can get dimensions tomorrow but numbers on the radio case tell what they were made for. About $100 is good price for a working AM / 8 Track. You will need to do some work for sure.
  23. I doubt there are very many of you that ended up at your original home and birth place. My parents moved to Hendersonville, N.C. in 1946. My dad was drafted and sent home said he had a heart mummer but never had any issues from that. Anyway they bought a one bedroom home and little over 1 1/2 acres for $800. After both Dad and Mom passed away my sisters offered to sell their part of the home to me so I said yes and went to China to work and bought the home and my shop. I had lived at 11 or 12 different places over time. When I am anywhere here memories are everywhere. There is not a square
  24. It has to be something in the water in the UK. My nephew moved to England gosh in the 70's or early 80's. Was a chef and ended up in Scotland at a hunting lodge. Then he started a couple restaurants for investors there. He talks like he has lived there all his life now. Even writes strange emails, lol. Has to be the water. Of course I am in the south and yes I talk slow and have that southern draw. When I go to Africa I get some strange looks when I say something. When I worked with the Germans a lot one of them asked my why I changed how I talked when talking to them. You learn what other c
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