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  1. LOL, Go easy on him. I have same problem with spell check. On the cable. As stated you should be able to get to it from above it. Have you dropped the steering column down out of the way? Four nuts on studs two on each side. I have issue with the 73 vert I got from California. I have never been able to hook up the cable probably 2" too short to get to the cluster. Was not attached when I got the car. I pulled the whole dash out and put back when replacing the hacked up harness. There was a dealer option for speed control for these cars but I have never found a full set. I got part of it from Branda years ago but never the switch. The PO of my car had switched the transmission from FMX to a C-4 and I suspect that the cables are different lengths but do not know for sure. I use GPS for speedo now. If anyone knows for sure the cables were different for FMX and C-4 I for sure would like to know. I have a parts car that was 3 speed but have never checked the cable length.
  2. I do not have a 71 and I think there were different process in N.J. cars compared to Michigan cars. I have been told by some that the side marker lights and tail lights did not have spatter paint over spray on them but I do not know for sure. It would be difficult to keep from getting the spatter paint on the exterior if the lights were not mounted. This is my original 73 Mach 1 some of the pictures were made before I cleaned it up and some after. There is over spray on the tail lights, side marker lights, wire harness, the rubber plugs and the seal around the gas filler. There is some spatter paint over spray along the bottom edge of the fold down trap door also. Body color on the under side of trunk and showing in various places inside the trunk. I have never found an exact match to the spatter paint. I was told that it was a water base paint with the spatter being oil so they did not mix together. I do not know for sure. It was all sprayed by a human and several different ones so never the same on any two cars.
  3. That is a better fit than most are. What is brand and part # so all will know what works? I assume it clears the window and it goes down all the way? Thanks for sharing.
  4. I am sure that everyone that has Hagerty Insurance got this message today that they will be going public this year and will be trading stock before the end of this year. <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/588532710?h=40e6098877" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Might no play for you but a short video giving some info.
  5. The holes that Ford cut look to be using a hole saw to get the two ends and then cut the center out. Same for the wiring boot holes hole saw at the factory. Since the doors just came in one version with no speaker holes and no wiring holes and doors for coupe, vert and fastback all the same kept part numbers down. I got a pair of 72 Mack 1 doors couple weeks back that had PW and door speakers. Here is pic of the holes factory cut.
  6. Hello from North Carolina. I have an original 73 Mach 1 and yes yours appears to be a 71 if steering wheel is right was a one year thing for the round small center horn button on the standard interior. So I do not know if your dad had the windshield and back glass out when he painted the car or not. They do need to come out to install the headliner. Also the side roof rails need to come off. Now on the rear glass Ford used a foam tape that does not work they also used foam tape to attempt to seal the roof rail and again it does not work. Here is a link to the 3-M #08509 Auto Bedding & Glazing Compound that is use for rubber seals like in the rear window. https://www.jbtools.com/3m-08509-auto-bedding-and-glazing-compound-cartridge-1-10-gallon/?wi=off&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI58X75s-48gIVReHICh0x5gpVEAQYASABEgJBavD_BwE DO NOT USE THE URETHANE LIKE IS USED TO INSTALL THE FRONT WINDSHIELD. It only takes a tiny amount to seal it up. When you have the rear glass out if your dad did not hammer the flange flat and grind any rough areas you need to. Also if any rust that needs to be taken care or. File or grind the corner off of the opening so the new rubber seal pulls in easily. There are some youtube videos out there on how to install the rear glass using a nylon string, same way factory did it. DO NOT GO BY WHAT CJ PONY HAS ON THEIR YOUTUBE VIDEO THEY ARE IDIOTS. With the rear glass out you should make sure all the trim clips are in good shape and replace if needed. Trial fit the aluminum trim before you put the window back in. There are special tools that are cheap to remove the trim and again videos out there. You will need a helper on the glass removal and install. The