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  1. That is weird that they have decoration day there. That was a day in the south to place flowers and flags on the confederate graves. Got changed to nation wide memorial day I think.
  2. You could put a remote motion sensor in it with alarm in the house. Home improvements have them but that does nothing if you are not there. If you have wheels that have slots big enough to pass a chain through that is what I do at motels. I have a brake pedal lock and steering wheel club and then I loop a section of plastic coated chain through my 73 forged aluminum wheels and around the chassis and put pad lock on. I have 4 padlocks keyed alike. I also put a chain through the hood and around the center grill bracket and lock it down. They can still defeat them all but will take a while and wi
  3. Hope everyone stays and plays safe. We are not getting together and I have 6 granddaughters. I got the test results for my Vitamin D level today and it is 1/4 of what it should be. One of the common threads of those having issues with Covid is low vitamin D level. It is also 100% of the time if someone is non symptomatic they have high levels of vitamin D. So they put me on 10,000 units of D3 per day along with zinc, DHEA and magnesium. Lots of statistical analysis being done on this virus. I hate to see the numbers in a week or so. Our local airport is really busy they were showing on the n
  4. I had the surgery a few weeks back and have been struggling with doing much on my 1972 Q vert build. I wake early each day coughing and not breathing so good. Hit the inhaler and sip the cough syrup and try to get some sleep. Gets worse each week. So I went to visit my regular Dr.. On some medications to help but headed down the path of lung scans to see if I have lung cancer. I quit smoking like 12 years ago when they told me I had COPD. Then last year they said was now Emphysema. I did all the wrong things, smoked, ground carbon electrodes and machined asbestos at work. I painted cars with n
  5. I have bought the sticker from Marti. He will need pic of the sticker he does not have weight info in his info. They look same.
  6. Along with brushing some inside you can get the Eastwood kits with long wands you can spray the inside after weld. Brushing the coatings on works better than spray you can get into corners much better. POR is also deadly to inhale. It cures on contact with moisture and will block your lungs. The supplier I bought from made that a big point several times.
  7. Glad to see you get started on the build. I would make a couple of suggestions. I am 72 and am an original owner of a 1973 Mach 1. I also have several convertibles. On mistake I see too many make is to work on the engine first. That is exciting and goes really fast compared to the chassis / body. I have bought several failed builds in the past. One is a 1972 Q code vert and the other a 1973 Grande H code. The original owner built the engine and transmission for the Q code vert first. Engine has been on stand for over 10 years and will be torn down and built again. The transmission might be o
  8. Even with your welds being new you need to clean them with wire brush on drill. Then phosphate the weld & bare metal and then epoxy prime. Ford put the sealer on bare metal but when you do that once the sealer cracks you get rust started on the bare metal. Got to go to Dr. can get you number for the sealer when i get back. If you are inside the car like inside a door or floor i prefer to brush primer on to get into the corners and cracks. If it runs to the outside wipe it off.
  9. I have had a plate from Cuba on the front of my 73 Mustang vert. Gets some strange looks at shows. I also have a plate from China I smuggled back, lol. They do not allow them to be brought out. So many people in China want license plates they are let out on a lottery process. I have a matched pair of 1950 N.C. plates that are aluminum. They claim none were made but these have been checked and are real. They think maybe a test. I just recently pick up two matched pairs of Manufacturers license plates for 1973 from Michigan. Would have been used on vehicles the factory had on street for
  10. That is part of the fender you have circled. I am not sure you can buy as a separate part from the fender. If you are changing inner fender where the battery sits you will need this reinforcement to go under the inner fender. It does not come with the new inner fender. They sell on Ebay but are out currently. I let another member have the only one I had on shelf. I check ever couple days for them on Ebay I need one soon.
  11. Had been blocking on the 72 Q vert but neck is telling me to stop even with it on rotisserie. So I got back on the work bench and decided to get back on the ram air cleaner. I had stripped it and took the rust off in the molasses. I primed and sprayed it with Duplicolor Ford Corporate Blue. It was way too dark. Must have got a missed batch of paint had matched great in the past. So in order to paint again I had let it set for couple weeks to dry out. So got out some 500 grit and a scotch brite pad. Music on and start sanding. About 4 hours later ready to spray again. Will see what is out there
  12. Might not matter but the tube was over the shock tower brace not under. Pic was before I took mine apart to clean. One owner.
  13. You can fill the carb with a small funnel and pour down the vents in the carb. BTW my 73 has the original carter on it. The holley on my 73 vert went bad did not try to get the kit to rebuild.
  14. I will be working on a new sub frame connector and also roll cage for 71 - 73. I will be using the new steels that are two to four times stronger than what is currently used and do not have weld issues. Most if not all of the connectors us CRS nothing alloy. The UHSS Ultra High Strength Steel I am going to use is 4 times stronger than CRS. It looks like cold weather is going to shut me down on body and paint so I will move on to the connectors and roll bars. I was automotive product, process, and tooling engineer and used the UHSS on many projects in cars and farm equipment.
  15. If you had standard interior you got black steering column and black seat belts. If deluxe or Mach 1 interior you got color matched steering column and belts.
  16. I think your radiator support has the tabs you need they just bent them for shipping to save room. Bend the tabs back up vertical and it spot welds to the frame rail. Here are some pics on 73 convertible and 73 Mach 1. The brown Mach 1 is an original I ordered new. So if you need more info or pics let me know.
  17. Welcome from western North Carolina. If you go to Facebook and look up Scotty Stickland he is in N.C. Bullock friend him he has a Mustang junk yard and lots of what you need. I have an original one owner 73 Mach 1 if you need pics or go back through posts and do searches here lots of info. You said you have already built your engine. Should have waited until you needed it. I would back off the rockers so that the valves springs are all relaxed. You assembly lube can also dry out. Engine should be the last thing you do. Check everything out so you know good parts and can do machine work
  18. -Welcome to the forum from North Carolina. Lots of Mustang junkies here for sure. I have 8 1972 & 73 mustangs and others also. Great looking Mach 1 and looks like your drag car is doing pretty good.
  19. Welcome from North Carolina. I ordered a Maverick Grabber in 71, a Suzuki 550 in 72 and my Mach 1 in 1973. That Bright Blue was one of the top selling colors in 71. Great you kept yours also.
  20. The 73 had new crash requirements. It had to withstand I think 5 mph impact and not break the headlights out. So the front bumper has impact absorbers on each side. They might have added that bracket to gain a little more strength.
  21. I have never seen a water pump impeller go bad. If not leaking and no bearing noise should be ok.
  22. I have three original 73 mustangs. I will check today but looks like was add for the 73 bumper changes.
  23. The last lower control arms i ordered from NPD were Scott Drake moog and the sticker said Made in Mexico that was last year. Depends on the specs. that they have them make them to. my car will never see rough use again so not worried.
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