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  1. Just some info. One of our members Toni drove his Mach 1 from Wisconsin. He has fuel injection so he has a temperature reading for incoming air. He also put a switch on his ram air flaps so he can keep them open all the time. He said the air temp going into the engine drops either 15 or 18 deg. with the ram air flaps open so it does held a lot with colder air to the engine.

  2. I use to have them go bad a lot on a 1969 Ford van with 9" rear. I kept spares with me and tools to change. If the outer is not already broken I would break it with hammer, cover the bearing with rag to prevent pieces flying and hitting you.
    I then would take a propane torch and head the inner race a little and then take a long cold chisel and hammer and they pop right off. Then cool the axle off I never got really hot. I had a length of pipe that would fit over the axle and only hit the inner race to drive them back on and then the retaining ring.
    I use to load that van so heavy the the axles would actually push out of bearing and tires would hit the fenders. Would have to stop jack up and kick the axle back in. I have done them in middle of nowhere in Montana.

    I have a press in shop and the clamp on ring to go under the bearing. When pressing off you still need to cover with rags the outer race can explode and not good.

  3. I also put a stand alone trans cooler works great. I used a Hayden with electric fan also. Takes the transmission heat out of the radiator and the fluid is much cooler going back to the transmission. I made a couple brackets that used fasteners that were in the radiator support and grill bracket. Here are some pics. I used the steel lines up to the radiator support then hose to cooler. There is not a lot of pressure on there since the fluid is free flowing. I used the fuel injection smooth clamps for the hoses. I think I got from Summit been a while. Brass plugs in the radiator. I would have thought that you would have wanted the bottom line be the incoming and top going back to trans but I do not remember how it was originally.










  4. Been a while since this was up. Someone stated very late build. Year model switch to 1973 would have been started over the July 4th. holiday of 1972. They must have been waiting on something to come in to build that one. I have one that sat for months after VIN assigned before build. For sure odd to see that late in year could be the last one for the year.

  5. I am retired now but I am a professional goof off. I buy cars I do not need, grow a garden that I cannot eat, date women much younger than me, shoot animals and put them on my plate beside the veges from the garden. Drink way too much blended whiskey. Life is good.

    When working I had to sit in conference rooms and listen to people with no idea of what they were talking about. Then hand it to me and say build it. Got on plane on Monday and off on Friday and wondered how do all the idiots get the great jobs. Working sucked.

  6. This is a true one happened to me.
    When I took my job at Spartanburg Steel Products, Inc. they had included a months free stay in motel in Spartanburg. So I did it. Would come in each afternoon and it being warm weather they had a happy hour outside. I had made friends with a guy doing business in the area and we had drinks each afternoon.
    Se we are sitting outside and this huge tour bus pulls up with U.S Calendar Girls down the side and like a flag waving.

    The door opens and all these gorgeous scantly clad gals get off. Tank tops, no bra, Daisy Dukes, wow wow. They come over to the bar and order drinks and tell us that they are a traveling strip show doing a show at a local pool and dance hall. They get their drinks and head inside to check in their rooms.

    Well happy hour is over so me and my friend go inside to the bar. A guy comes in and sits down and he is from Sweden I think he was, there for some BMW stuff.

    Here come the gals back down with really hot outfits on now barely clad. The leader of the group comes over and sits in my lap and asks me, "You want to ride with us on the bus to the show". I told her no that I would get in trouble for sure. They go get on the bus and the foreign guy says who was that? We tell him they are strippers. He gets all excited when we tell him they take ALL their clothes off. He begs us to take him to the show and he will pay our way. So we finish our drinks and go like 1/2 mile to the place. I get $5.00 out and put in my pocket. As soon as we come in the door the leader of the group comes bouncing over, no top, and G string on, and gives me a hug and thanks us for coming. I whisper in her ear that the guy is from Sweden to show him how it is done in the U.S.A.. I put the $5.00 in her G string.

    She gets the guy by the arm leads him out on the dance floor. Gets a chair and sits him down. Of course there is music playing and she gives him a lap dance and then stands up and bends over and pulls her G string off. She steps off a distance from him then starts doing back flips and ends up with her crotch right in his face in a hand stand. We all laughed until we cried and the Swedish guy could not quit smiling.

    Then the movie Dumb and Dumber comes out and they turn down a ride on tour bus with a load of strippers. I do not know who told them about my experience but they copied it, lol.

    Wish I could go back and say yes.

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  7. I was just at Carlisile, Penn. show and they were there but by time I got there they had sold out. He sold 39 of them for $150 each. They use to be $90.00 couple years ago.  ask what the royalty fee is on Trademarked Items with Ford and was told Ford gets 10% of selling price to license the product. Ford put trademarks on most emblems like the running pony, Mach 1 Boss etc. and not legal to reproduce unless you pay them and have a license. FBI will come knocking if you do not. Trademarks never run out patents 16 years. Drove over 1,300 miles last few days. It was 105 deg. in the building that our cars were in.

  8. This year at the all Ford Carlisle, Penn show they put together a collection of 1971, 1972 & 1973 Mustangs inside Building T. This is for the 50th Ann. of the 1971 Mustang. I was picked for one of the inside display 1973 Mustang Mach 1. Brian will be there with his 1972 Concourse Mach 1 and not sure who else. I know Rich is going to be there and hope his 1973 vert is in.
    I just hope I make it. I leave at midnight tonight about 550 miles for me. Issue is my F-150 5.4 has over 308,000 miles and no engine or transmission work. It gets about 9.5 MPG pulling the 20" enclosed trailer. I have to take it easy about 55 so that when it down shifts stays at about 3,500 rpm. At night should be cooler also. Never been to the Carlisle show so if any members make it look me and Brian up in Building T. If I am not there there I pill put a clip board on the car for you to leave a note with cell to call. Maybe we can go eat or something.

    Here are some pics of mine and Brian's cars. BTW Brian won Best of Show at the Ponies in the Smokies with over 1,000 mustangs there. My car is a survivor not restored, original Ford paint, vinyl roof and interior. So no where near as great as Brian's car.













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  9. Me and my son kart raced and the frame and engine covers went to work with me and got powder coated. Yes chipping is less due to being plastic not a paint. Long term no way powder is better than real paint not base clear that sucks also. Look at all the peeling sun burnt cars out there. I have a VW beetle that the PO kept in car port. Sun always hit the R.H. front and that fender and part of hood is peeling and the headlight cover is milky. The other side is great. UV kills clear, paint or plastic. I just polished my headlights on my F-150 yesterday third time I think.

  10. Several members have been searching for the wire harness for convince group. I guess just by chance all eight that I have has the convince group. I did not go looking for that but do look for lots of options on cars I buy.
    Ford did not install a generic wire harness one size fits all. Each is specific to the car and what options it has. A standard idiot light wire harness will not support a gauge set up you have to change the harness. It is easiest to pull the dash out if changing.

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  11. Daniel Carpenter is mfg. but does not sell direct. I get mine from NPD just 100 miles from me so closest on shipping.
    My friend that does auto restorations had someone bring him a 65 GT-350 Shelby certified by Shelby American. When he opened the door there was that seal. No roll down rear windows on a fastback. Someone had taken the Shelby numbers and put on a coupe and replace the roof and inner structure. When seats came out was obvious was fake with VIN from a crashed Shelby.


  12. Most people think a colder thermostat will make engine run cooler but it is the opposite. The thermostat will never close if it is a cold one. The coolant does not stay in the radiator long enough to cool down so gets hotter and hotter. 192 is what you want. Does your hose going to water pump have a spring inside so it will not collapse?


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