front windshield trim comes off the same way as back. But there is no rubber seal for the windshield. You use the 3-M strip Urethane to install it. One of our members recently did both to a 71 Mach 1 and he has video. I would not go crazy on applying paint or sealers on the inside floor. No reason to. It will probably never get wet unless your cowl leaks or roof rail. Put some of the foil backed insulation on the inside of the roof and put the headliner back in and then the windows and then the roof rail. On sealing the roof rail I use the 3-M strip calk and put two beads on the trim. There are lots of ups and downs to seal off there. If the roof rails are on there are phillips screws under the rubber seal. You will have to destroy the rubber seal to get to them. Get a new set from NPD and make sure they are Daniel Carpenter seals. Pictures attached of the 3-M material and on the roof rail. When removing the screws put a phillips bit in the screw and hit a couple times with a hammer to break the rust loose. You can get new screws at any hardware they are very common. Clean the old glue, sealer and gasket off the roof rail with lacquer thinner outside your shop. Very flammable. On the floors there was seam sealer from the factory and then about a 1/2" thick sound mat made from fiber and asphalt coated. Your dad might have bought what he did to replace the old. If you get too much stuff in there difficult to get the seat belts and seat tracks back in. It is not like you will be driving the car lots and need it super quiet. New carpet has a fiber backing on it also to help with noise. Here are some pics of the floor in my Mach 1 and the roof rails. Keep asking questions if something is not going in easy you are probably doing something wrong. The blue tape around the rear window marks where the clips are. If it takes more than finger pressure to install something is wrong. You will destroy the trim if you hammer on it and the repo junk does not fit and is way softer also.
  7. I think they sell them in repo. More to close off the channel for the wires in the rocker box and to prevent a squeak I would think. Auto upholstery supply will have the thick solid cardboard that has wax in it to cut down on moisture absorbing. You could cut your own. Score with razor knife where it needs to bend.
  8. The seats look similar to the SVO seats with inflatable lumbar and the pull out support in front of seat. Also can adjust the width on small of back. Recaro made them for Ford I think. I have an 85 SVO with the leather seats. Did you find some original comfort weave material? If so where SMS is out of white that I need. Looks great and for sure more comfortable. I am going to check into an auto upholstery course at our local Tech College today. I took before but rusty and need to practice some.
  9. Another note to remember. If you have the panel under the rear window out that has to go back before the rear window so you can install the screws.
  10. I have two 1973 verts with CW Comfort weave White interiors. The seats, door panels, rear side panels are white. The console, dash, dash pad, carpet, seat belts, steering wheel and steering column are black. The white door panels have black carpet on the bottom. Ford used the same interior black paint from 1965 - 1973 I get from NPD. The top can be white or black and all had glass rear window. I am not sure on the top well liner. I do not know if white or black I have both. The top boot that came with the car with white top was also white. The boot and top well might be keyed to the top color cannot say for sure. I took these pictures for a member of a 48,000 mile original I have. They were complaining about the lower seat not aligning with the seat back. These are original Ford seats and the are way off. The stiching in the seats are like a blind person did them. Repo is much better but you cannot get the true Comfort Weave anymore. You can see the black carpet and seat belts and the white boot laying in the seat. This car has the deluxe belts also.
  11. Was looking for your post on the R.H. door jam. I got some pictures of the one I have in a 1972 Mustang vert parts car in the shop. I had to climb over stuff piled on it and you can see is right against the back shop door that I never use. It looks solid. The round plugs you see are from Ziebart that was a rust preventative that they drilled holes and shot hot wax inside. If you can come up and help with the removal it can be had, I cannot move the cars around without help. I have sawsall that is best way to get it off. I think the other side is bent and is rusty.
  12. That is great. When you watch what you are doing and do it right it will come out right. Dr's. are only ones that bury their mistakes.
