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  1. Why do you need to change it if original worked fine in the past?
  2. If anyone pays that is ego trip for sure not worth it because a Ford car. One of the members of the 7173mustangs.com sold his Ford corporate car with many more options for $25,000. Just and ego thing to say I paid this much from somone with too much money. No better, no faster nothing special just words.
  3. Now you can forget all the hurricane warnings. I have never understood those that had to live where you knew you were going to get wiped out?? You were smart to get out. Those that live in river flood planes and in storm surge areas at coast should not be allowed to have insurance. Just makes us common sense people pay more. Live there if you want to but you pay for it not others.
  4. Well I dropped the hammer on another 8 point not as big as last one but will be hanging in a few. My rifle has not been checked on bench in over 10 years. It has also been to Africa and back since last sighted. I was using my .300 Win. Short Mag. Model 70 New Haven built Winchester. I have a special way I mount the scope mounts and the scope stays put. Of course the barrel is bedded in the composite stock. Then I bed the scope mounts to the barrel with epoxy and glass beads mixed in and then lap the scope rings in alignment. So there is zero distortion of the scope when mounted and mounts neve
  5. They have been making tap extractors for years. They had them when I started in tool & die in the 1960's but usually do not work. If tap stuck enough to break tap they usually do not come out with the extractor. His was home made the factory made have spring steel pins. We usually put in EDM and burned them out Russia invented the EDM in the 1920's way before the U.S. had a clue. The U.S. could not figure out how Russia was putting such small dia. holes in rocket engine parts because all the drills we had that small would not drill the exotic materials. They were actually burning the holes
  6. I could use the grill but do not need the stainless or the running horse emblem. So you could sell those separate. Daniel Carpenter does repo the grill from original Ford tooling. I am not doing a concourse build so no real need to have original if someone needs for a concourse of course let them have. Price is always buyer drive so I have no idea.
  7. That is one fat wheel now. They are skinny even the factory leather wrapped is skinny. It was an option pulled over from the Pinto in 1973.
  8. I do not wash my cars with running water ever. I do not use and soap so the wax stays on. I use clean water and micro fiber towels and just wipe the car down. Has never been buffed and has been waxed 2 times in 38 years. You do not need to if you do not use soap. I wipe the interior with light amount of lysol in water not much. I then wipe with dry towels and apply Lexol leather preserver. NEVER NEVER use Armorall. It will turn the material milky over time and you can never paint things like dash and console due to silicone in it. I have used the same paste wax for 60 years. Collinite Double C
  9. If you pull you heater box I am sure you know the dash needs to move out of the way with AC. Take seats out and console if you have. There are only like 8 fasteners not really that bad to pull dash back. Got to WCCC West Coast Cougar Classics they have video on heater box rebuild. You will need a foam kit and I add a piece of 1/4 mesh wire between the cowl and the heart box to keep the critters out. Nobody can see and it works. I also put the mesh on the back side of the plastic cowl vent grill use small zip ties to hold. Then I cut a small piece of stainless steel pot scrubber pad in the cowl
  10. Sort of depends on if your spoiler is Ford or repo. Some repo's might be heavier.
  11. It does not hurt to measure and write the numbers down just in case. Also remember the new panel will probably be made for a 73 with the bumper filler mounting holes that will need to be filled in. The one hole for the wire to tag light needs to stay. I had to do lots of tweaking when I replaced the filler from convertible top to trunk. Had to mount the trunk and screw the new panel in place and keep tweaking to keep trunk from hitting the filler as it opened.
  12. When I was at Dr. this week he did blood test to check vitamin D3 levels. That is a key flag to those that do not do well with the virus is low D levels. Mine was 1/4 of what is should be so he has me taking 5,000 units twice daily and test again in 8 weeks. With all the statistics they are running on those that get the virus and do well and those that do good they are finding some key areas to monitor. For some reason blacks have lower levels on D on average and they feel that is one key reason they are hit harder. I stayed at home watched the deer some and did not visit anyone. I am good
  13. I watched one for over 30 min. tonight It stood body behing a big tree 125 yards out I could see its horns when it turned it's head looks better that the other one. I stayed unto 20 min. after legal shooting time and could still see fine in the scope. Back in the morning.
  14. Yep I know Scotty been to his yard. I got one 8 point back in muzzle loading season. Supper foggy this morning could not see 50 yards had two does one 20' from the shop. This is the one I got with the muzzle loader. I had just had surgery few days before and was told not to pick up over 10 lbs. Had someone come over to help get to shop and used the two post lift to hang it.
  15. They sell new all over at any mustang supply but 73 did not have magnum 500 wheels as an option. The 71 & 72 did and they were 15" and you got space saver spare also.
  16. My verts have the woodgrain. I think part of the convenience group along with vert package. 71 was different got the cheap stuff. Go check the Ford Facts Book Ray scanned in here. I have 5 verts and 4 have the wood grain and chrome rings.
  17. That is one I do not know. If M is it just painted and if CJ chrome? I know 72 Q is chrome and say CJ on the sticker. 73 no CJ just 351 4-V and painted.
  18. I do not have the Ford manual in my hand. You can get a printed copy or a CD copy of the Ford shop manual that gives you all the specs for everything on the car. You can get from mustang supply houses, on ebay or amazon.
  19. I sat beside the car today for several hours watching for deer out the window. First day of rifle season. I did pass on one 4 point at about 5:00 this afternoon. Will see what shows up tomorrow. While there I think I have made the decision to replace the drivers door. Been struggling to get it right. Evidently it had been hit. I have never got to the bottom of the filler with 90% of the door fitting and spotted in. The bottom back corner is out by about 1/4" but when i put long straight edge on it looks good but I cut a template from my original car it is way off. All twisted and out of whac
  20. I think the sticker was over $3,000 but do not remember what I paid for it. Financed for one year. See you do that now. My dad bought a 70 maverick that was under $2,000 with AC. Not much else on it. When I worked in the race shop I did a free valve job for him ran forever way over 200,000 miles.
  21. Since this started I ended up buying a Grande. Pretty well optioned. It was headed to crusher the next week if he did not sell it. His dad wanted it gone. Arizona car totally rust free. Does not need cowl, floors, tail light panel not even battery box is rusty. I was laughed at when I said how many thousands of dollars it would save and years it would save in a build. So what I am going to do is cut it up and make a track days car out of it. Will get the 2" Kar Kraft nose drop and all of their planned changes for Trans Am. I will take to frame shop and have put to zero and have already been in
  22. I believe that those seams were heated and pressed down at Ford. My seams on my Mach 1 are flatter. This is an original top on Mach 1 1973.
  23. The battery tray reinforcement is missing on lots of cars due to not being available. I just sent the one I had to the Netherlands to a member and I am now looking for one. Not on ebay lately.
  24. On my comment about phosphate. When cars are built at the factory part of the wash process is to on into Iron phosphate. It etches the surface and makes the paint stick better. You can do the same at home with hand spray on and rub with scotch brite or steel wool. What I am using right I got from POR but your paint supplier should know what you need. Follow their instructions makes the paint adhere much better. Here is a link to information on the material. Brand is not so important. When they dip strip a car they iron phosphate it and it can sit months and not rust. I have stripped panels in
  25. For sure they were not perfect from factory. You would not believe how bad my original is. They had about two minutes to align a fender to a door on the line. You can improve for sure but will never be perfect. The tooling back then was cut on tracers mill not CNC. They were just getting into CNC then usually had a punch tape.
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