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  1. i would be interested in the power window stuff. PM with info, pics and price. Thanks
  2. I would have to look tomorrow at mine. If bent nothing wrong with bending it back. In manufacturing it is common for mfg. to straighten even cams and cranks before use. Couple pics under my 73 Mach 1. looks straight.
  3. That sucks that they are not working on Sally's car. I am willing to come up and help kick their ass if you want.
  4. I cleaned the gutters out, took cap off chimney and did some cleaning for the wood heater. Swept the roof off of leaves and twigs. Going to have to start burning the wood heater soon getting into the 30's and 20's here. Put some corn out for the deer and bear. Got the .458 Win. Mag out will take to garage tomorrow. I can line up three deer and take with one shot, lol.
  5. The Yard is owned by Scotty Strickland in Bullock, NC. Find him on facebook and fiend. He is on Facebook marketplace a lot.
  6. Another that a family member experience back about 1973. My brother in law was working his butt off to get cash for new home. He was a traffic controller at a truck lines and had another part time job. He also delivered papers in the morning. Was out like 4:00 am one morning. He came to this road that he never goes down no papers to deliver on the road and no reason to go down it. He turned and went down. Just a short way down a car had ran out of road and overturned and the driver was pinned in. He went to nearest home and called for police and medical. Saved the guys life.
  7. Would love to get the front air dam for track days car.
  8. I see the picture of the pretty rare front valance guards on the front. I have a set but need the brackets that go to chassis. Also the yellow Boss 351 with the altered numbers. I found a guy that had an original set of Ford filmstrips that had that picture on them. He would not sell them and would not let me take and get copied. Makes me feel even older. I ordered a new Maverick Grabber in 71.
  9. I signed up for the online live 5 day workshop Kenny Brown is starting on Monday November 16. I was just watching his Saturday 10:00 Cars & Coffee. He was going over springs, shocks and disc brakes for the newer mustangs. If you want to sign up for the workshop go to www.kennybrown.com and sign up it is free. I think they said over 500 had signed up so far. Since I am wanting to build a track days car thought I would watch. You submit what you are working on and you do get reply from them either on email or facebook. His Cars & Coffee is on Facebook and he does have question and
  10. Gosh we sound like a bunch of worn out rusty Mustangs needing all kinds of repair and parts, lol. This virus might turn it all upside down you never know what the outcome will be. I have enough food and supplies for a couple years if smart. I was late looking for ammo. I have a few thousand rounds but you cannot buy ammo anywhere. Powder went away months ago to reload. People are hording for the worst for sure.
  11. The PO of this project for sure had the drivers door screwed up. He welded up the holes for the protection package strips and he I guess warped it in every direction. The bottom of the door is a mess. I have been removing filler he put in and trying to get the body lines back straight. I can only do 3 to 4 hours of sanding and then my neck shuts me down. Getting the body line right is difficult have been doing a lot of what we called scaling. I take a one foot long precision scale and place on the panel and shine light below it. Shows where the low spots are. Yes you can feel them this just sh
  12. I bought a parts car that had been crashed and had new Pypes exhaust 2 weeks old on it. Did not have staggered shocks. Here is a pic of a stock factory installed system on a Q code 4 speed staggered shock Mach 1. Do not know if this will clue you in on what the issue is.
  13. Keep on it will be done before you know it. Seats look great.
  14. Great to see your progress. There will be light at the end of the tunnel soon.
  15. I have had a couple of them and they do help with like working on dash. Been around for a while since I have not bought much new stuff in a while. Mine is just knurled on the outside.
  16. I posted a couple times this year links to Scotty Stickland he has mustang junk yard. He had a couple sets for $100 each if I remember right. You use your windows and all the brackets and track come from donor. Friend Scotty of facebook in Bullok N.C. might be spelled wrong, lol.
  17. I saw Fabrice post several weeks ago that he did not have the battery tray reinforcement to go under his R.H. inner fender. I had one for the build I am doing now and offered to send to him and wait for the next run to show up on Ebay. I had asked if any other items to include since post is almost the same for so little. He also needed the 8-32 screws for his power window bezels on the 73. So I got the screws for the PW and had the reinforcement already. I packed up and thought it would be fun to send him some surprises. I have have hundreds if not thousands of Ford showroom brochures and ad
  18. I bought another set for vert off Ebay that are original. I do not know why anyone would have changed them I cleaned and they look as good as the Mach 1 and cost $125 for front and back in Ginger Comfort Weave original Ford. I have also put mineral oil on the vinyl to bring back some but cannot tell long term issues.
  19. If you want original Ford disc brake pads for your car at great price Carpenter has on his surplus store for $19.95. I ordered several. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1973-Ford-Mustang-Front-Disk-Pad-D00Z-2001-C-Genuine-Ford-Parts/114436027444?hash=item1aa4eb3434:g:h7wAAOSwKbRfc2Lt
  20. When I lived in China you could go to pharmacy and buy most medications without a prescription. Of course no addictive drugs. If I had sinus infection I could go in get the big book on the counter and look up which antibiotic I wanted and point to it and they would sell it.
  21. I have Marti's book and there were 302 convertibles made in 1973 with that exterior color and interior color. There was only 3 made with CF which was Ginger. There were 60 with CW Comfort Weave White. There were 29 built with CA which is knitted black. That is the only 4 interiors that show up in his book for 1973. So I would say you will not see many like yours.
  22. I did a little scan of Marti's book Mustang by the numbers. White was a very popular color in the day. 1971 there were 9,538 built white. This was # 8 if I scanned the numbers right. 1972 there were 17,175 and white was # 1 color. 1973 there were 11,263 and white was #3. The # 1 color I hate is black is never clean on interior or exterior and I have one of the Special Paint 1973 convertibles that were black. Marti cannot tell how many were black but there was 277 Special Paint convertibles built in 1973. I have two cars with white comfort weave material both convertibles and I do like them. I
  23. I saw the note that was for Ram Air also. If you got a NASA hood Ram Air or not, you got the flat springs. With the ram air installed they were marginal if you had lube on your hinges. I always kept a prop rod when working under my hood you will get slammed. Of course I am sure they loose tension over the years since they are stretched out with the hood closed.
  24. You can hammer the rivets tighter and take lots of slack out. You can order the Iron Phosphate and do that also or take to a plating supplier.
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