  13. I myself would put a stand alone cooler on the transmission. The radiator is hot to start with and does not really cool that much. A stand alone with fan will take the transmission heat out of the radiator and will keep your transmission much cooler and last longer. I use a Hayden with fan on my 73 vert. I made brackets that used existing holes in the radiator support and grill support so no drilling. There is very little pressure on the cooler lines just flowing through no restrictions so rubber hose made for transmission is fine. I used fuel injection hose clamps to not have the sorry toothed clamps. Works great the exit hose is barely warm. I put a toggle switch on the fan and only use if I know I am going to be in heavy stop and go traffic. My 351 C is bored .050" over, flat top pistons, cam, holley 4-V, AC and you cannot make it get to the half way point on the temp gauge in 90 deg. plus stop and go traffic. Pics of the install. Don't cool your transmission with the radiator. There is a reason when you get a vehicle with trailer towing package they have external cooler for transmission they are way better. I order from Summit I think.
  14. Unless you are racing you do not need the extra oil. If you are road racing you need a dry sump system to keep from loosing oil in all the turns.
  15. Information I have read was type steel and heat treatment in gears was made. Also big difference in the syncro. Did not the modular engine come in in in 86 so the bell housings changed?? I have three cars with T-5.
  16. Just saw this one. There are places for both. I have an original 73 Mach 1 with 12,000 miles with 41 options from Ford. If it was crashed there is not another for a million dollars never built so no driving. I have another original 73 vert with 48,000 that I drive to shows and no worries. As soon as I took the Mach 1 out some drunk driver would destroy it and there is not another......
  17. First time I had seen this post. I am hoping you are doing great. I had to sit with my mom at burn center in Augusta Georgia one July 4th. I heard all the pain as they scraped the scabs off the burns. There were so many there burnt from doing same things I had done in the past. Fireworks, Grills, pouring gas in carb. to start. One man died that was under his motor home checking for leaks when a radiator hose blew off. Kids burnt. The pain is bad for sure. Hope you get to enjoy some shows. Be strong and never give up.
  18. I have some odd calibers that are not old but hard to find. .223 WSSM and .25 WSSM both great for shooting but cannot find ammo.
  19. They have issue in Asheville a lot had one mom with 5 cubs in town on video. We have one here that raids my neighbors bird feeders all the time. I have bear stamp but never see them in hunting season. The largest black bear ever taken was in NC over 800 lbs. near Charlotte NC.. Cougars are the new sneaky one here now.
  20. Lol I was one of those that bought the parts when the cars were new and put them up. Do not have pictures but from memory here are a few. NOS 1971 - 1973 T-5 dash stickers went above the radio if no gauges. NOS rear side window rubber strips. NOS rear window defogger switch, think I have 3 left. NOS front Power Window motor. NOS front valance guards a 1971 only part. NOS Ram Air hood ducts. NOS 1973 Forged Aluminum wheel lugs. I put on the 73 Mach 1 NOS 1973 Forged Aluminum Wheel center caps. Put a set on the Mach 1 and set on the 73 vert. 5 sets of NOS front disc brake pads I got from Daniel Carpenter. 2 sets of NOS Door speakers, wiring and grills. Several NOS power window switches. NOS power window bezels. NOS front HD shocks in Ford box. One stet of NOS rocker panel moldings. One speed control but need one component. NOS Ford tail light gaskets in Ford bag. Box full of NOS tilt column parts. I would have to go through the dozens of bins to find what I do have. I need an excel spreadsheet to keep track but no time to make it. I have bins full of NOS 1965 parts including door panels, trunk mats, rocker moldings, door sills, all the chrome and lights. When I die all the stuff will probably go to dump my son has ZERO interest. I have over 1,000 sq. ft. of just parts.
  21. If you used regular paint on the drums it will burn right off. Also Ford used a satin black on parts never gloss black. If you go back and wash the paint off the drums and use VHT, Very High Temp. paint will last longer. Or paint for a grill will also do pretty good. The gloss black will not look correct for the axle housing for sure. The center section was actually red oxide primer. Is the car a Mach 1 Sports Roof or just a Sports Roof? I see Sports Roof trim.
  22. I am headed to the shop now I will take a look at the door jam and see how it looks on one of my parts cars. It is against the wall or door on the side difficult to get a pic. I would just cut the bottom section out and leave the upper if you can. Less work and keeps the quarter panel attached to the inner at the top. I will get you some pics today.
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